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Hi. Can anyone please link the post where someone’s Ather is painted/wrapped Matte black. I remember the picture was taken in parking near the garden. Thanks! PS. Didn’t know the correct thread, and really wanted to see that picture again so posting it here

Warning: that might be illegal, depending on the views of local enforcement.

Matte Black Ather

This is the one.


Apparently wrapping is not illegal 🤷 Even painting you just have to get a new RC

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Any one did cermaic coating or ppf for ather 450 or 450x…if so…is it worth doing ppf or ceramic as the bike( not scooter for me) has less surface area…how much it cost roughly. Let me know the location as well if u have done it in hyderabad.

Check this post for Ceramic coating.

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Is this Bluetooth enabled

No - It is a regular full face helmet which is matching white color Ather

Just got it done for my 450X


Woah! Red looks stunning incase we opt this for the Series 1 :heart_eyes:

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Is that some laser cut? Or custom moulding or something?


Yes it’s my Series 1 flight


You sir, need to post more pictures !! Lol… the wait is difficult. :heart_eyes: BTW custom seatcover?

Yes it’s lazer cut 3d printing done at jc road


Ah… looks superb in red! Going to get red then, from the place @hemanth.anand mentioned - Sign & Shine, B’lore.

Nice, can you share where you got this done, i want to get done for my 450x too :smiley:

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Please give shop details with cost please

Please share location of shop and cost of seatcover bro!

Hi guys got this below work done for my helmet… :slight_smile:

Lemme know if u like it :smile:


How did you get the red stripe on it?

Friend of mine did it for me … involved a bunch of work … :slight_smile:

Dm me for more info