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which one have u bought

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Ordered a Sjcam SJ6 legend and Amazon cancelled the order. Had a friend coming from the US so got a GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Battery life @#&* though…


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I have been using this stool for few weeks now and my mother (67 kg) found it very comfortable. I hang it in the front hook after she sits.

There is a 7 inch one available which I think might fit inside… But given the frequency I take my mom, I felt its okay to even hang it in the hook and didn’t return it.


is this the one you use?

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That has a digital pressure gauge, I bought an analog one (link below). In fact I also have a 12V inflator in my car but I felt this one is a lot easier for small top ups; and from what I have seen in the forum about the pressure drops, I guess it’s going to require quite frequent top ups. I felt the build quality is much better than the other foot pumps available in the market, so I went for this one.

Got a small asthetic addition.
The rear was looking too black and empty to me. So got a fiber laser cutting and filled the “ATHER” written at the rear. The depression is now embossed

Also got a small numbered sticker at the front. This is similar to some special edition vehicles which get numbered badge. I used the same font used for 450. Mine is the 207th Ather manufactured, so #207


Nice. I was thinking of filling with white reflective paint.

This looks much better, Let me know where you got this done and price.


It’s a small shop in JC road. It took quite some time for him to create and fine tune it to fit intonthe depression. I’ve told him to save it for future use which he did. Below is the shop name and address from Google maps.

Sign N Shine
#17, 2nd cross J C journalist colony, JC Rd, Journalist Colony, Kalasipalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
098804 04416


Yes. There is a loss of pressure in the 2 weeks i’ve had the bike. I was actually planning to order a TPMS from aliexpress. It can communicate over bluetooth to an app on the phone. I am wondering if its worth the $25 spend considering its free to ride into a petrol bunk and get it checked/topped up.

The link to what i am talking about.

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Raghav… Did you end up buying this?

No @prasathvishnu. I am still relying on free services at the neighborhood smoke shop aka petrol bunk.


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hello Ather gang

quick update

was looking for mat on floor board

as accessories not there yet

was investigating on the closet match

here is the one

will not cover foot rest but closest match

tried custom made but it looks we got to wait for sometime

wanted immediately today

troubled a guy for an hour and bought this (ask for Dio mat or u can order online if u have time)

note have put double tape in the grooves on floor board so that this remain intact when does heavy breaking

i remember someone had some issues around this

so just fyi


Has anyone got the seat covers on their flight? From JC Road or from anywhere in Bangalore?
Also, was it custom made or a different seat cover was able to fit in.
The seat is a bit uncomfortable for me and keeps skidding down. Will seat cover with a slight padding on the front would help? Also it would save from any future damage to the seat.
If anyone has got these done from any shop, please do share.
Any pointers on that would be helpful.

Also, Would love to hear from the 5K + driven owners, how are they finding the seat, or you managed to get adjusted to it. :wink:

Yes, there are dozen of folks have done the seat modification. Please search in this thread.

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Find the above link to reach our premises with no trouble

You can down to my store for seat cover

How much did you pay for the box? What material?

Has anyone done the PPF coating recently?

Can you pls share the name of the shop

Why will change the seat by us. Why didn’t ather change the design of the seat as per customers requirements. Because Every one know this type of seat is uncomfortable