A Rainy day ride to Kochi

3rd Topic on the Forum by me.

Just a small blog on the ride taken on 30th June 2022.

Started with 71km range in Smart Eco mode and 87% battery from home to Vytilla, 31km from home.

Ride stat :

The weather was cloudy, but only light drizzle.

After the ride, had 37km estimated range left, as shown in the dashboard. The place was so close to Kochi EC, if needed fast charging, had an option to go to the showroom.

The return journey, decided not to charge the scooter and try to reach home with the range remaining. It started raining on the way back, I had worn rainwear for the same. The ride was more difficult due to rain increasing.

Used only smart eco mode on the way back with around 40-50kmph speed.

Ride stat :

When I reached home, had 3% charge with 2km estimated range. 37km was enough to reach home safely.

Final dashboard:

FYI, had made some small rides before starting this ride. So trip B is from 98% charge.

Entire ride was under 30wh/km efficiency, so got the true range of the scooter. The small rides before are having similar efficiency figures.

This is also a test to see how much time it takes to charge from 3% battery. Started charging at 10.38 AM

Will update the time after it is charged.

60% at 12.52 PM ( 2 hours 14 mins)

81% at 1.45 PM ( 3 hours 7 mins)

100% at 3.16 PM ( 4 hours 38 mins)


The Ather experience centre told me it was better to use Ride mode unless you’re going at 20-30 Kmph. Alenkil kurach koode range kittiyene enn thonunnu.


Smart eco nallathaanu. Normal eco pole performance kurav alla. We can maintain less than 30Wh/km on smart eco by looking at energy bar on the right and keeping it blue.


Atheyo? Njan pre-book cheythitte ullu vandi erangunathin mumbe nalla range kittan olla paripadikal nokkuva.

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Smart eco nalla mode aanu. With smart eco top speed is 70kmph, it has a blue bar on the right, if we use throttle aggressive, the blue bar length will decrease and become red. When it is red, motor power reduces a lot. It is automatically regulating motor power to make the overall ride efficiency below 30Wh/km.

Check the blue bar on the right :

Another benefit of smart eco is, even at 1% battery SoC, we can switch modes. In Normal Eco mode, after 17%, mode cannot be changed and eco mode is forced.

Pinne range inu best sport mode or warp mode but using the throttle smoothly.

Please check the ride blog Ride to Thrissur EC and Ather Kochi anniversary Ride where I have used sport mode, maintaining 40 - 50kmph and getting really low efficiency 24Wh/km.

By the way, please join unofficial Ather Owners group telegram to talk to other owners Telegram: Contact @AtherKerala


Completed 10000km Odometer in June. Here’s my short review :

Really impressed with the scooter, my riding in this 10000 km is very less, 1500km only.

Advantages :

  • Usability, I can ride in slower mode as well as warp mode and it performs smooth.

  • range, with my riding style, I can easily get 100km in a single charge.

  • easily manuverable in traffic and slow speed.

  • good suspension, geared for more control than comfort. Even in potholes, we won’t lose control even if speed is near 30kmph.

  • really good brakes.

  • hills are easily conquered with ample power, make sure to use higher mode to avoid motor stress.


  • wet weather riding should be extra careful mainly due to tyre grip.

  • mirrors are unusable in rain, because with rainwear almost entire mirror is blocked.

  • lack of ABS , just an extra layer of safety. Brakes needed to be gradually applied.

  • regeneration is too low, forced regen throttle is tight to twist forward


Bro can you tell i have buyed my 450x 7 days ago and my throttle hand that is right hand obviously starts paining after 1-2 mins of ride why that so and I think the throttle is on the hard side and solution will be helpful and do you also feel that

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Yes, throttle is a bit tighter. But I only feel that when I rotate it forwards for regenerative braking. Normal is fine. Do visit the service centre or try installing another throttle grip to resolve it.

But what will service centre guys will do if throttle is tight :expressionless: any solution as my right hand palm get pain after riding 1-2 mins Max


They’ll see if the throttle is tight and loosen it. If it’s unusually tight for your scooter :person_facepalming:. How can I decide what service centre will do before you go there and ask them about the issue?

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No brother do you don’t feel throttle while acceleration or holding at one position at constant speed

Holding it for a long time would create discomfort ofcourse. Try throttle grippers for mechanical cruise control. Please practice the throttle gripper usage before you use it. Please visit service centre anyway to know if it’s tight unusually for your scooter alone. I can’t comment on it.

Also do use riding gloves, that will reduce the effort required to grip the throttle.


Mud guard or mud flap for my Ather.

Currently, no product from Ather, but some owners have retrofitted mudguard from TVS Jupiter to the scooter.

Kya hai scooty lene layak hai ya nahi

Worth it, do a test drive and check if it suits your usage.

@kgeshwaran Ather says you should not let the battery drain below 20% which degrades battery life. You used it till 3%. Isn’t that bad for the battery ?

Ather never said that. In fact the Ather battery is designed with buffers on both sides of charge to enable regular 0-100% runs. Doing 20-80-20 prolongs Li cell life, but in the end it depends on how the BMS handles things. We are looking at one of the best researched circuits available.

From what i have read through the forum and groups about a few OG 450 owners from 2018, the scooter has seen very little to almost no drop in range.

There is a whole range of #faqs:battery to read through about this and best practices.

The battery itself have been in the oven without harm recently :laughing: showing the overengineering which is sometimes a necessity.


By looking at this post, I feel there’s a need for two changes Ather can do in the software here…

  1. In the ride log, it’s good to show the battery percentage before and after the ride.

  2. Give a screenshot option on the dashboard, and make it available in the app for sharing it in this kind of situations.

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