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even i am looking for same…please share pics with price soon


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Shipping cost?

@Rajavel If you can provide the product link we can place the order from that it will be very useful for others to place order.

Hi sir Please provide your contact number. Shipping I will take care. I need 1 nos.

To avoid repeated posts and advertising, we’ve compiled the accessories shared by owners in this thread: Third party accessories - Compilation

Do take a look and reach out to the users directly through DM for more information.

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Hi, I want to buy floor mat for my 450, where did you buy? Can you post the address here?

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Malleswaram Bangalore


Pricing? For full scooter

Contact details pls

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My mom scolds me since there is no foot rest for ladies! @abhishek.balaji can team ather come up with something even if it costs something as an accessory?


Even I was in the same dilemma until my mom actually sat on my scooter, she is 55 and she manages to sit and travel long distances without much problem. I’m sure it shouldn’t be a concern to your mom as well, it may not have ladies footrest like ICE but for sure she has enough place to keep both her legs.


It does not have enough space to keep both legs. Ladies are adjusting with Ather design of without ladies foot rest …:motor_scooter:

Frankly am feeling Ather designers failed here in providing a ladies foot rest.

There is no accessories of ladies footrest too :disappointed:


If foot rest is not possible it’s fine. But we need side seat holder to take support. Is this possible?? With current design.


@abhishek.balaji I’m not able to upload image in forum. Please fix this.

Hey Dinesh,

The footrest has been discussed in length on this forum. The issue is that the frame was not built to accommodate for the footrest, and it’s not feasible to attach a foot rest (with sufficient load bearing capacity) anywhere else. Some owners have tried plastic attachments to help with this, but it’s not recommended in the current design.

I’ve also flagged the issue of images not showing up, the team is working on getting this back up asap.

Can you share his phone number and which city he’s from.

Has it been taken care in upcoming 450X?

Nope. Maybe in another scooter later. But there are many who confirm they have no issues with ladies sitting sideways due to the extended footrest of 450. So we can expect the same with 450x