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Thread to update users on all internal updates from Ather.

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The new subscription plans

Ather Connect - The base plan that runs the entire gamut of intelligence features on your scooter.
What’s included? Over-the-air updates to enhance ride experience, remote diagnostics for quicker service, ride recommendations, onboard navigation etc.
@ ₹3000 +GST / year OR ₹900 +GST / quarter

Ather Service - A service focussed plan for all your service needs, including consumables.
What’s included? Vehicle service & roadside assistance + Ather Connect
@ ₹6000 +GST / year OR ₹1650 +GST / quarter

Ather Charge - A charging focussed plan for unlimited charging at any AtherGrid point.
What’s included? Unlimited public charging at AtherGrid Points + Ather Connect
@ ₹6000 +GST / year OR ₹1650 +GST / quarter

And the flagship

Ather One - An all-encompassing subscription plan that takes care of all your expenses & scooter maintenance.
What’s included? Ather Connect + Ather Service + Ather Charge + reimbursement of cost incurred while charging at home
@ ₹8400 +GST / year OR ₹2200 +GST / quarter

Our website has been updated to reflect these changes. We’ve also addressed questions that you may have in the FAQs section of the website.

What changes for current owner & pre-order customers?

Nothing. Ather One continues to be free for a year from date of delivery. Post that you can choose any of the above plans.

What changes for future pre-order customers?

Those pre-ordering from today, November 1st, 2018, onwards will get Ather Service plan free for a limited period. Free Ather One plan for pre-order customers has been discontinued since yesterday, October 31st, 2018.

Additionally, for these customers, charging at any AtherGrid location will be free until December 31st, 2019.


Our leasing partner - Autovert has announced changes to the leasing model. We’ve updated the Financing section of our website now to reflect them.

What’s changed?
They’ve added flexibility to the down payment amount and the tenure of the lease. The maximum tenure, as it stands now, is 36 months, after which the lease will have to be renewed.

You can now refer to these revised numbers on the website -

Hey Everyone!

A very Happy New Year! The forum has been up for 5 months now and we have seen a number of great discussions on the product, pricing, subscriptions, deliveries and even new features. We have been able to loop back lot of this feedback to the product team. Some of them are also getting sorted via planned OTAs.

We want the forum to be a single place where you can find answers about the product and interact with other Ather owners, enthusiasts and us. Which we mostly have been able to achieve in the last 5 months. There are now owners, the ones who actually ride and experience the scooters and in a few months we will have a many more on this forum, allowing us to learn more from on-road experiences. We are glad that some of you have already been answering questions, new & old based on your experience with product. And do contact the customer support team if you have an issues or general queries - they are best equipped to resolve them quickly.

We are also incorporating some of the feedback that we got during our last open house - like having the common questions in FAQs and setting up a channel for owners to share very specific feedback on the product. These are small things but should help us keep the forum clean and focused on product related discussions. And also, for us to spend time and respond to new queries on the product.

We see this forum growing and also becoming a lot more active in the coming months. We are super excited about how it is shaping up.

To many more great discussions in 2019!


Hey Guys,

Sharing an update on the insurance component we received by our insurance partner:

“According to a new IRDAI notice, if an individual already has a personal accident cover(of at least 15 lakhs) through another policy, it’s not necessary to purchase an additional personal accident cover at the time of vehicle insurance purchase. So, if you already happen to have a PA cover(>15 Lakhs), you simply have to declare it while completing your insurance purchase and your insurance cost would come down.”

We have adjusted the on-road price of the vehicle to reflect the same on the website.


Hey Guys,

Our customer service number has changed to +917676600900. Please save it in your phonebooks and remove the previous number as it will soon become inactive altogether.



Hey all,
We are planning to host our first Ather 450 owners meet. This would be a great chance to know who is the other 450 owner passing by you on Bannerghatta road and discuss range numbers, efficiencies, top speed etc. and hear real-life riding tips from them.

Can you RSVP here ?


Sunday, 14th Apr, 10AM - 1 PM (lunch will be served)


Ather Energy Design Centre (Map link)

IBC Knowledge Park, 3rd Floor, Tower D, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru - 560029

We’’ll also run a deep dive session of the 450. So that you are up to speed on every feature, functioning and updates on riding & owning a 450.

It will be an interactive session, like our Open House sessions. So do make it on time :slight_smile:



Hey Guys,

We are soon going to be launching in Chennai! The launch is planned for the month of June and we have already started prepping up for that.

The Chennai Ather Space is coming up, and we have already started working on getting the Ather Grid setup too!

We are also inviting the folks who’ve expressed pre-order interest from Chennai to the forum now. You will see a lot of new folks joining the forum this week.

You can share this link with your friends in Chennai to get them on the pre-order interest list so that they can get exclusive privilege(s) to pre-order the Ather 450, just like the folks in Bengaluru did!


In line with the directive for FAME 2, we are increasing the overall vehicle warranty for 3 years (from 2 years earlier, the battery warranty was for 3 years already). All vehicles delivered under FAME 2 will have a full vehicle warranty for 3 years :slightly_smiling_face:

It just seemed fair that we don’t leave out our existing owners (pre FAME 2) from this warranty upside. You guys have been with us through the exciting & challenging times and been helping to grow a super active community of owners. There is no reason why some of you who came in earlier shouldn’t get the same benefit. So we are extending the 3 year warranty to all our owners.


Hey Guys,

A bit late to the party here, but…

Last weekend Abrar and the Ather 450 had a great time. They were part of Indian National Rally Sprint Championship – Round 1 (Bengaluru)

First electric vehicle to compete in Indian off-road motorsport event of FMSCI. That too against souped-up IC engine scooters.

