Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

Hey Folks,

I am planning to ride my 450 from Bangalore to Kochi on 2 nd week of March (date not fixed, should be between the week).


Day 1: Bangalore to Mysore. (146km)

Start from JP Nagar to Royal Airavath (hope the charging point is live on early mornings). Then head to Mandya, I hope I can charge at Organic Mandya. Or else I know a pertol bunk where I can charge. If I need help I will post here and try reach out for help. Then to Mysore where I have my friend’s place. Have went and check the connection at his place yesterday.

Day2: Mysore to Sultan Bathery (122km)

I may start after couple of days stay in Mysore. Plan is to charge once in Gundlupete. I don’t have a charging point here. Will be really helpful if someone can offer a point to charge. Then head to Bathery, where I have my friend’s place.

Day3: Bathery to Calicut (94km)

Achievable in a single charge. In Calicut I have my friend’s place. No issues there.

Day4: Calicut to Iringalakuda (138km)

Need a charging point somewhere near Guruvayoor. I will look out for some help there. Iringalakuda I have my friend’s place.

Day5: Iringalakuda to Cochin (56km)

Last day to finish line. I will fly :grin:

I have earlier achieved 100+ km range. But as I will be carrying around 15 kg luggage range could go lesser I guess.

Taking a 45ft long extension along with ground wires and tester with me for all the DIY electrical stuff.

For people who want to offer charging help. I will be in full Covid protection mode. Sanitaised charger plug, tent for staying, always mask ON.

Looking forward for the ride. Folks at Kochi, waiting to see you all there. Will post the updates in this thread.:slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Posting some links here to catch up on this thread easier

Day 1

Testing for proper earthing/grounding before charging

Day 1 Bangalore to Mysore on the Ather 450

First stop for work - Melt in Cafe

First stop for Charging - Fish Curry Rice, Madur

Meeting @Abhishek at Fish Curry Rice

Reaching mysore

Day 2

Reaching Mysore Test ride location for charging

Charging at Tata charging point

Day 3

Starting off

Reaching Bathery

On the way to Calicut

Charging at Focus Mall, Calicut

Day 4

Arriving at Ather Space, Kochi on the day of inauguration!


For the first leg of the journey “fish curry and rice” restaurant at Maddur is a better option.

All the best. Will be looking forward to your trip report.


All the best to you. Look forward to hear your updates here.

All the best, Do post your updates :smiley:

If I may suggest an alternative route considering Zeon’s charging network. Through krishnagiri Salem and Coimbatore. Porbably need a converter too. Just an option. Might be easier to get chargers in this route since there are ather users in Coimbatore, Hosur. also there are ather grid chargers in Coimbatore. You could charge up quickly there to save some time instead of slow charging.

There’s a grid charger too

Also. I hope you are carrying some sort of grounding kit. It’s hard to find good quality grounding outside metros.


Ather grid at Calicut? Where?

And what is Zeon’s network?

It’s a bunch of relatively fast chargers in tamil nadu. There are 3 i think. Meant for cars but Could use them if you have an adapter

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I am not a fan of highways…it is too boring for me in bikes itself…also time is not a constrain…I am planning to ride 2-3hrs in the early mornings…then do some office work while charging…and then again in evening… meetings at night …:nerd_face:…good to know that Ather grid is there in Calicut…Thanks for sharing.


Aye!. So you aren’t even taking time off from work!?.

Very adventurous trip, watch out for hilly sections near Bathery… they might make a mess if your ride efficiency.


Those are CCS2 chargers. I am not sure if they had an AC 3 pin socket. If no AC sockets then it’s pretty useless for the 450 platform. However he could ask the Saravana Bhavan hotel at the same rest stop area to spare a 3pin socket for charging.

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He’ll be going down from around 900m above MSL to sea level. It should be advantageous right?

I remember some sections that had an upward gradient. I can’t recall the exact places, but pretty sure it was in the Sultan Bathery area.

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these may help. There’s one atat Thrissur. Source. Recharge india app


Gundlupete to Bathery…last part after crossing Kerala checkpost has uphills …so charging to full at Gundlupete is a must…I got to arrange that…rest is manageable…

Yes…most part of it is down hill…

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Sulthan bathery to Kozikode is downhill? Cuz it’s 94Km. Your gundlupete to Sultan bathery ride will be so beautiful man. Through Bandipur in an EV. Damn nice. Do record some videos on the way and share.

There seem to be some resorts right after crossing into Kerala and before sultan bathery. You could call them and have a back up. Since it’s up hill.


Sure…will try record…have a chinese action cam…

Bathery to Calicut would be mostly downhill I guess…at least till we reach adivaram it’s down…so 94km is easily achievable…

For grounding I have gyan from @Abhishek…taking ground wires, a tester and a ground testing setup…


How to this check this

the only state i didn’t cover in South


Kerala has the largest network of AC fasts chargers. Language barrier eh? @Abhishek

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i didn’t know anyone from kerala nor i had a reason (excuse :blush:)