Over The Air Updates

The much awaited Dark Theme is here

Hey @Ather_Owner ,

We’re excited to roll out the next OTA update for your Ather 450. A lot of owners have been annoyed by the brightness of the dashboard while riding at night. The much awaited “Dark Theme” is being rolled out as part of the this update (4.2.0). We’ll be deploying this update in stages, so you’ll receive this update over the next few days.

What’s new?

Dark theme

The dark theme reduces the white light from the dashboard and makes it easy on your eyes when riding at night, allowing you to experience a more comfortable, distraction-free ride.


As a bonus feature, we’re also introducing automatic toggle between the light and dark mode. Set your theme to “Auto” and the dashboard will be in light mode between 6AM to 6PM, and in dark mode from 6PM to 6AM.

Ride mode persistence

The ride mode you were last using before shutting down or restarting the scooter will be remembered automatically when you boot up.

More responsiveness

We’ve improved the keyboard as well, so now you’ll have a better experience when typing in your destination to use the onboard navigation.

Bug fixes

We’ve squashed a few bugs in this update as well:

  • Fixes for incorrect location being displayed. No more cross-country tours for your Ather 450 when parked.
  • Unresponsive dashboard in a few unique cases
  • Critical bug fixes through a motor firmware update.

For this update, we also had a handful of Ather owners experience the feature searly to share their feedback. See what they like about the new Dark theme here: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/4-2-0-ota-early-users-start-here/


Hey @Ather_Owner,

We’ve released the Android version of our next app update v3.3.3 to Play Store. Here’s what the update carries:

  • In-app reminder notification for Ather One renewal
  • Back-end changes and bug fixes.

In addition, the iOS version will have a provision for sign-in with an Apple ID, as mandated by Apple. Since this is currently being tested, we’ll release the iOS version to App Store in a few days. Android users can update their Ather app now!

Update: iOS app version 3.3.3 has been rolled out. Do update to the latest version as soon as possible.


Hey Ather Owner,

We are rolling out a patch OTA 4.2.2 for all scooters on the road, with bug fixes and improvements to optimise for slower networks. It’s being rolled out in batches and your scooter will automatically download and install it when plugged in overnight.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Tweaks to make onboard navigation smooth when using 2G networks
  • Fix for navigation search issue
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Hey @Ather_Owner ,

We’re rolling out a new app update (3.5.4) for iOS and Android. We had released a version (3.5.2) to beta users a few weeks back, and we’ve fixed the bugs and issues reported hence.

What’s changed in this version:

New Forum tab

The forum is now a separate tab on the home screen of the app, to make it easier for owners to access the Ather Community from the app.

Share Google Maps Links to your scooter


One of our most requested features. When you get a Google Maps link on WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or other apps, you can share the location directly to the Ather App.which can then be pushed to the vehicle to start navigation.

Navigation reminders

While most of us have been working from home, we might be getting back to work soon. And if you’re heading back to work, you’ll now get a prompt at 8AM and 5PM to remind you to push the location to your scooter for navigation.

And a bunch of bug fixes and improvements.

The update has been rolled out from our side, there might be a delay of a few hours, before you’re able to see on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Hey @Ather_Owner

We’ve just released a new Ather app update v 3.6.1 which will now allow you to share ride statistics from your app easily.

There’s been a lot of friendly competition in the community about statistics like high range projections, max speeds, or best efficiencies. Unfortunately, the only way to share those statistics with everyone was to take a screenshot, crop, and edit it to cover a specific section, remove location related info, and share it.

Considering how much we obsess about good user experience, we couldn’t leave this as it is. Hence, this new feature will let you share your ride statistics directly from the app in just 2 taps.

It’s now easier than ever for you to brag about your favorite ride statistics on social media (and when you do, make sure you use the hashtag #MyAtherRide to help us spot it.)

Note - This will be accessible to customers who’re currently on an Ather One subscription (& who will subscribe to Ather Connect Pro from when it’s available for purchase)

The update is now available on Play Store, and is under review on App Store & will be available shortly.


We will be releasing OTA update to Ather 450s over today and tomorrow. It carries a new feature to alert you when a theft / tow event is detected on your vehicle!

Here’s how it works

  1. The algorithm uses on-board geospatial sensors to detect any theft/tow activity, i.e. when the vehicle has moved some distance without the key being on.
  2. When this is detected, a push notification is triggered to your phone that reads “Movement detected on your vehicle”.
  3. Tap on it to track the current location (provided Incognito has not been enabled) to aid your next course of action.

Note that your vehicle shouldn’t be shut down for this to work. Since the feature involves app-scooter sync, it’ll only be available for Ather Connect Pro subscribers.

In addition to this, we’ve also improved the ride statistics sync and fixed an issue where the vehicle wasn’t earlier getting charged right after an OTA update installation.

For more information on scheduling and installing updates, refer to this post: https://blog.atherenergy.com/how-to-download-and-install-an-ota-update-c3f087f4e877

An OTA update for Ather 450X is also coming up this week. We’ll update here when we release it.


Hey @450-Owner,

We’ve started rolling out the next OTA update (4.4.0) for all 450 owners. This update will be rolled out in batches starting today.

New features:

  • Unlock charger when the vehicle is charged up to 100% at Ather Grid locations. This should allow for much better sharing of Ather Grid points.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved auto-cut off indicators
  • Handles battery health-related changes

The update might take a few hours to download on your scooter, so expect it to be ready for installation in the next few days.


Hey folks,

We’ve started rolling out the next patch update for all 450 owners. This update will be rolled out in batches starting today. The update carries a fix for the 4G upgrade module, optimizing the reconnection to the network. In addition, there are a few bug fixes and improvement to the motor fan algorithm.

The update might take a few hours to download on your scooter, so expect it to be ready for installation in the next few days. Keep the charger plugged in overnight once the update is downloaded, for the installation to happen automatically.

If the update doesn’t get downloaded within a few days, reach out to the service team to get the update installed manually.