Help convince our apartment association

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If it helps, I can send you the document over. I guess I picked it from this forum itself. @prasadakhil97


I have sent this to them. Still no permission. :slight_smile:

Ah! Such a shame man. I spoke to one of my building managing committee’s member yesterday, have explained what I’m looking for. Will be sending him an email with details regarding vehicle and Dot charger manual. Being in Mumbai, deliveries will start in December, hence I’m giving them a heads up quite in advance. Hopefully, it goes all well!


Hello people, I’ve booked Ather 450X series 1 & its due for delivery in November. I am from Pune, Maharashtra. Our society is of 4 buildings, 2 completed & already started possession, 2 buildings yet to complete. Society formation is not done yet, everything is controlled by builder. If I need to install Ather Dot, do I need to take any NOC or any letter of permission from builder for the installation? I will also need support on this from you @abhishek.balaji

Status Update: The association in my society has approved EV charging in dedicated private parking space. Currently one of the resident has installed 15A switch box with RCCB + MCB from his meter and is charging his Nexon EV.
For me, since there is no cable tray in parking slot, vendor evaluation for cable tray is ongoing.

To all the people who are trying to help: Thank you so much for all the inputs you have provided along the way. This meant a lot.

I am trying to present a single consolidated google sheet that contains all the information about EV charging, equipment to be used, equipment standard, government regulations and guidelines, cable trays, common vs private charging pros and cons, so that anyone in any state of India can use this. I am viewing this work as infinite game in which the content will be ever evolving in a more condensed form based on the inputs from everyone and around.

Please use the google sheet published link below


This is great news!, considering the amount of resistance you faced from your apartment association.

Question though, how did the Nexon owner put up the charging point while you were not allowed to?

Yeah… By the time he requested, all the ground work in changing the mindset of people in association was done.

His parking space was exactly at the entrance of meter room and cable tray was not required for him. There was no point to stop him. Installation was done in 45 mins.

Now the Nexon owner asked me to make use of his charging socket anytime until mine is ready. Cheers.

By the way, the guy who argued with us in Twitter had very limited understanding on technicalities and didn’t say any more word when questioned about parameters and it’s safely values.

Thank you for all the inputs, data and support you provided. That went a long way.


Yes. Since society is not formed, NOC might be required from builder. NOC can be in the form of print or electronic mail format or verbal permission depending on the builder / association operating the society. The installation can be carried out either by Ather or any electrician. Ather people might ask for NOC either from builder or association.

If builder objects, please let us know the reason for objection.

Installation of wire from meter room to parking lot can be done via cable tray or fixing the conduit with the wall/ceiling.

Some association / builder might object for fixing conduits with walls in which case cable tray can be used.

If no previous cable tray is present, then confusion on who spends money on cable tray might come. [common money / individual] (Since most people will not be willing to spend money on cable tray yet - depends on the mindset of the people in the association / society)


Hi I live in Pune and bought 450x. I have my own parking but still my society is not allowing me to install charging socket. @abhishek.balaji @raghav.srinivasan Can anything be done about it. It has become a headache just to get my bike charged from somewhere.

Legally they can’t deny installation of charger unless it is common area. You can give a written application to the society or over email. Then escalate it to registrar if management still doesn’t agree.

Yes, @manishmgajjar is right. Ask them reason of denying on mail or written, if they don’t provide, tell them that you are ready for legal action, and show them the GO. Someone has shared it in the forum before.

Do a written application with a registered AD, they have to reply back as an legal obligation. They will surely give you NOC. If not you can approach to DDR which govern the housing society. Legally they can’t deny, also in a dedicated parking which is your own space.

Which society and area in Pune? If u are not in Ather Pune WhatsApp group, pls join. People shared their installation videos and photos. If require show them.

I have not joined the whatsapp gp. Can you help me on how to share my number to get added to the group

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Check your inbox, shared u the link

Thanks for the help everyone.

You can take a look at this same thread from the top, there are several tips and documents shared by other owners which would be useful for making the case.

In addition, this topic has lots of images of installed Ather Dots, that are good references to showcase to your society. Installing the Ather Dot

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I have read all the documents and nowhere it is stated that residents should be allowed to install charging sockets in their parking. Are you aware of any legal rules applicable in Pune that can be used to convince society to let me install my charger.

Awaiting approval from Gokulam apartment, Kanakapura road, due to concerns of electrical hazard especially since the parking of EV is shared adjacent to ICE vehicles and the electrical wiring to be drawn over over head cables, the Association is discussing with Bangalore Apartment association and also with the other people in the Battery and Related industry, they say of the Charger is a high powered or fast charger the association will not permit due to heavy load on transfomer and issues. I am awaiting the approval for my Ather for a while now. When checked with Ather the response was if it is a public space like a Mall, cafe, public charging Ather grid can be installed, not in a private Apartment. Hope things are sorted out keeping safety and other concerns addressed. I would like to charge my EV near my home or apartment and not go a distance just to charge my EV.