OTA 4.1.0x

I too have the exact same problem that you’ve mentioned about the pickup of the vehicle and moving past 75 with increased fan noise and difficulty in reaching speeds higher than 85.

All this I’ve seen happen even before the software update ever since the service team picked up my vehicle for a small correction with the brake tube in the front.

I’ve tracked this with my efficiency as well and have seen a big difference, where i used to be able to maintain an average of 36 to 37 wh/km with a combination of ride mode and sports mode but now with the same riding conditions i can never get anything better than 42.
The max number of kms i can get out is 55 with this combination.

Pickup too in the sports mode may have been effected slightly.

Repeated discussions with the customer care haven’t been very fruitful.

As for the software issue i too experienced the same shut down and had to wait a day for the technician to visit and revert to the earlier version. I was left stranded for those 2 days without a vehicle and it wasn’t good.


My 2 cents around the situation. Please consider it as a constructive feedback :sweat_smile:

  1. Ride statistics no longer syncs with the app (the app shows that I have not taken any rides till date)
  2. Random error codes when you keep the bike for charge (that automatically rectifies itself and the charging resumes after a while)
  3. GPS location of the vehicle shows incorrectly on the maps within the app

It has been almost a fortnight since the buggy update was launched, and as of today, neither an urgent rollback, nor a clean patch has been rolled out despite so many complaints - I sometimes unfortunately get the feeling that the sense of urgency is missing altogether!

Frankly speaking, I am - FOR THE FIRST TIME - feeling hesitant about recommending Ather to my family and colleagues. Updating the vehicle / app seems to have become a game of Russian Roulette: you have no clue which feature will stop working after the update! While this is normal and acceptable in mobile apps, this is not something we can risk in vehicles. We can’t have the vehicle getting bricked or the display going blank after updates.

There are living beings seated atop that vehicle, after all!


Yeah, I too struggled to explain the issue to them during my first interaction with CC and service teams. It became even more difficult when I could reproduce the same experience with the test drive vehicle. I was fraught with this conundrum, if the test drive vehicle also had the same issue, is it really an issue anymore? So, for now, I am just going to use it as is, and then contact CC after considering what the 450X will have store for me, in terms of performance.

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Every time a new update is released, service technicians might be thinking "eega innenstu barutto ! "


If anyone is interested to know what the bug was, is there a way to know ?


Usually nerdy and internal. Not sure, but it might get internal clues for firmware stuff. So might not get released. Only thing that usually comes out of updates is removed this bug/bugfixes/updated the (…), Etc

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Just now I updated OTA. What is new in it???

It contains fixes to all bugs that some users experienced after the previous OTA update.

Hope this doesn’t bring in new ones :crossed_fingers:


Unfortunately, not even close :frowning:
My ride statistics still won’t sync. The app still thinks I have not taken any ride yet!
Moreover, the GPS location issue is not yet solved, and the Ather forum is not accessible from the app still.
Utterly disappointed with this fiasco! How can bugs be this irreparable? @abhishek.balaji @Ather.Team

This is should resolve itself in a few hours. Your data is not lost, just taking time to sync to your phone.

Checked with the software team and this will be resolved through an app update in the coming weeks.

Good to hear that! Thanks, and will let you know if the problem persists.

Fingers crossed!

From My experience, these are bugs in the cloud and the app but not the scooter. The scooter would still be recording all the data. i had experienced this in my early days with the scooter. the OTA update that came yesterday will mostly fix the ‘bricking’ issue that some had experienced.

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Gotcha! Thanks.

noticed the efficiency has increased … but the 90% to 88% drop and similar 00% to 08% bug still there
i wonder is it neglected or unable to remove ATM.

No changes to performance or features. Just a bug fix which caused some scooters to blank out for some time after the previous update. The 90% to 88% is not exactly a bug, but happens due to rounding off of the battery SoC %. It doesn’t affect the actual battery SoC or performance in any way.


Agrees! That’s how Lithium batteries work. They actually charge in a different mode a above 80%, right?

Yes 0-80% charging is faster then 80-100%, both through the home charger and at Ather Grid points.

Did anyone received newer update 4.1.2

Yes I got, I installed it today…