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No idea :bulb: brother

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Price was 350, sharing the location :

2 shop next to Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM
59th Cross, Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, Near Bhashyam Circle, 61st Cross Rd, 5 Block, Chamundi Nagar, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010


I was preparing for the Chennai event and added a couple of things to my scooter for that.

  1. Ram base mount.

    This was probably the only base mount that could be fixed on our scooter. Will be useful for mounting phone/action cam.

  2. Helmet

    Developed this design in my head over many days (inspiration being a PCB). My idea was (still is) to get it airbrush painted. But the artist told he’ll need 3-4 weeks. I wanted it before the Chennai event. So got it done yesterday at a vinyl shop in JC Road. Also gave me a good idea of how it looks. I’m happy with the result. At a bare minimum I’ll get a clear coat sprayed to protect these stickers from peeling or at best I’ll get the design airbrush painted in future


And here I was fretting over which action cam to purchase for this trip - and still have not ordered one!


Can someone advice about seat add-ons, something like gel seats with memory foam or memory foam seats or air seats.
With hard suspension set up of Ather, when I go over humps or patchy roads I feel vibrations to be more so thinking of addon seats. Any advice will be helpful.


I have applied below accessories to my Ather 450 and sharing them below.


@hemanth.anand - https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/ownership-experience/303/1218
@pramodraykar - https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/ownership-experience/303/1250?u=santosh.rism
@suresshchand - https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/accessories/770/154?u=santosh.rism

  1. Fibre Laser Cutting ATHER logo.

  1. Ather Logo Key Chain.

  1. Applying Black - Transparent film to avoid scratches.

a) Dashboard

b) Dashboard guard,

C) Head light and indicators

Defect : After 1 day usage, I removed black transparent film applied on head light as brightness of LED light was highly affected but look was sooooo gooood.

Brightness of LED with black transparent film.

Brightness of LED without black transparent film.

  1. Lord Ganesh logo [Next to dashboard]

One shop for all below and price was Rs - 800

Sign N Shine
#17, 2nd cross J C journalist colony, JC Rd, Journalist Colony, Kalasipalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
098804 04416

Next stop is at either Crazy cars or Ceramic Pro for doing paint protection guard with re-loaded wallet. Need your suggestions guys to shop to choose.

  • Ceramic Pro
  • Car Craze

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Is that price 800 for all 4 items?

Yes 4 items at 800 RS.

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How much for only ather logo & keychain

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300 RS. If you say @hemanth.anand name.


Oh nice deal…will definitely get it done :slightly_smiling_face:

Fibre Laser Cutting ATHER logo Where is it available? Which place can we get it done at?

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Here you go…
Almost all people in that shop know me now :slight_smile:


After a good amount of research finally got ride on air installed and now no more numb bum, I had done modification on my seat but nothing helped, finally happy with this product.


What exactly is that? Can you post the product link pls

Only buy from authorised dealer as Amazon buyers had complained on used product being sent.
I got it from Moto Armour, near hopefarm.

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How much did it cost you?

Ha ha


  1. ATHER Logo (Rs.200)

  1. Customized Keychain (Rs.300)

Both done from “Sign N Shine” shop at JC Road

Thanks @hemanth.anand :v::slightly_smiling_face: