Over The Air Updates

All Over The Air (OTA) Updates will be shared on this thread. This thread will be kept locked to allow consolidation of updates. Users can discuss about the updates on the discussions thread or on the product threads.

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Hey Everyone!

We have rolled out an update to the vehicles today. Owners should be able to get this update on their vehicles and get the details on it, already sent to them in their inbox.

Here’s the detailed version: (TL;DR at the bottom)


  1. Multiple route suggestions to the rider’s destination

  1. If the rider takes a detour, there’s an option to refresh the screen to reroute to the destination

  2. If there’s a location that’s been pushed or an alternative route has been found, a popup will emerge and users can press the start switch to accept.

Audio Feedback:

Based on the feedback we received from owners during the Open House, we have tweaked the audio settings for the indicators and reverse to improve audibility.

Range Estimation:

As discussed during the Open house with owners, future owners and enthusiasts, here are the updates for Range Estimation, energy consumption and trip history.

1. Removing personalised range prediction:

Given the number of vehicles on road and the amount of data, we feel it’s not the best experience to give personalized predicted range figure using our prediction algorithm. We’ll bring it back later when there’s more data and the algorithm performs better.

2. Flatlining the displayed range:

Now, every-time you start your vehicle at 100% charge, you will see a range figure that is pegged to the median or average value seen by all current vehicles on the road. Those numbers are 55 in the normal mode and 65 in the eco mode today. These are median values, which means there are vehicles which have been getting 80 km in this mode as well. We are also renaming these modes as Sport and Ride.

During the ride, the range that you see will be [(remaining battery %) x (range value at 100% battery)]

These modes can also now be switched during the ride as opposed to being switchable only while the vehicle is stationary.

3. Real-time feedback on the dashboard:

Feedback about your energy consumption will be shown on the dashboard in real-time. If you’re riding in a manner that’s making you consume an unusually high amount of charge, the ride screen will reflect it.



4. A third new mode:

Rather than limiting or changing the existing modes, we have developed a new mode that will improve range further and make is easier to achieve 75km on a charge. A vehicle with this mode has been sent for homologation.

5. Estimated range in the trip history:

The estimated range of previous rides will be available in the Trip history section of the app. Based on the energy consumed per unit charge, the user will see an estimated range figure of his/her previous rides to get a sense of the range one’s riding patterns are bound to obtain. This is an app based feature is under development and testing. Users will receive this feature once the testing is complete and we roll out the updated app.

(this will take some time)


We wrote a detailed blog on Range for you to understand the range of an EV better.


This update includes:

  1. Navigation Improvements

  2. Improvement in audio feedback

  3. Updates to range estimation and energy consumption feedback




Hi all,

A new version of the Ather app has been released.

In our earlier post about range-related enhancements to the vehicle, we mentioned that we were developing a feature on the app for you to get better information about your rides and range. And that’s the highlight of this update. We look forward to users obtaining higher ranges from their rides, aided by these enhancements and the extent of information made available to them.

You can now access detailed information about your trips in the Ride Statistics section of the app.

Things to note

  • Predicted Range (that you see at the top) is the range you’re likely to get on the scooter based on your historical riding behavior. This what you would have seen on the dashboard earlier and is computed using our range prediction algorithm.

  • The timestamp that you see on the top right of each trip card is the Start time of the trip.

  • The blue line denotes the proportion of distance ridden in Ride mode during the trip. Similarly, the orange line denotes the proportion of distance ridden in the Sport mode during the trip.

  • Efficiency is the energy consumed per unit distance in Wh/km. A lower number here means lesser energy consumed per km, that is, better range in a full charge

  • Projected Range of a trip (not to be confused with Predicted Range) is the range you would have obtained from 100% to 0% battery had you continued riding the way you did during that specific trip. It depends directly on your ride efficiency during that trip.

  • Average Speed is the total distance covered over the full duration of the trip.

  • The trip may not immediately reflect on the app once you’ve ended it as it’ll take a while for the dashboard-app sync to happen depending on network availability.

  • Apprising you about a known issue, which will be fixed eventually. If a user happens to re-boot the vehicle in the middle of a trip, that specific trip will not appear in the Ride Statistics section.


