Discussions on pricing and subscriptions

Detailing how the pricing works for the 450X Plus and Pro:

Subscription pricing

What you pay upfront: Rs. 99,000 (Including GST)

You get:

  • Ownership of the 450X scooter (minus the battery)
  • Ather Dot, the home charger

What you pay monthly: Rs 1999 (inclusive of GST) for Pro performance pack or Rs 1699 (inclusive of GST) for Plus performance pack

This includes:

  • Cost of the battery, paid over time: Rs 1580
  • Ather Charge: Rs. 470 (Rs 400 + GST)
    • All data usage charges
    • Unlimited Public charging
    • Access to Future OTAs
    • Data storage and pipeline costs
  • Lifetime flexibility: Move up or down different performance packs, even future packs
  • Infinite battery warranty
  • Snooze option (Once per year, for a month, pay only Rs. 500 instead of your regular subscription fee)
  • Exit option anytime, by paying an exit fee + residual value of the battery based on Battery Health.

Upfront payment

Ex-showroom price (Bengaluru)

450X Pro Rs. 159000
450X Plus Rs. 149000


  • Ather Dot - the home charger
  • Battery Warranty: 3 year, unlimited km

Optional costs

Ather charge: Rs. 400 per month
This includes:

  • All connected services and data charges
  • Unlimited Public Charging
  • Access to all future OTAs
  • Data storage and pipeline costs

Ather Service: (Price to be announced soon)
This includes:

  • All scheduled vehicle services

For more on pricing, check out https://atherenergy.com


The 1999 plan includes Ather one or need to pay separately?

If someone wants to exit the plan then what he/she have to do after few months?

What will happen if someone unable to pay the subscription fee?

What exactly Ather gives us in collector version?

What will happen in emergency situation like internet ban (Kashmir, WB) recently?

In upfront plan if the battery degrades to 79% just day before three years, then a new battery will provided or Ather will simple replace some cell in older battery pack?

Let’s someone not using the Ather for couples of months can the subscription be paused for few months?


The battery degrades greater based on usage(No of charge cycles, Dod, etc) when compared to time time(As battery’s life is rated by charge cycles rather than years) . So is it possible to make the battery warrenty subscription based on no. of km used rather than monthly? As on some months I may ride a lot more and some months I might not (The subscription plan will feel underused on such months)

You are right that Time affects more than usage based on what I have heard from Ather team during open house discussions.

So time has to be considered more than kms then

Is it possible to sell only 450x plus at just under 1.5L (so we can get the benefit of subsidy) and then give the buyer an option to upgrade to pro with an additional 10k.
This way the subsidy will reduce the cost of the scooter by 29k (as 10k per kwh and 450x has 2.9kwh battery)
This way 450x plus will be 1.2L and pro will be 1.3L.
This seems reasonable as I believe the current pricings do not avail any subsidy. As price is excess of 1.5L(For pro… Idk about plus😅)
The prices inclusive of subsidy is very confusing😅


Is there any buy back plan like premium car company does?

I think subsidy is included at the price

Subsidy is not there for scooters over 1.5L… So how can it be included?..

You can see the Ather home page it’s written there the price includes fame 2 subsidy and GST

Yeah… Ather does say that… But government won’t give subsidy for scooters above 1.5L… No matter what ather has to say… So how can they say it includes subsidy?

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Yes need to clarify by Ather team?

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@Ather.Team Totally messed up with ather 450X pricing & subscription plan its very complicated to understand…
my suggestion to remove the plus & pro plans
add ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is an electronic safety system

Expected on road price not more than 1.50 lakhs for an 85km Range Scooter or Super Scooter


The subsidy is on ex factory price, not ex showroom.
So they would remove GST, charger/accessory, service charges and showroom/marketing overheads while submitting for subsidy. We have to wait for Ather to provide the cost breakup.

There is a real chance that the subsidy might be rejected when it goes for approval after you purchase the scooter. Our Sarkari babus won’t listen to reason, they would just approve / reject based on their understanding. Hope in these cases Ather would support the buyers.

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i may say the new plan is good for you , @Ather.Team is helping you in this to get the best
THE upfront pay is 99000.00 and price of total ownership is 159000.00 as you all know
now comes the connect plan for example only for 3 years you will paying only 1999*36 months is 71964
so total connect price comes to 99000+71964 = 170964 for 3 years
in ownership price is 159000+25500 = 184500 for 3 years
see the difference
in connect plan you get more benefits .
ONLY confusion remains is connect plan are exit policy after 3 years, what will happen this it to be cleared


exit is 4 years

Difference of 14k. Still owning the vehicle will be better option because the exit plan is after 4 years. What if in between at some point of time the cost of those plans increase?
If your vehicle is dependent on them anything might happen at anytime. So buy once and get out of that mess is better Option.

One point to add though, 159000 what they are charging is overpriced when compared to their own previous model 450. And we here are not trying to calculate the difference and fit in infact we want them to fairly reprice.

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yes exit is 4 years , calculation is for 3 yeas seeing the difference of it ,so it is worth buying for ONLY NEW customers only , who are seeing the price is too high , making them think again for 450X
FOR old customer holding 450 , we do not know what we will get so cant comment on it
after 3 year or 4 year what are exit terms & condition, this is to be clarified.

Anybody who wants to sell 450 and buy 450X.

When we can have final wordings from Ather regarding what they want to explain and wants us to understand about Ather’s pricing ?

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looks they want to put the new factory set up cost on customers or better sell the EV to super rich folks.
never thought they will be behind money!!!