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Do you have any accessory to extend rear mud guard slightly as it designs our dress during rains days?


No sorry we don’t do any alterations work to the scooter…like making whole on the scooter and removing the wires and install additional wires and all

Cool will come down today.

Is there any accessories for ladies side step?

No sorry

Today I got my smart plug set up for my charging pod.

Fortunately I have my BESCOM meter just below my flat. So a device with good WiFi receiver could connect to my home WiFi.

Though my phone couldn’t connect from meter box area, the smart plug could get 1 bar signal and connected to my home network.

Local electrician helped me to setup a small switch box in existing connection between the charging pod and my meter. So, the smart plug acted as a circuit breaker.

Then, I used Google Assistant to setup a routine which can turn ON or OFF the smart plug.

So after I plugged in the charging cable to Ather, I noted down the estimated time and I set up an alarm for that time. I linked the ‘Turn off routine’ to that alarm.

So when the alarm rings and you dismiss the alarm, the routine switches off the smart plug and charging stops.

Now I tried it in multiple ways and all works.

  1. Use Google Home mini to turn ON / OFF by smart plug name (Turn ON Smart Plug / Turn Off Smart Plug)
  2. Use Google Home Mini to activate Routine (Stop Charging / Start Charging)
  3. Set up alarm and activate (Stop Charging) Routine when dismissing the alarm.
  4. Use Phone to do any of the above.


By okater smart plug it us more nice and easy to access


I didn’t know which one is better. any better features?

But I didn’t want to spend much on this without knowing if it might work or not. So went with what was cheaper and had reasonably good reviews.


You call to mobile I can explain you 9886836428


@abhishek.balaji When I went for the Chennai launch, the helmet provided didnt fit me (too tight). I hope they have different sized helmets that will be provided during delivery for the first two batches so that I go home as a happy customer. If no, please let me know so that I can bring along my helmet.

Thanks @Rahul and @gbvivek2006 for coordinating and shipping the mat in bulk to Chennai for the owners here. It fits very well. I especially like the portion of the mat that protects the white edge of the foot board from scratches.


Please reach out to customer care for clarity on this. You can reach them at +91 7676 600 900 or drop a line on info@atherenergy.com

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Thank you sir

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my x colleague took delivery today

i notice Ather gave this keychain


Nice. I took delivery 5 days back and didn’t get anything😒

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we will visit again and ask for one…:slight_smile:

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@Ather.Team Can this be bought as an accessory?


Sure. We all can visit. Also I was informed from one of the ather executives that there will be merchandise.

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Where did you get this done? Can this be home delivered?

Two posts after that post I’ve given the location of the shop. You can call him and check if he can send it to you (Dunzo or Swiggy Go). But I’d suggest you go there and get it done because if some fine tuning is needed, he’ll make it immediately there itself.