Hi all,

The next dashboard and Ather app over-the-air updates are here.

Heads up on the installation time: This update is relatively bigger in size and will take much longer than usual to install, depending on internet connectivity. So do give it some time. (Yes, there’s lots in store!)

The new version of the Ather app will be available on Play Store and App Store over the weekend.

New Features & Enhancements

  1. Guide-me-home lights - Here’s a cool new feature. Many cars have it, finally your scooter can boast of it too. The headlamp of your 450 will stay on for 20 secs after the key is turned OFF to help you find a way out of a dimly lit parking spot. This will be enabled by default, you can choose to switch it OFF/ON through the ‘Settings’ tab on the dashboard.
    Note: Currently, this setting would return to default whenever the vehicle is shut down. It will be fixed in the future update.

  2. Save Work / Home location - Many of you wanted this feature, now you have it. You will be able to access your work/home location right on your dash. Your work/home location can be added through the mobile app. You’ll be able to use this feature from early next week, once you update the Ather app to the latest version.

  3. Vehicle alerts on the dashboard - Making safety even tighter. Precautionary notifications and alerts will now be prompted on the dashboard screen to keep your ride safe and secure. If there is an error shown during the ride, stop by, read the pop-up, and take the suggested action.
    List of alerts (not exhaustive)
    * Low battery alert
    * High temperature alerts when system needs some cooling down time
    * Charging error and next step if any during charging
    * Instances when calling customer support is critical

  4. Trip meter revamped - Much awaited one for many! voiced as a need by @rajeshkav, @raghav.srinivasan, @s.r, @srinivas29, @harshadpatel9, @Abhishek, @pkg7723 and several others. In addition to the automatic trip meter which resets itself 7 mins upon key OFF, there are two more trip meters A and B which run simultaneously and can be reset by the user. The distance and time of the previous reset for both the trip meters are available under the Ride Statistics section of the app.

  5. Displaying the state of charge % on the dashboard - another anticipated one. In addition to the estimated distance left, the home screen and riding screen would also show the % of charge left in the battery.

  6. Screen Brightness - another fix prioritized in this update, thanks the voice of @rajeshkav and others. The minimum brightness level has been further lowered significantly to solve the issue of the lowest brightness setting being already too bright at night. There are obviously more things on our wish list (and yours) like the dark mode, but they are still some time away.

  7. Info about tyre pressure - We have been constantly getting questions regarding tyre pressure numbers. Just with a tap on the info button you’ll be able to see the prescribed numbers.

  8. We have reorganized the screen for a better user interface. The shut down option will now be more prominent. In addition, the user can enable/disable features such as guide-me-home light and real-time efficiency indicator through the Settings tab.

Bug fixes

  1. Charger Fan noise - We have disabled the fan at high state of charge, wherever it seemed unnecessary.
  2. Motor Fan noise - Some of you were experiencing the motor fan noise at low speed, this issue has been taken care of too.
  3. Charging connector - Now the charging connector will unlock only when the key is turned ON, even if the home point or cable is powered OFF.
  4. Image resolution of docs on the dashboard - The documents stored in the dash will now be clearer. Not just that, the images can be zoomed into and out of as well.
  5. When the app initializes, the home screen will display a loading notification instead of 0% charge and 0 km range which caused some concern amongst users.

Let us know your thoughts on this update!



A new version of the app will be available shortly on Play Store and should be available on App Store by Friday. Besides some UI enhancements and bug fixes, this update brings you a new feature.

Note for those who’ve signed up as beta users : If your app doesn’t get auto-updated to the new version, please try uninstalling and re-installing the app again.

Report a product-related issue through the app

We are opening up a new channel for users to log issues which they may encounter with their ride or charging experience. This will help us streamline our product improvement process internally and consequently deliver better product upgrades for you.

Users can access this feature through the Profile section of the app (right-most icon of the bottom nav bar)

To report an issue

  • Choose a relevant category - Scooter / Charging / Dashboard / App / Others
  • Describe your issue and add images (optional) to help us understand better
  • Hit the ‘Send’ button

Once done, you will receive an acknowledgment email. If we need more clarity on the same, somebody from our team will get in touch with you in 1 working day.

