Third party accessories - Compilation

As of now, Ather does not offer any accessories for sale. Creating this thread to compile a few accessories share by owners that might be useful.

Please note, Ather does not endorse any third party accessories. Usage and installation is at your own risk. Any accessories modifying the functionality and structure of the vehicle, charger or related products can cause the warranty to be void. Do take care while using such accessories.

If you’d like an accessory to be added here, do message one of the @Community_Moderators

List of accessories:

  1. Tempered glass screen protector by @Rajavel
  2. Seat cover, floor mats, hand grips etc by @gbvivek2006 (for Chennai, reach out to @Rahul )
  3. Ather Logo, key chain, screen guard shared by @santosh.rism and @hemanth.anand
  4. Blindspot mirrors as shared by @raghav.srinivasan
  5. Ceramic coating shared by @santosh.rism
  6. Foot air pump shared by @rajeshkav
  7. Stickering shared by @harish.vgn
  8. Wipro Smart plug for home charger shared by @prasathvishnu
  9. Case for Ather Dot by @diwakar24

@findcpk’s compilation of accessories possible: Discussion on Accessories


The tempered glass screen protectors are in stock with me. if anyone needs them ping me. Cost of the Protectors are 375 Rupees per piece.

Here is the Amazon link.

NOTE: The Price is mentioned higher on amazon because of the charges that occur on selling on their platform. I have given below the breakdown of the charges they do for placing order on 1 item.

Product Economics

Item Price ₹575.00
Delivery Charges ₹0.00
Customer Pays ₹575.00

Summary of Charges

Referral Fee -₹138.00
Fixed Closing Fee -₹25.00
Fee Discounts ₹0.00
GST on Fees -₹29.34
Estimated Net Proceeds ₹382.66

I can be contacted directly for placing order or use the RazorPay link to pay less when compared to the price that is mentioned on the Amazon.

Razorpay link:


Upgraded seat cover has comfort to drive !

You can find us at

Find the above link to reach our premises with no trouble


Am using 16A wifi socket and controlling with Alexa … And setting schedule timer also… All is working well…


My friend’s 450’s new look…Impressive!


Anyone have Ather logo Vector to make keychain


sir kindly suggest display protection accessories in any way


I got my series 1 and first thing I did is white lettering of rear ather badging. How is it? I wished ather painted it from factory. White lettering gives nice contrast look

Add images


I suggest vinyl wrapping of black visor . It gives nice look and protection from cracks and scratches


Where did u get it done? And which brand? Is it 3M?

Is it this one?


My question is…does it really give protection against cracks or does it just hide the cracks from our vision?