My Most Efficient Ride

Hi All, this is my 7th Ride Blog. I think it’s going to be small one :joy: since it is not a full day’s ride, but long enough stretch to get an efficient ride.

Start Dashboard :

Started from home at 1:52 PM with 83% Battery. I Had to go to Perumbavoor for a personal work, around 15km journey via MC Road, from Angamaly.

Traffic was ok, cruising at 40-45 km/h, just the sun was beating down heat. Kalady junction is very well known for heavy traffic block, but somehow for afternoon timing, traffic was slightly less in the junction.

Reached the place by 2:27 PM, searched for few places and completed the work.

Leg 1 :

Ride Stat 1 :

Distance Travelled : 15.5 km

Efficiency : 23 Wh/km

Energy used : 356.5 Wh or 13.66%

Current Battery at 70%

After 15 Mins no drop in capacity :

Started the return Journey by 3 PM with 70% battery. Took the slightly longer route to avoid traffic altogether via Aimury → Koovappady → Kodanad.

On the way, an Iqube S rider overtook me, I stayed behind him for quite a while but he accelerated away, didn’t mind me. Continued going in 40-45km/h speed in sports mode alone.

After Kodanad Junction, there was a bridge across Periyar - Malayattoor Kodanad Bridge

Stopped there and took photos of the scenary. Periyar river to the left and Malayatoor Hills to the right.

Dashboard :

When I reached near Neeleswaram , it rained for very short time, I stopped and waited for it to end since the sun was still shining.

Leg 2 :

Ride stat :

Distance traveled : 15.5 km

Efficiency : 23 Wh/km

Energy Used : 356.5 Wh or 13.66%

Current Battery at 55%

After rain stopped, started again via Neeleswaram → Manjapra → Home.

Finally reached home at 4pm.

Final Dashboard current ride :

Trip B :

Final leg :

Distance Traveled : 8.1 km

Efficiency : 24 Wh/km

Energy Used : 194.4 Wh or 7.45%

Current Battery at 47%

Combined stats :

Total Distance Travelled : 39.2km

Avg Efficiency : 23.3 Wh/km

Energy Used : 913.36 Wh or 34.99%

Start Battery at 83%

End Battery at 47%

Used Battery : 36% for 39.2km.

Very efficient considering got more than 1km per 1% drop in battery. And there were little to no elevation changes, and using regen and coasting whenever possible.

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Coming down the Nandi hills :joy:


That’s great. Continue downhill and you’ll see couple of percentage increase

Super man…


My most efficient ride in Warp mode so far. Though it is a short distamce.


My most efficient ride in 450X 3 Gen single charge (3 days ) 110.3km .Balance charge 4%. Rider mode 85% Eco mode 15%. Amazing mileage and performance



Hey Guys, how are you getting these efficiency numbers, my solwest ride guving me 30wh/km? Can ypu please suggest?

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Really good range. Since it is multiple days, there would be some drop in percentage too still you got 110+ km range.

Use sports mode more even for 40kmph speeds. Using eco or ride, both have speed limits. When you get closer to the limit (45-50kmph for eco and 61kmph for ride), it consumes more power than the same speed in Sports mode. Enable real-time efficiency and observe red halo when acceleration is given, reduce acceleration and keep constant speed to get better range.

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Where is the option to enable real time efficiency? I couldn’t find it in the Ather App.

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It is in scooter dashboard, settings → Real-time efficiency.

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No such options found :confused:

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Check settings , sorry, I should not have added general


In sports mode my efficient ride

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