Please note that this is not the channel for urgent and immediate service requests like roadside assistance or periodic maintenance. In such situations, reach out to our customer support team on 7676 600 900

Team Ather


A new version of the app is available on Play Store and should be available on App Store in a day or two.
Following are the changes brought about in the new version.

  • Changes required for 450 being in multiple cities
  • Addition of app push notification capability
  • Change of animation for vehicle charging
  • Addition of Customer Support operating hours
  • Bug fixes and fixing of alignment issues

The next vehicle OTA upgrade will be available shortly.
A heads up about the download size - This update is as big as the previous update and might take as much time to download depending on the connectivity.

This upgrade has a new feature and an enhancement
The Eco mode is for those rare days when you need to go that extra distance or make an unplanned detour. The top speed in this mode is 50 kmph while the TrueRange (what you’ll see on the dashboard at 100% charge) is 75 km.

Motor fan noise reduction - The motor fan that air-cools the motor will emit a lower noise than earlier. The speed of the motor fan is what determines the level of noise. Earlier, the motor fan would run at full speed when turned on. With this update, the motor fan speed will be gradually increased to aircool the motor when the temperature climbs beyond a specified threshold, thereby optimizing for the noise.
In addition to this, there are also some bug fixes which are part of this update.

(In the last Owners’ Meet, we spoke about a few more features and enhancements that were supposed to be a part of this update. However, some development and testing are still underway, and we will release another update in the next few weeks. Essentially splitting the update into two, to ensure all Bengaluru and Chennai customers receive the Eco mode at the same time.)


A patch OTA update is being released to all vehicles today. It fixes some recently reported issues such as the one about range displayed at full charge and app sync issues while charging. Additionally, it also carries fixes for motor firmware bugs.

Some tips to get the update without much hassle

  • Keep your vehicle connected to the charger overnight to complete the download of the update file (subject to internet connectivity) and initiate its installation.

  • The user will have to turn the key on to fully complete the installation since there is a motor firmware update as well (the motor will have to be on for it to get the update). Do not turn the key off at this stage when the installation is being completed. Appropriate instructions will appear on the dashboard to aid you.

  • In general, follow the instructions on the dashboard. Avoid shutting down or rebooting your vehicle until the update gets fully installed.

Kindly reach out to Customer Service if you require assistance.


The next over-the-air update (Software Version 4.1.0) will be released shortly and made available for all Ather 450s.

It is aimed at improving the navigation & touchscreen experience and carries two new features and some enhancements.

New features

  1. Drop Pin - Users can navigate to an unlisted location by dropping a pin on it.
  2. Automatic re-routing - If the user goes off-route, it will be detected and rerouted automatically. We have gotten rid of the pop-up that required the user to accept/reject.

Other enhancements

  1. Navigation performance has been reworked to enable quicker loading & responsiveness for a more seamless experience. Additionally, the zoom setting for the navigation screen has been updated to give a better sense of the current GPS location.
  2. Ride statistics is a big hit. So, in the huge pipeline of data that gets transferred to the app, the ride statistics will get synced faster.
  3. The app will now sync more frequently when the vehicle has been turned off (except when it’s been shutdown), in order to reflect the most recent state of the vehicle.

This write-up about the download & installation of OTA updates should help address your queries about the process


A new version of the app 2.9.5 will be available on Play Store shortly and should be available on App Store in a day or two. Following are the changes brought about in the new version.

  • Ability to access the web version of Ather Forum on the app through the Support section.
  • Bug fixes

A patch OTA update (4.1.1) is being released to all vehicles today. It contains some minor bug fixes and a motor firmware update.

If you have queries on how to install the update, you can refer to this post:

Kindly reach out to Customer Service if you require assistance.


A patch update (4.1.2) is being released to all vehicles tonight. It contains fixes to a bug introduced by the previous update (4.1.1).

