Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

That is weird… Has not happened to me… And I have hit 0 to 2% a couple of times atleast smoothly. 1st Gen, not 1.5 though.

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Thanks @abhishek.balaji for arranging a 1.5 gen charger for me as a backup.

Will try to replan my trip a bit to reach Cochin by 12th…as the Kochi Experience Center Lauch is happening on the day.

Will be little tight in scheduling but let me try. If charging goes fine I think I can make it.


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Ur plan was to get to sulthan bathery today right ? How did that go?

You could just drop it off at Kochi experience centre I suppose XD

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My initial plan was to chill in Mysore for one day and then start the Day2 itenerary.

Later thought of reaching Kochi on 12th for the EC launch and tried charging to head to Bathery today itself. But charging with gen1 charger was really painful.

By around 2:30 I left Tata charging point with 14% charge after 1.5hrs of charging…reached ather charging…charged till 70% ,enough to reach begur…got the 1.5gen charger…now have reached begur and charging in Indian Oil pump

Plan is to charge to 100% overnight and then ride through Bandipur in the early morning to reach Bathery.

100% charged after 4 hours of charging using 1.5 gen charger:


Good morning :sunrise_over_mountains:


Welcome Ather!

Reached Bathery


What a scenic ride ! I am jealous of you… :wink:

Looks like you had less sleep overnight. Be careful when the sun shoots up. You may feel drowsy.


Taking off from work to sleep while charging…will be heading to Calicut in the afternoon…and if I can fast charge in Calicut I will head to Guruvayoor today itself…so that tomorrow I need to ride less


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No special grounding needed at all for gen 2 charger? And gen 1 doesn’t work at all?

They seem to have 2 fast charging grid points. I’m sure at leats one should be working. Sixth Avenue cafe and Focus mall. You and your laptop could do well at the café But after that 96Km ride. I wonder how much charge you’ll have left. Focus mall woul be a couple of Km closer

These grid points coming up quick. Real quick. A couple of days back khozikode had only 1 grid point. Kochi also has 6 already. No wonder u wanted to ride to Kochi.

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On the way to Calicut

Reached the Ghats


You made about 50Wh. Your wrists RIP .


Hats off to your regen skills!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reached focus mall

It’s placed in a walk way…no parking written in the background… Ather please consider relocating it


Are you having Portable Charger or Ather Grid for Charging

Its 12km straight down…no ups…I think anybody can do it…if you happen to reach the top :joy:

Both… Calicut and Mysore has Ather facilities…rest with help of this forum and self searching…

Plug share is a good app you can look for…it’s very informative

If anyone has any leads to it please share…i am searching from my side…thanks in advance!

Good Morning