Ather Kochi Independence Day Ride

Hi All,

This is my journey to Independence Day Ride Kochi - 15 August 2022 as another blog.

This is my 5th Ride blog in the forum, which I enjoy writing and riding.

Started From Home at the wee morning of 15th August 2022 , 5.38AM , meet-up being at Valsa Cafe 31km from Home via NH544.

Starting Dashboard:

Since it was very early in the morning, traffic was actually quite less and I enjoyed riding with Sport mode. Just once I did full throttle to get ahead of green light traffic. Other than this, almost kept a constant 50kmph speed.

Stopped once to stretch my arms and continued.

Reached Valsa Cafe at 6.40AM with only @acorreya waiting for me.

Dashboard 2, destination :

Ride Stat 1:

Distance Traveled: 30.7 km

Efficiency: 25.4 Wh/km

Battery Used : 779.78 Wh or 29.87%

I had breakfast at the Cafe, a very hot Ghee Roast with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. Since I started early from home, was very hungry too.

After other riders joined and had their tea and breakfast, we proceeded to I Love Kochi.

After few photos of the scooters parked and group photos, Went to the front of Marina One Experience Center

Here are some pics from both I love Kochi and Marina One.

All riders happiness can be seen after they joined the ride, a community feel.

The time went too fast, more than I realised. The next plan to Gandhi Statue .

Planned to go around the statue just showing our solidarity towards Independence Day and Gandhiji’s contribution.

The rides till Gandhi Statue were very short, so including all ride stats as a slider:

Dashboard after Gandhi Statue Ride :

Combined Distance Traveled : 4.8 km

Avg Efficiency : 25 Wh/km

Battery Used : 120Wh or 5.55%

Procession around Gandhi Statue and went ahead.

After another selfie near High Court Junction, @acorreya , @iamhibath , @aajithms , @nadeemlthf , @swasthik4244 , @koshalagarwal786 , @Sreesanth and I went to have few Cool soda drinks and others went home.

Ride Stat and dashboard to selfie and next to Marine drive :

Combined Distance Traveled : 1 km

Avg Efficiency : 23.5 Wh/km

Battery Used : 23.5Wh or 0.9%

After reaching juice shop Dashboard :

To the juice shop we went and had Boost shake, Chilli Orange shake, lemon soda and many varieties.

Discussed the plight of Ather Kochi, having more than 1500+ scooters sold from Kochi EC, Getting a service is harder than ever. Since product is great, people will keep buying them but with only 2 service benches, so maximum 4 scooters only can be serviced per day. Without another service Hub at Kochi, for periodic service we have to book 1 month ahead of reaching the service interval of 5k km. And for accident/warranty replacement will take longer for the same. As the number of scooters increase, older owners will find it hard to service. Ather really has to put some effort in reducing the customer cs waiting period for service and hire more technicians increasing simultaneous service capacity. Just having more showroom is not the solution, it has to be more service stations and technicians.

After these, all bid good bye, hoping to plan another ride for future and went our separate ways.

Final Ride leg start Dashboard :

For me, direct route from marine drive is via Edappally and following NH. Although since I started by 9.26AM, traffic would be more and can’t really be relaxing. So decided to go the long scenic route via Container Terminal Road which usually will have very less traffic and open roads to ride in peace.

As I expected, road was really great and few vehicles. Warp mode was my go to mode, 50-60kmph was maintained without much effort. The hot day made the fan work extra hard but without any drop in performance. Overtaking throttle even from 50kmph is very responsive and will whee past the vehicle. Got red in few signals and warped ahead of everyone.

I had 59% battery when starting this final leg of the journey, still wanted to go the long route to ride for maximum and see how high was the efficiency.

And after Aluva, instead of going to home via Angamaly, chose the Cochin International Airport way after Athani.

It’s a beautiful road with many curves and relatively less traffic compared to the NH544.

Stopped for a moment to take few pics of the Ather.

Enjoyed the full ride and ride alongside other fellow owners.

Finally reached Home at 10.48AM having almost used till 10% of the battery. Thanks to smart eco being enabled, even in this low percentage, Warp mode was available.

Final ride took 81 mins to travel 43.2km

Final Dashboard:

Final Ride Stat :

Trip B Details for the entire day trip :

Total Distance Traveled : 83.2 km

Avg Efficiency : 25.4 Wh/km

Battery Used : 2113.28Wh or 80.96%

Pretty efficient considering also reached above 70kmph in the ride. The key is to balance high performance riding with constant speed ride and thus extending range. Warp + sport modes are perfect for these since there are no motor speed limits that will consume more energy.

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P.S : Ather 450X Gen 2 with 2610Wh usable battery capacity



Happy independence day


Super rendition @kgeshwaran :+1: Good to see you guys enjoyed the Indepence Day Ride​:+1::two_hearts: Actually myself was on a long ride from Alleppey to Thiruvilwamala total 350+kms on my RE. As its time demanding ride and suxh long trip i was forced to use RE😜

Keep riding and enjoying Ather Rides​:+1::two_hearts:


I have a concern with this ride, with the calculation from trip meter, battery consumption is less than the actual one.

Distance travelled: 83.2 km

Efficiency from Trip B : 25.4 Wh/km

Battery used = Efficiency x Distance = 2113.28 Wh

Battery percentage = Wh x 100/2610 Wh = 80.96%

Battery at start of journey in dashboard = 99%

Battery at end of journey in dashboard = 10%

Battery Percentage used from dashboard = 89%

The difference is 9% over 83.2km and 5 Hours total.

9% equates to 234.9 Wh

Which is kind of high according to me, would help if someone throw some light on the same. I did leave the scooter on for 5-10 mins for photo sessions during the ride, but should that consume this much power?


Adding all Dashboard pics and ride stats in slides :

Ride Stats :