Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

:+1: should have extra focus riding skills to reach.

The only other way to do is go on pathetic speed.

One day I tested my vehicle and understood the logic behind Ather claiming 116 kms range.

Wow. Such slow riding? 25kmph tops?

Actually 80Km range is quite easy to get on the ather. Even crusing at 40kmph. And the claimed eco mode range is 75Km so 49km with 39Km range is not an issue at all I suppose. Maybe the only issue would be the reduced power at under 7%

Well ya. But cruising at 50kmph should get you 80km on 450 and ~90Km on 450X Cruising at 60kmph also still gets you 70Km range. On 450

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May be the luggage I am having is playing the role here… usually in Bangalore I used to get better range than this

It is almost 20kg luggage I guess

Looks like I will be late


Starting :innocent:


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Hatsoff! 600kms on a scooter itself is a big thing to do. And this on an electric scooter with 75kms range!! Amazing effort @georgekuruppan. Congratulations of completing it👏

Kochi EC should have a cutout of you :grin:


Yay!. Congrats @georgekuruppan! This is no mean feat!!


Congratulations :clap::fireworks::clap::fireworks:

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Heartiest Congratulations Man. Hats off :+1:t2::pray:t2::clap:t2::blush:

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Awesome stuff bro :+1:

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This forum was so helpful :heart_eyes:

I would have struggled a lot without your support.Kiddos!!

Now let me roam around Kerala :grin: Will update as I plan😇


Congratulations :tada::100::zap::motor_scooter:

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Congratulations bro amazing

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Congratulations ! Amazing perseverance. Can I request you to write a travelogue here?


@georgekuruppan congrats

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Congratulations !! Amazing feat :smiley:

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congratulations!! you made it!!! :smiley:

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Congratulations on your successful journey. I am sure it would be motivational for all those who have the range anxiety and think electric is only for a short distance commute.

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Sure !..will do👍