Installing the Ather Dot

Thread for queries and help in installing the Ather Dot.

With the Ather Dot, the installation has been made easier.

  1. You can get Ather to install the Dot for you at a cost. Reach out to customer service for availing this service.
  2. You can get a local electrician to install the Dot as well.

Hi I have opted for self Installation of DOT… has anyone get this done on self ? Installation guide comes along with the DOT ?

You can find it here. User manuals for Dot and portable charger

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Hey. I recently had the Dot delivered. I am looking for pictures to verify which of the holes have metallic contacts in the vehicle facing side plug coming from the Dot. I know someone had posted about this on the forum a while back but I can’t seem to find it. Even a worded description would suffice. Anybody?

I guess you’re talking about this…

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Hi, I’m looking for a suggestion here regarding the dot. My scenario is, I live in the second floor and yet to gain permission for dot installation and my idea was to purchase a travel charger but now that travel charger is out of stock, I’ve to make some alternative. My expectation is to temporarily place dot at my balcony and park 450 right down and get it charged. I want to know if there is any option or adapter which can be used. ie, a male connector which I can plug in to dot on my second floor and run it down to plug it to 450. Pls suggest.

You can’t extend the cable from the Dot to the vehicle, but you can get a 3 pin extension from your home socket to the dot, and place it near your vehicle.

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Oh ok. I thought that as well but carrying dot down and up would be inconvenient.

Ather Dot is 3.6 kilos. Portable charger is 2.6 kilos.

You should tell this to people who want swappable batteries :slight_smile:

@abhishek.balaji please officially christen the portable charger as Dash. Dot and Dash - this is also in line with Ather’s love for morse codes :slight_smile:


Thanks Hemanth. That sounds good then. Simple as that and also helps me do a little bit of warm up :muscle:. Environment friendly and healthy…

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This is a solution only if it is temporary as you’ve mentioned. I wouldn’t suggest this as a permanent solution for sure.

Ather Dot installation is scheduled on Saturday, 22 Feb 2020. I reside in the second floor of my apartment. I wish to lay a cable from a 15Amp scoket in the utiities area of my flat to the Dot that I would install in my parking slot in the basement. I do not wish to draw wiring from the meter. I need to have switch control to prevent power theft. What sort of cable must be laid? Is it a three core cable? Kindly advice. Thanks.

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I doubt power theft will be a concern with the authentication that happens for when you plug the charger. Only your Ather 450 can be charged your Dot.

I meant power theft from the socket (to which Dot will be plugged in) in the parking lot and not from the Dot’s output.

AFAIK, the DOT does not come Pre-fixed with a male plug. So instead of fixed a socket and plugging the DOT in, why do you just directly crimp it to your main line from the meter (add a MCB in between as a 2nd later of protection)?

No socket, no power theft!


Thanks. If its so, I have not issues then regarding power theft. Would MCB (second layer of protection) be part of Ather’s scope?

Check this post to get a good sense on installation:

I have opted for Self installation of Ather Dot, May i know weather PRCD is included in the Box or we have to purchase it from outside sources @abhishek.balaji

Dear Mr. Mayur, I understand you opted for self installation. Please let me know the guage of the cable you used from your mains/meter until the Dot. What should be the current carrying capacity of the cable? I am planning to draw a line (approx. 30 meters) from the service utility area of my flat in second floor to the parking lot where Dot will be installed. I need to have switch and socket arrangement for future use.

Hi, I just got the installation of home charger done today by Ather team. They had taken the connection from a normal 3-pin socket from within my home. I’m not sure if this is still the fast charger. I had seen pics in forum before that they take directly from meter. Can anyone confirm this is right installation?