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Here is one from @raghav.srinivasan


Just searching for smart plug on Amazon gives some good options from Tplink, Wipro, Mi and others. If your charger is in the range of your wifi network, this is a good option. In case of Apartments like mine, where the scooter is in the basement and my home is some floors above, these smart plugs can’t connect to my wifi network, it’s of no use. I’m actually looking for a sim enabled smart plug. I have an unused data sim (provided free of cost by Airtel) which I can use.

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Will this device also calculate the amount of electricity units consumed?

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Thank u hemanth, i have wifi access and will this device calculate the amount of electricity consumed? If so it will be a good buy

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No, its just a plain smart plug which knows how to turn OFF and ON. :slight_smile:

Yes most of these plugs show power consumption on an app. Recent ones work with Alexa/Google too.

I made a list of accessories that were discussed on this thread and also added some that I thought are useful. Let me know if anything else can be added.


Paddock stand, ( and sticker guards for front panel?). I’d suggest portable charger holder in place of water bottle. Maybe both can be on the same spot?

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I would say seat cover and handle grip are must.

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Casing for Ather Dot!!!

I am not sure if you guys missed this? as I could not find any such casing in this forum.

Ather Dot was installed on the wall which was closest to the electrical connection, but that wall had no roof or any kind of protection against sunlight & rain in my house. I know that Ather Dot is waterproof, but still you cant trust how harsh the weather is right? and my parents did not want it to be left open to rain.

so i did some research in the Ather forum as well as over the internet to find a suitable casing for Ather Dot. To my vain, I couldn’t find any. Being an engineer :grimacing: decided to make my own. Then I came up with all the dimension and found a suitable person who could do this. Built this casing for Ather Dot with Acrylic Transparent Plastic Sheet.



The smaller casing you see is of the Ferroro Roacher chocolate box :joy: :joy:

I had to modify the drain line too… :joy: :joy:

And its completely removable :grimacing:

There is enough room to place the changer inside the Dot and enough ventilation for air circulation :innocent: Its been almost 5 months now :grimacing:

Finally the price :grimacing: 600 Rs.

Here is the address in Bangalore:


Link for all dimension of the DOT Acrylic box:


My friend has installed a after market gripper we get in local shops and has been praising about it ever since. He put an add on seat cover as well to protect the stock seat. I would be making similar mods soon and post the pics here

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even i am looking for same…please share pics with price soon


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Shipping cost?

@Rajavel If you can provide the product link we can place the order from that it will be very useful for others to place order.

Hi sir Please provide your contact number. Shipping I will take care. I need 1 nos.

To avoid repeated posts and advertising, we’ve compiled the accessories shared by owners in this thread: Third party accessories - Compilation

Do take a look and reach out to the users directly through DM for more information.

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Hi, I want to buy floor mat for my 450, where did you buy? Can you post the address here?

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Malleswaram Bangalore


Pricing? For full scooter

Contact details pls

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