Updates and new features

All discussion around updates to products and introduction of new features to be done in this thread.

My wish list of new features that are to be introduced in the new model are :

  1. Bluetooth (connection with the phone and data transfer)
  2. Ambient Light Sensor for display
  3. Side Stand Indicator
  4. ABS
  5. USB Socket
  6. Standalone GPS (with a preloaded map and not A-GPS)

Thanks for the suggestions here. For Bluetooth, I am curious, what would you use it most for? Is the intention to check missed calls or messages?

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You may want to check the following links

Yes, Bluetooth connection with Phone is for Caller Alert, however ‘message’ and ‘call’ should NOT be allowed.

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Couldn’t resist myself imagining if Ather comes in multiple color choices how it would look like. Did some quick photoshop explorations. Check these out and if you liked it let me know which one would be your pick :grinning:

DISCLAIMER :stuck_out_tongue:: These are just my own explorations and got nothing to do or related with Ather’s actual plan and future roadmap for releasing multiple color options. So just enjoy the imagery :sunglasses:


Blue looks ultra cool!

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great imagination… great work

Hi Everyone!

We have made some changes based on feedback received from the first vehicle on the roads and have sent them out as OTA updates over the weekend.

  1. Motor-on Sound Alert: When the motor is turned on, the vehicle will play a sound to alert the user that the motor has been turned on.

  2. Auto-brightness control: Brightness of the screen can now be set to adjust automatically based on the time of day.

  3. A few UX enhancements and bug fixes.



Hi Shreyas, How about incognito mode by default?

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OMG! Gray vatient is awesome af. Good imagination.

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Caller Alart: The suggestions are give with good intentions. Although at a law stand point it will be frowned upon. When if it is a tiny alert, it still distracts the rider which can be hazardous. Some may be responsible enough to ignore, which defeats the purpose of it. Just pitching my opinion

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Hi Karthik, I do not think Caller Alert is against law. By the way, is there a law for this? :wink:

Take these two cases for example : 1) Caller Alert in 4 wheeler is so common where there is bluetooth connectivity between your phone and car audio system. Driver gets the notification by displaying the incoming phone number. 2) These days any smart watch has the incoming caller alert.

Considering these two cases, it is up to user to decide whether it is nuisance to him/her and decide to turn on/off this caller alert. Personally I find this as useful feature.

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If the vehicle is connected to the phone with Bluetooth, then it can be possible. But in the current case the vehicle has its own SIM Card. There is no connection with the phone and vehicle except the app on the phone.
I believe it is technically not possible and not a good idea also.
@Shreyas @Ather.Team please clarify.

It isn’t against the law. It’s frowned upon that’s it. Car is a different use case. Although I still feel its distracting. Smart watches were never meant to be used while driving. This actually backs my point. Smart watches has those features, but using it while riding is dangerous. So it goes without saying that usage is what matters. Ather is just being responsible and not adding a call Alart. I used to think it would be a good idea too but then I though about how it can lead to accidents which changed my mind. I do agree that Bluetooth would be a nice feature.

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We’ve had the discussion about caller alert feature on an earlier thread. You can read it here :slight_smile:

You can read the subsequent posts on the same thread by Surya and Tarun to have more clarity on this.


I was wondering if you could add cruise control feature… Considering the benefits of getting better range with constant speed… Of course I know you have provided ECO mode… But still you don’t need to open the throttle every now and then when you get a open long road…


I too vote for this feature. My 40K₹ Chinese Electric scooter has this cruise control and I find it useful at times.

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Personally I do not find Caller Alert is not so distracting while driving. It is something similar or additional information which should be displayed in the screen. Do we get distracted by looking at speed information, odometer, clock? Same way it should be a just pop up window on screen.

Note, this is just a debate on new feature and I am aware that there is no BT (bluetooth) connectivity in today’s model.

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We did get this feedback early on from AtherSpace as well as during media test rides. Hence we updated the feature to not turn off the incognito mode after 24 hours, and let the user have control over it perpetually.

Even the first production vehicles had this feature updated in them before they were delivered to customers.