Saturday Ride meeting Atherites

Hi, this is my 4th Ride Blog on the Forum.

If you’re familiar with the other blogs I’ve uploaded, you’ll be knowing that I like crunching the numbers : energy :zap: used , efficiency, distance, battery percentage. I track all these thanks to Ride Stats and by resetting trip meters, will get an instantly accurate efficiency for each ride. Ather sharing this data to the end user is really helpful for us to learn the efficiency of how the vehicle is running.

Today was kind of swiftly planned meet to go to a @nadeemlthf 's home with other fellow riders. @acorreya @iamhibath @aajithms @Sreesanth @swasthik4244 joined to meet up.

They hailed from Kochi while I started from Angamaly. It was a sunny day and pretty beautiful weather to ride the Ather. Although the temperature was a bit high on the road.

The destination is around 20km from my home going mainly through the National Highway which is pretty busy almost always.

I started from my Home by 10.42AM but encountered traffic pretty soon in the National Highway. Every traffic light turned red when I reach there.

That’s a nice opportunity to get ahead of traffic with the sports mode acceleration.

At every turn of green signal, I whee past the front runners easily with sport mode till 50kmph and keep it steady there, the traffic catches along slowly gaining speed. I always try to stay to the left of the road to stay out of the faster traffic since I don’t much like to go above 60kmph when the number of vehicles are high in the surroundings.

The green signal is where I appreciate the acceleration of Ather which is almost unmatched by other vehicles.

I do try to maintain a set speed in sport mode so that I can squeeze out more range in my Gen 2 450X. Sport mode is my most used mode , has enough acceleration when needed and also a good mode to extend the range.

I reached @nadeemlthf 's home by 11.34AM.

Ride Stat 1 :

Dashboard 1 :

Ride 1 started with 76% Battery

Distance Traveled : 20.4km

Efficiency: 24.9 Wh/km

Destination reached with 57% Battery

Used : 19.46% or 507.96Wh

Since I started early, I was first to reach. In a few minutes @Sreesanth reached and I got a company, we discussed EV market generally and other brands trying to come up in the market.

After some more time, the other’s from Kochi also reached the place. We discussed a lot about each vehicles condition since all of ours were Gen 2 450X. Some have clocked 15000km while others less than 3000km.

Our main topic of discussion was the tyre. Comparing stock tyres to the newer Gen 3 one which has more width and hence more grip. Although no one liked that they’re priced at ₹3999 per tyre if we ever wish to fit them on our scooters. The OEM tyre price will always be higher than the market tyre. As @Sreesanth mentioned, it is mainly due to the R&D cost when Tyre company is collaborating with the Scooter Manufacturer.

We still are unsure if other brand tyres from Michelin , TVS, JK etc are suitable for the performance of Ather while being under ₹2k per tyre. @acorreya had fitted Michelin Pilot sport while it has superior riding grip, since it doesn’t have a water channel, wet weather grip is reduced drastically.

@swasthik4244 was the only one with Gen 2 450+ in the group, looking very similar to 450X except for the sticker at the front apron.

2 White, 2 Series 1, and 2 Grey.

We had lunch there and few of us decided to go for a icecream shake nearby. @iamhibath and left after lunch.

The rest 5 of us made a group ride to Minus Degree near Pathalam.

Dashboard 2 :

Ride Stat 2 :

Ride 2 started with 55% Battery

Distance Traveled : 3.6km

Efficiency: 25 Wh/km

Destination reached with 51% Battery

Used : 3.44% or 90Wh

Minus Degree :

Having few athers together is always a sight to behold once you are an Ather owner.

(P.S Wego was another customer and not with us)

We had shakes and talked for some more time.

All proceeded back to our paths after biding adieu.

Return start Dashboard :

Started by 2.26PM, it was slowly getting cloudy and I wanted to reach home before the rain shower.

Return ride was much more peaceful,. slightly reduced traffic compared to morning, only got caught up in 1 Traffic signal. By the time I reached Angamaly, the dark clouds were brooding to rain any minute, only 2 km to go. I reached home safely without a drop of rain falling.

Final Dashboard :

Ride Stat 3 :

Ride 3 started with 51% Battery

Distance Traveled : 21.2km

Efficiency: 24 Wh/km

Destination reached with 29% Battery

Used : 19.5% or 508.8Wh

Total Trip B stat:

Distance traveled : 45.4km

Efficiency: 24.6Wh/km

Battery used : 42.7% or 1116.8Wh

P.S, there will be a slight difference between battery used via dashboard pic and via trip meter this is because when scooter is idle, network is active and consumes little bit of charge which is quite normal. Trip meter battery usage is for the ride alone and can be calculated with Trip distance multiplied by trip efficiency and dividing by total usable capacity (2610Wh for 450X Gen 2)

Please let me know the feedback for the blog.

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Had a good time meeting you guys after a long while! Even though the meeting was on a solemn occasion, it was a memorable one.

Let’s plan on Aug 15th now!


I really hope that we arrange a country-wide drive! There’s so much to see, and having 450X taking us to thode places makes the whole experience much more pleasant…


Had a nice time & drive with you guys. Let’s meet again on independence day.


Nicely written and documented, and love those efficiency numbers.

The best I get is 29 Wh/Km. (I weigh 103 :see_no_evil:)

How much do you weigh?, if you don’t mind me asking…:wink:

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I weigh 61kg and it does matter to get this range. Also using higher modes sports or warp with consistent speed is the trick to get better mileage.

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Hmmm. True that.

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