Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

True… Inspite of my temptation to go for connect plan with 50% discount, I left it just because of signal.

In my parking zero signal most of the time. Even occasionally when I drive, I m seeing either zero signal or one bar max.

I m more worried about jio as my building has zero signal for jio upto 2 floors. Ather should allow us to choose from 2-3 carriers instead of selecting one

I have the same issue and decided not to go with any subscription plan for connected features until and unless this upgraded to 4G LTE and i don’t mind to pay for the upgradation.

There is no word from CC even though I sent mail to them on the availability of the 4G module upgrade, looks like we are stuck with ultra-slow 2g vodafone. because of this I’m stuck at my app won’t sync with Ather and it’s been 7 days, and the maps won’t load at all

It’s Been 10 days since my app hasn’t synced to the 450s, it’s not that I know but there is no signal in the dashboard. Hence I’m Keep on requesting on when will the module will be available


That’s the case for me too. Zero signal most of the time does not help… Vodafone 2G is decent in very very few places, most other places the struggle in maps are pretty visible…

I am yet to see the OTA since 5 days of activating subscription… Signal sucks.

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It’s happening


Today, the signal was so poor right from Marathahalli until Atibele that I could not use the navigation at all. I tried searching for location on multiple places, but was getting “No internet” all the time.

Only after reaching near Hosur, Vodafone signal became good and push location popped up on dashboard… So, this update on 4G LTE is a welcome news.

But, I have concern about the only carrier choice of Jio even after upgrading to LTE. In many areas like mine, Jio has literally zero signal. Before Vodafone 3G was shut-down, at least it had 1-2 bars, but Jio was zero all the time.

Why can’t Ather tie up with at least 2 carriers for the network instead of depending on only one, leaving no choice for the subscriber.

They are having tie-up with networks and switching might not work on them

But, isn’t it possible for them to have tie-up with multiple network providers. With current volume, it may not make much sense. But, it gives both Ather and us the choice to switch seamlessly.

I would say we should wait for the module may be the indoor network on jio might be slow, but since the ather, is always gonna be outdoor it might have good reception.

They buy data in bulk, so right now it won’t be possible, it’s like they order 1000s of the sim with a probability of having that each one will transmit at least 100-1000 MB of data so they order accordingly switching network means they will have to buy data again

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Having two networks at current volumes will definitely mean increased cost. Even right now, they might be making losses on Connect Subscriptions (Data Cost + Pipeline Cost).

But, as volume increases, these will get better.

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Anyone received any updates on module upgrade I thought they will start asking the owners on starting it by 20th

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I m also waiting to hear.

Here you go…

@abhishek.balaji I am taking out ather to my home town because of lockdown. Can you please make a special request to get the 4G module upgrade in my scooter before this Friday. I would be highly satisfied if this request is considered.

As mentioned in the post and in the form, the first batch is Bangalore only. We’ll share an update when we open it up for everyone.

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If you open in next I will not be able to upgrade it since I will be in my hometown. It may take another 3-6 months for the upgrade. So just wanted to know if anything can be made feasible from your end.

Slow and steady progress is getting down, will love the feedback from the owners who get the upgrades BTW will you give us back the old module?

Looks like Chennai will have to wait till May first week for the module , today they took my scooter for network drop issue and I’m being told it will take 2 more weeks for Chennai to be having the upgrade. Since Bengaluru is on Covid Lockdown why not give Chennai a Go?

Anyone done with the upgrade? Your review would be highly appreciated.

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