For more information on scheduling and installing updates, refer to this post:


Hey @Ather_Owner,

We’re rolling out a patch update OTA (4.1.3) soon to all vehicles. It contains some improvements and bug fixes. This will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

For more information on scheduling and installing updates, refer to this post:


Hey @Ather_Owner

There’s a new App update coming your way! This addresses a bug where your scooter’s location would be displayed incorrectly. It also has fixes and improvements under the hood, and should make your experience smoother.

We’re releasing this as a Beta first. If you don’t want the beta version, you can wait a few more days for the full release.


To get the beta version of an app you have to have the public version installed. Sign up here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.athermobileapp or using the instructions below:

  1. Open the Google Play Store Google Play.
  2. Search for the Ather app and go to the app detail page.
  3. Look to see if the app detail page mentions a beta version. Make sure you scroll down as this information could be at the bottom of the page.
  4. If it’s available, tap Join


If you’re on iOS, you can sign up for our Testflight beta here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/9KP9GCQC

  1. Download the Testflight app first, then click on the link above to enroll for the beta.
  2. Download the app through Testflight and login with your Ather credentials.

If you experience any bugs or issues when using the beta version, report it in this thread on the forum: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/ather-app-beta-program/5631


Hey @Ather_Owner,

Over the next few weeks, your vehicle will receive 2 over-the-air updates 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 (tentatively), that aim to fix issues with the powertrain as experienced by some customers. We will release 4.1.4 to vehicles in batches. This update will reduce the number of instances of the vehicle going into low power mode and carry some bug fixes.

For more information on scheduling and installing updates, refer to this post:

Why are you releasing it in batches?

This is a bug fix update with 2 objectives -

  1. resolving issues experienced in affected vehicles, and

  2. preventing possible occurrences of these issues in currently unaffected vehicles. We will release this update to affected vehicles first, monitor its effects and then release it to all other vehicles.

What is a low power mode? When will this get activated? How long will this last?

The low power mode is a safety mode that will get activated when there are any issues detected in your scooter. When this happens, there’s a warning displayed on the screen & the performance of the motor will gradually be reduced to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the user. Also, the rider may be asked to turn the key off and on to reset and check if the error still occurs. If it does, the customer may get in touch with Customer Support for assistance.


Hey @Ather_Owner,

We’ve released an update to the Ather App, with some new features and bug fixes. It will be available on iOS and Android today. Here’s what’s new:

In-app reminder about periodic servicing

If your Ather 450 is due for periodic servicing (every 5000km), you’ll see a notification in the support tab of the Ather App.

Reminders to charge the Ather 450

If your Ather 450’s charge level is low at the end of the day and it’s not plugged in yet, you’ll get a push notification reminding you to plug-in, so it’s ready for your daily commute while you snooze.

Note: To avoid unnecessary notifications during the lockdown, we’re pausing charging reminders till 1 April.

Set notification preferences in-app

Set notification preferences in-app under the settings tab, instead of using your phone settings.

Bug fixes

  • Shows ride statistics older than 45 days
  • Back button now works as expected after scrolling to the last ride statistics entry
  • The app will no longer be stuck on the loading screen when launched

Thank you to all the beta testers and others who shared feedback and reported bugs!


Hey folks,

Some of you have been experiencing an issue with the mobile app where pushing location to the scooter doesn’t work. We’ll release an update shortly to the Ather app for iOS and Android (3.3.0) that fixes this bug.

Do update the app on your phone to the latest version


Hey folks,

We’re rolling out some notifications on the Ather App! Now you’ll get alerted when your vehicle’s charge is low, and when charging has completed.

Low charge notifications

Get notified when your vehicle charge is below 40% at 9 PM. Low charge notifications will ensure you don’t forget to plug your scooter in at night for a hassle free commute the next day.

100% charged notifications

While it is recommended and safe to leave your vehicle charging overnight, a lot of you have been asking for a notification when charging is complete, whether you want to just unplug your scooter at home or get notified when you’re using an Ather Grid point. Now, you’ll get a notification on the Ather App when your vehicle charge is 100%

You’ll start getting these notifications over the next few weeks as it gets rolled out to all users in a phased manner. No App or OTA update necessary, but do make sure you have the latest version of the App installed (3.3.0).