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Ather 450 series

Ather Energy’s new super scooter, the Ather 450X. Smart, intelligent and electric. Pre order now!

City Communities

For Ather Community related discussions around events, riding the Ather 450X, events, interactions, and more. Connect with fellow enthusiasts of electric scooters and vehicles in your city. Get information like Ather 450X price in your city, interesting places to visit, test rides, group rides, and meetups.

Ather Grid, Accessories and more

Beyond the scooter. Ather Grid, Accessories, Subscriptions and more.

Feature requests

Submit feature requests for the Ather 450, 450X, 450 Plus, dashboard, app and more!

World of electric

The EV space is a large one, with room for everyone. Discuss with EV enthusiasts on the latest EVs launching in the market, to help your purchase decsion.

Ather 450

All discussions regarding the Ather 450: The intelligent, connected electric scooter

Announcement & News

All the excitement, and the latest updates about your scooter, ecosystem, and Ather Energy.


From tech, to EVs, and more. Use this space to talk about everything else.


Presenting Declassified, a blog and podcast with the people who work behind the scenes on our electric scooters, designs, retail experiences, manufacturing and everything else Ather. This is where the stories of building, shipping and running India’s most exhilarating Electric Vehicles are de-classified for the pleasure of the Ather Community. Tune in to hear what we did, how we did it, what we were thinking and why we chose to do the things we did.

Ather vehicle reviews

Read reviews of Ather 450X, 450 Plus, and 450 electric scooters.

All about purchase

Got questions on purchasing an Ather? Get help from fellow owners and enthusiasts.