Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

Really…? How do I find them?

a quick search. I found these. But I’m sure there are more especially in Kochi. All set up by KSEB.

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And CCS2 DC too. One can drive the entire length of the state with an EV without worrying about where to charge.

How can u explain me

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Good question… I see below report in mathrubhumi from Jan '20, but I don’t think it is implemented yet.

Ground testing at friend’s place…was able to fully glow a 60w incandescent lamp when connected through phase and ground…I am counting it as successful…and phase is right side…I heard that’s also required for the first generation charger to indicate green…


Actually December I had a bike trip through entire length of Kerala… Reserved Forest in Pathanamthitta have motivated me to take Ather home :grin:…it was irritating to hear the petrol engine sound in those clam and pristine surroundings… .that’s when I decided to bring on Ather :nerd_face:

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Just keep you informed… Royal Andaaz gates will be closed during late hours…

Better you reach there after 6am.

I have once reached there at 9pm and it was closed and not allowed to enter, then I took my vehicle to Fab Cafe.

Note: if you r going early, Fab Cafe is also a good option near by.

Ather team please consider this


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Thanks for letting me know…I may consider skip charging at grid … instead if I get a good charging at Mandya…it should be enough to take me to Mysore…

All the best bro. Your 450 is gen 1 or 1.5?

Anyhow this ather acute triangle cities are best you can reach any other city with single charge in between.

You have planned everything. But I don’t know but if you go to Coimbatore then fast charge and you can reach other cities.

What new grid in Lakshadweep?

Nope :joy: pune got beach :beach_umbrella: enjoy @Pune owners


Need a 3 phase connection no?

Good idea

Maddur Fish and Curry rice has a 5A and a 15A Socket. Set up by @Abhishek and @chethan.bn So mysore is not a problem at all I think.


why 3 phase

only 15A required

I think an the grid points by exicom use 3 phase but should be possible on 15 A I suppose

Hi Folks…I am all set for starting tomorrow…

Day1: Bangalore to Mysore

Will update here on the go :+1:


All The Best :+1:t2:. Have fun

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All the best, have a safe journey.

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Could you also post the trip meter photos ? Would love to see efficiency of your ride. The current ride shows only duration and distance and not efficiency.