Ather Dot, the new home charging pod

Main advantage of DOT over POINT are,

  • RED light turning on now and then is resolved. Earlier POINT was very prone for grounding issue.
  • Size is small
  • Dove grey colour

As a result of introduction of DOT

  • Charging Fan noise in 450 is gone now.
  • High intensity Green light flickering of POINT is not there

there are disadvantages too, such as

  • Little more charging time
  • Magnetic hook of Point is missing in DOT

Regarding advantages, I’ll add on to the points by @rajeshkav

  • Because the size is small, there are many more options for the owner in terms of the location of installation.
  • Dove grey colour blends well with the environment, so no drawing unnecessary attention.
  • Easier to install - It can be installed by any trained electrician, as it comes with a detailed step-by-step installation guide.
  • The flickering green light of POINT was irritating in situations where the charger is close to a window. There are examples when even neighbors have complained!

They shouldn’t have removed that magnetic lock on the DOT. It’s so easy to put the plug back on the POD at home.

I checked out the DOT in the showroom a month back and the charging plug is held in place with just that thin edge, it feels like it’ll fall off and get damaged. The magnetic lock was such a good little addition that made the experience premium too.

The DOT was very bad cost cutting. They should’ve figured another more secure way to place the plug back on the DOT, even if it made it look a bit ugly.


I wish the portable charger came with a cover, like the dot, which can be installed on the wall and hosted a plug and holder for the portable charger .
This is based on my assumption that most people who purchase the portable charger are looking for a safety option in case of specific scenarios when they travel longer.

why not integrate the designs?
The circuitry and the design seems similar. If the charger could be placed inside the cover similar to the dot to protect it and plugged in via the PRCD it would be a cool solution.

I maybe completely off here, but just what came to mind.


You could jerry rig a holder out of aluminium brackets or MS at the local welding shop.

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Has anyone removed the bulky prcd from dot and tried replacing it with inline plug prcd, the bulky one keeps on tripping when ever i try to switch on the dot, i’m looking at Havells inline prcd to be replaced, but i have a doubt will this avoid warranty

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Hey can you raise this with the customer support team? They’ll arrange for it to be replaced through service.

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The Newly painted DOT charger, take this as fun DIY and not an actual dot from Ather


Looking nice But I just can’t look beyond that sticker pasted improperly. :slight_smile: Please put a layer of clearcoat and make it more glossy.


I hoped no one would notice it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, maybe with I paint it extremely glossy black with red vinyl Ather sticker I would get it done professionally

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Actually, until Hemanth told, I did not notice it too. But, since then, I could not stop noticing it :smiley:


@abhishek.balaji - One question related to dot - I already have a 450 and i am picking a 450x too and is open for payment. The total price is indicated as 165,231/- including DOT. Since, i already have a charging dock for my 450, 1 - Do i still need to buy DOT? 2. Can i use my current charging dock that is used for 450 to charge both my vehicles? 3. Will the price of the DOT be reduced from the total value? Thanks

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If you already have the DOT, I recommend getting the portable charger for your 450x. The DOT can be used in both the 450 & 450x, however you will need to work with Customer Support to unlock the DOT from your 450 (charging points are linked to a vehicle).

However, if you have the White charging point at home, you’ll need to get a new one with your 450 as the older white points do not support 450s manufactured after Sept-Oct 2019 and the 450x.


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Thanks @raghav.srinivasan - I have the 450 which i took delivery in June 2019, and a white charging dock. Went to Ather space on Sunday and the executive told me i will have to go for the DOT . He mentioned that 450X would not charge with the white charging dock . Hence, would rather go for it, will have 2 charging docks, DOT and the white one…

The Series 1 Edition :grin::grin::grin:


I thought the dot also will be in black and red. Orange looks so odd.

That’s custom made… we will get regular Matt black Dot for any color or for even Series 1