Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus

Hey @Kolkata,

We hit some roadblocks with our operations starting in the city, and unfortunately, our search for the right retail partner continues. We know this will bring disappointment to our enthusiastic community here, but we are working on identifying an on-boarding a new partner soon and will communicate here as things are more clear.


Hey folks,

We’re facing some issues with our notifications system temporarily, and charging notifications are currently unavailable. We’re working on resolving this asap


Hey folks,

Charging at Ather Grid points across india will continue to be free for the next six months, till 30 September 2021.

As thousands of you get your first EVs, we’d love to have more of you use Ather Grid points for quick top ups and beat range anxiety!


Hey folks!

We’re aware of the sync issues between the App and the scooter. Thanks to all of you reporting it, we’ve been debugging it and are working with our network provider to get this issue resolved ASAP. We’ll keep you posted when we have an update.


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On delay in syncing

Some of you have reported delays in the App and Scooter syncing, but other functions like Onboard Navigation are still working. Over the weekend we have been working with our network provider to dive deeper into the issue and have rolled out an interim fix on the network side yesterday night.

In case you are one of those who are facing a delay in sync, we would recommend that you reboot your scooter by pressing both the brakes and the start switch for the fix to take effect. We have already tested with a few customers who were facing the issue and the sync now works fine for them. We will continue to work to find a more permanent solution for this in the coming months. In the meanwhile, if you do face sync issues in spite of the reboot, do let us know here.


Your Ather account just got an upgrade!

Hey folks,

We’ve revamped the ownership portal, with some new sections including subscription, service, riding, and charging! Head over to to see the new changes!

Manage your subscriptions

You can now view the current status and upgrade/modify/renew your subscription plans! If you’re a new owner, you can also purchase Ather Connect/Service here.

Psst: Use those unlocked referral codes to get a sweet discount!

Service history

Keep tabs on upcoming periodic services, view service history, and details, and even track your current service request!

Ride & Charge logs

Your monthly ride log has been moved to your portal! View your monthly ride statistics, check charging patterns both at home and at Ather Grid points, and download monthly ride logs of your scooter.


Hey folks,

Sharing an update on the 4G module upgrade for Ather 450 owners. The module is undergoing final testing and our teams are undergoing training to make the installation process smooth.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. We’ll reach out to some of you who’ve already expressed interest in getting the upgrade. For this set of folks, we’ll offer doorstep pickup/drop to ensure the process of installation is robust.
  2. It will be extended to all owners post the trials, which will be done at your doorstep.

We’ll start rolling it out incrementally to owners in Bengaluru and Chennai. The installations will happen on a first-come first-serve basis, and the current estimated date for the start of operations is 20 April.


Whether you cruise on Eco mode, or Ride through the city, or simply Warp back home from work, we’ve got the tunes to keep your company on your ride. There is a playlist for every mode. Check them out, make your own and share them here!

Go Slow with Eco:

Along for the Ride:

Warp it:

Pssst, we’re always looking for new tunes, if you want to add to the playlists, submit them here:


Ather Grid, now at UB city

Hey folks!

One of Bengaluru’s iconic landmarks, UB City has finally gone EV friendly, with an Ather Grid point! If you’re in the area, do drop by for a quick top-up.


A few of your reported that Sport mode wasn’t “Sport-like” after the recent OTA updates. While we haven’t tuned the performance of riding modes since launch, we’ll be fine tuning the Sport mode in the upcoming OTA update (10.1.2).

The peak torque in Sport mode was consistent with the internal testing benchmarks, but it required a little more effort to twist the throttle compared to Warp and Ride modes. The fine tuning should make Sport mode feel more peppy and a step up from Ride mode.


The COVID update

Hey folks,

All of us are aware of the current situation in the country, and going through our own personal battles during this time. As many cities go into lockdown, we’re sharing an update on what you can expect for the next few weeks:

Servicing and Deliveries

Since restrictions are being imposed across cities, deliveries and servicing is affected. If you have a delivery scheduled in the next few days, our team will reach out to you regarding the next steps, if not already.

Servicing and Road-Side assistance would be available in a limited capacity, depending on local conditions.

To ensure you, and our staff are safe, timelines for vehicle servicing might take longer than usual. We urge you to avoid any non-essential servicing, and hold off till the situation eases up a bit.


We understand that your usage of the scooter and hence the Ather Service and Connect packs would drastically reduce. If you’re currently subscribed to any of the plans or are on a grace period, (Ather Service/Connect, Lite/Pro) we’ll be extending your subscription by a month.

You’ll see this reflected in your subscription status directly on over the next few weeks.

The Ather Community

During these difficult times, electric vehicles and tech will probably not be on anyone’s mind. As an organisation we’re doing our best to assist those who are volunteering their time to help people in need.

At the same time, if you’re someone who needs help or if you can offer your help, do post in the community, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

We urge everyone to stay at home, and take sufficient precautions, to ensure we beat this wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Update on the referral program

Hey folks,

The Ather Referral Program ends on 16 June '21. This means your code will expire on this day and you’ll not be able to gain any new referral credits.

Any unlocked credits in your Ather account will be intact and you’d be able to use them to purchase and renew subscription packs as and when you wish.

If you have referred a few folks, and they haven’t purchased yet (your credits are locked), they’ll have two weeks to complete their payment, and get the referral credits.

For the cities that we haven’t launched in yet, you’ll be able to unlock them when we launch in your city.


Hey Ather Owners,

The warranty for the Portable charger is now 3 years. This applies to those who have already purchased the charger as well. A warranty review of the portable charger was in the works internally, and we’re glad to share the news officially with all of you.


10 more days to unlock those referral credits

Hey folks,

We’re partially extending the referral program till 26 June. We had paused invoicing over the last few days due to the FAME incentive announcement, hence you’ll now have 10 more days to either complete your payment or convince your referee to complete theirs, to unlock the credits in your account.

Do note, referral codes can be used for new bookings only till 16 June. If you’re referring someone or have been referred, do ensure the booking is made before 16 June, to be eligible for referral benefits.


On deliveries in Bengaluru

Hey folks,

Quite a few of you have made payments in Bengaluru during the lockdown. However, as you might be aware, vehicle deliveries were paused due to Govt. directives. Additionally, revised FAME II incentives were introduced recently which impacts all scooters that have not been registered yet. We’re clarifying the process and what to expect over the next few days:

  1. This impacts all those whose VAHAN registration has not yet been initiated.
  2. Since the FAME subsidy was revised, we are reissuing invoices to ensure eligible folks will be able to avail the improved incentives. There are a few hundred of you who are affected, and we’re trying to work this out as fast as possible.
  3. Your insurance policy and the premium would change too, to reflect the revised invoice amount. To ensure minimum inconvenience to you, we’ve been working directly with the insurance partners to re-issue the policies, but understandably the systems around insurance and registration have been bottle-necked in the past couple of weeks.

You’ll get a call over the next few days to update you on the status of your order and discuss the next steps.