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This accessory will definitely damage your rear panel of the scooter…

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facepalm seriously NO!

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Does anybody have Bluetooth switch to check the Power consumption on ather portable charger?? My charger is installed in the parking lot where I don’t have wifi access for smart switch from wipro or similar Please help me

so simple he shifted wheel drive to front thats all

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Where I can find that nano tempered glass protection I can’t find it on Amazon Please help.me with the link

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check below link

What? :joy: Highly doubt that. Putting a hub motor on the front wheel is not an easy job. Especially with all the weight at the back I can’t understand how a front wheel can possible get the traction to pull the scooter. He’s done something else with the hub motor mounted a bit differently between the 2 rear wheels.

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its possible when you dive in design and doing prototype you can see the things without that everything look its impossible

It is not impossible, yes. But it is going to hurt to ride. It might also be dangerous at high speeds when the motor braking engages. But given this is a slow scooter, testable.

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can you DM me the cost?

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its the design magic cant able to disclose the matrix in public but its possible to make and ride successful

Has anyone tried or explored this TPMS product? Reviews looks decent, but not cheap.

If we can get even half of the battery life claimed (3.5 years), the internal one looks better as no chance of theft.

Though external one is hassle free in replacement, it is not theft-free. (Anti-theft nuts are given, but will be a hassle every time when filling air)

External TPMS:

Internal TPMS:


I have a generic brand external tpms. App is in indecipherable english, and connectivity is a hit or miss. But when it does connect (no indication to show connected or not!) the reading is pretty accurate.

However, I ripped it out since removing it every time to fill air was a headache. I know when acceleration is poor, that my air pressure is below acceptable levels and just top up at the petrol bunk.

Would end up going for an internal sensor sometime in the future.

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Right, does fitting an internal sensor void warranty?

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Should definitely not!. You basically replace the valve cap with the sensor!

Sorry, I meant to ask for Internal sensor… Edited the post… :slight_smile:

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If changing the tyre or tyre valve is allowed, then an internal sensor that basically slides into the valve fitting on the inside - should not break any warranty clauses. There is no material change to structure, electronics, performance of the vehicle.


I have not decided yet, but the internal one is in my wishlist. Btw, what is the rim size of Ather 450?

Also, Is Ather TPMS (which is under development) going to fit Ather 450 as well?

I have tried with the external sensor, As @raghav.srinivasan have mentioned they are really a pain to remove when you want to top-up the air . I thought of buying this https://www.amazon.in/SensAiry-SEN2W-R17-R17/dp/B07C53FQC8/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d_1?pd_rd_w=z0cNF&pf_rd_p=c73ae247-df22-4165-a0d3-8a44b3912d44&pf_rd_r=RZ6VZXVTJ8AV0HFR4Z0B&pd_rd_r=1d6c510e-09f0-43c7-88cd-ac4fdafd7d4d&pd_rd_wg=ICJUb&pd_rd_i=B07C53FQC8&psc=1

They needs to be installed at a good tire repair shop mostly because the tires needs to be removed completely and needs to be fixed in. But this is one time trouble I hope, and eliminates all the future troubles

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Right, I was referring to the same Product. It has good reviews and many team-bhp owners have used it for their cars over last 2-3 years.

If their battery life claim is reliable, then doing it once in 2 years is much better than being a hassle for every refill.

Please post your feedback if you end up trying.