OTA Wants - Feature requests

For the smart plug to work, the phone and the plug should be connected to the same wifi network. If your plug can’t connect to your home wifi, most probably your phone at home will also be not able to connect to the wifi hotspot in the scooter right? So your idea may not work isn’t it? If that will work I’ll do that…I’ve a hotspot lying around without being used!

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I was able to control my smart plug using Google Home interface from my office using Mobile network. So, I believe it has no dependency on the network my phone is connected.


Most smart plugs on sale today are cloud enabled, so it wouldn’t matter which network they are installed on and which network you are on to track them.

I have mine configured over IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa and have been able to trigger it from Home/Office and even a different city altogether.


I have installed few 2G sim based solution for multiple projects. It cost around 5k minimum.

Note:3G/4G modems are very expensive. If you need full details DM me.

@raghav.srinivasan @prasathvishnu which type of smart plugs you use can you share pictures or product link

Check here:


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@abhishek.balaji I think in the compilation, the link to the smart plug is wrong…

For item #7 and #8, it is referring to same post.

This is the right one https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/discussion-on-accessories/770/498

Oops, thanks for flagging this, I’ve fixed it.

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Was looking for some more WiFi switches and came across this 2G/3G actuated remote switch—> https://www.sonoff.in/Sonoff-G1-GPRS-GSM-Remote-Power-Smart-Switch

Not so expensive… Good find :slight_smile:

This will not work with JIO and Airtel Sim.

It should work with BSNL and Vodafone.

@abhishek.balaji Will we ever get an update to control the charge limit say 80%. Set the time at which the said Soc should be achieved like 8AM before work trip.

Now we don’t have to remember when it will reach 80% and go to plug it out.


Some sos or emergency option in the app f so that if it’s stolen… We could send request the turn of the vehicle and proved the location lock the tires


Can there be an auto switch on feature of indicators if we are using the maps in the dashboard if a fixed route is followed? Can the indicators switch on just 10 meters before turn is taken as a fixed route is followed through the google maps in dashboard in our Ather 450s’?


That’s a good idea, but might be dangerous in real conditions at certain times. A small delay in gps signal, a different road or traffic condition, etc can cause a huge confusion or error. Even though it might be rare, it could be dangerous.


To add to @acorreya This has Already been spoken about before. I think the legalities around it don’t allow it (not sure if this is the reason ) but youre not ALWAYS going to take the turn indicated on the map. There may be other factors affecting your route and that puts you at risk.

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I wanted to put in a feature request. It was partially answered in the owners meet but was misunderstood a bit. All grid points have the ather proprietary charging plug as well as the 16A socket at the centre for non ather owners. I wanted to request ather, since they are upgrading the hardware of the grid to allow us to use the charging plug as well as the socket in the point. I realise for this to be useful for ather owners, we’d need to carry the charger with us, in my case the portable charger is ALWAYS in my underseat cubby hole for the charger. And having the charger is not a problem. But I’ve been in at least 4-5 instances ( and I’ve visited grid points for maybe 10 times in total) where the grid point was under use and I had my portable charger but just couldnt charge up. Of which 2 times was at Nature’s basket Sadashivnagar , once at the only place, once at GT world mall ( all Bangalore). @tarun misunderstood this and thought we were requesting for extra validated 16A sockets at the grid points to just increase the points. What I’m suggesting is not a huge hardware change. The socket is already there and being used. Request is just simultaneous usage :blush: could help out a few people if not completely solve the waiting period.


One challenge I see is power theft can’t be controlled if there’s open socket in public place…

I also saw socket in the grid point charger, may be what you propose could be executed with some OTP to get access, also can avoid power theft !


But this would mean more work for Ather to develop the necessary tech and rollout across grid points. The way I see it, they already have their hands full with the 450X, national expansion, the committed Series 1, among other things…

A more ‘quick fix’ approach would be for them to directly connect their portable charging units into the lines behind the grid point at a few places for the time being, such that only the wire that connects to the scooter is visible and left for use. This will ensure it can only be used for charging Ather, and won’t require them to put a lot of effort to add charging points in key locations of B’luru, albeit these will not be fast charging (but better slow charging than no charging, I guess? :smiley: )

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