And they earned overall 3rd Position in Scooter Class.

Reason for the late post? The photographers couldn’t get a heads up when the 450 passed by them, problems of being a silent vehicle :sweat_smile:

Now we were literally scampering for images and videos to share with you guys. Some pictures below:

(Disclaimer: The images are property of their respective owners.)


Our owners have been our biggest supporters, advocates and unofficial brand ambassadors. Today one amongst us invested $32 Mn in the latest round of funding. Thanks @Sachin Bansal for extending his excitement of riding the Ather 450 to the latest round of funding :slight_smile:

Yes, we raised $51 Mn led by Sachin Bansal. We are super excited to share this news with all our owners and future owners. We thank you all for being part of this amazing journey and continuing to support us through the highs and lows of this ride.

It looks like after a brief period of lull, all the good things are coming together :slight_smile: New round of funding, FAME 2 is through with better subsidy, production is stabilized, invoicing has started, our first mass delivery is planned for the coming week and and…

To celebrate this special moment we are opening up full payment window for all our pre-order customers whose delivery window is till September 2019. This means you could be riding your brand new Ather 450 in the next 30 days if you complete your payment in the coming days :slight_smile:


We opened pre-order for the Ather 450 exactly a year ago this day. Within seconds we had our first set of owners, our strongest enthusiasts and brand ambassadors. From then to now, we have been fortunate to have a strong and growing community of owners. As we hit our one year anniversary, we look forward to all the new owners joining the fold, to the great discussions on forum and to all the crazy merchandise and ideas our owners come up with:


Test rides aren’t about just the ride itself for us. We wanted to build a space that reflected us and what Ather stands for - a place where people can experience the scooters, understand our drive to build a high-performance electric vehicle, and share our vision of an electric future.

Here’s the story behind the experience center that’s built to tell our story.


Hey Guys,

We have two updates on pricing.

  1. The IRDAI has revised third party insurance premium rates for our class of electric vehicles to Rs. 3,295 (Inc. GST) (from Rs. 3,877 earlier) for this fiscal.
    Due to which the total (indicative) insurance premium on our website will be changed to Rs. 6,068 (from Rs. 6,651 earlier), in effect reducing the on-road price of the Ather 450 to Rs. 122,647
    This will be effective from 16th June, and hence our website has been updated to reflect the same accordingly.

  2. Also, we are under discussion with the RTO and transport commissioners on waiver of the RTO cess(for road safety and security) for electric vehicles based on some Vaahan guidelines. Once we have clarity on the same we will inform you and update the on-road price.
    Needless to say, if we do get a waiver for the existing applications, we will reimburse the amount to you in future.



Deliveries picking up pace.

After a brief slow down earlier, our deliveries have been steadily picking up pace. Nearly 200 applications are already in the RTO and over the next 2-3 days, we should be able to reach out to this set of owners and schedule their deliveries too. We are delivering more than 50 scooters tomorrow and hope to continue this trend in the coming days. In fact, we have 20 scooters waiting to be taken home but we haven’t been able to reach their owners :slight_smile:

Having ironed out the delivery process, we are now opening up the next batch of orders today to complete their payments. Over the next couple of days, all consumers with a delivery timeline of August - October should get access to complete their payment. We will begin delivering these 450s by the end of this month and early July. Thankfully, we have sufficient vehicles and hopefully a much stronger process.

Production update:

To comply with FAME 2 certain parts need to localised by the end of June. As an effect of that, our production will pause for a few days in July as we make this transition. Another reason to open up the full payment option and ensure that nearly all our owners are able to take their Ather 450s home, without any further delay.


Hey Guys,

On the back of massive inventory & now stabilized internal processes, we have opened full payment for all.

Our production will pause in July to make a transition for FAME 2 compliance, without which we can’t pass on the subsidy to you. Invoicing will get delayed on account of this & so will delivery.

We want to make sure that all our @PreOrder customers get the Ather 450 at the earliest, without any delays. Hence for all payments completed on or before June 27th the scooter will be delivered by early July. Please complete the process online, to get your 450 before production pauses. :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

As communicated in our previous post, we have closed the full payment window from today.

Production will take a brief pause from 1st, July 2019 to make couple of part transitions so as to comply for the FAME 2 subsidy scheme. In the meantime our focus will continue to process and deliver the existing orders in the estimated timeline. All full payment orders completed till last night will get processed.
Please note that in instances where full payments haven’t been completed till last night or have failed to initiate the loan/lease process, the delivery could get pushed to August-September 2019. On-time deliveries for Bengaluru is on priority and will be our focus before we move to new cities.

We hope everyone who has been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the Ather 450 have been covered & will ride home one in the coming weeks. And for our future owners, we are putting all our efforts to make a swift production transition and start deliveries soon.


For Ather Owners,

We’ve noted that the trip cards on the Ride Statistics section of the app are not appearing. We have escalated this internally and our team is on it to find a fix.

We wish to clarify that it’s not directly related to the new app update. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t have happened anyway!

The next time you face any such issue, don’t even wait for us to reply on the forum. Just report it through the new channel on the app, and a ticket will get generated and tracked.

Team Ather


Hey Everyone!

On account of the GST on EVs getting lowered from 12% to 5%, the price of the 450 goes down.

The prices are as follows:


Old Price
Rs 1,22,647 (On-road)

New Price
Rs. 1,13,715 (On-road)


Old Price
Rs. 1,31,683 (On-road)

New Price:
Rs. 1,22,224 (On-road)