Ather Dot, the new home charging pod

Was casually going through Ather Website and found this. Did they forget to change it? or add conditions applied?



Can the earlier home charger be used to charge all the Ather 450s ?

The earlier home charger is only compatible with the earlier set of Ather 450s.

This is from your page as link below.

My point is with this new home charger ather dot which will be for new bike.

If I want the bike to charge anywhere in the grid which has the older charging system ather point

Would not be able to charge ??

Also I find the cost cutting measures which has been taken my replacing the ather point to ather dot

Which we ultimately loose the fast charge ability but there is no price reduction for the same.

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There is no change in how old and new bikes use public grid chargers. The public grid chargers support both versions of the bike since both retain the DC charging pins in the charging socket.


Old AC home charger(Point)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
Old AC home charger(Point)>New Ather 450 :x:

New AC home charger(Dot)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
New AC home charger(Dot)>New Ather 450 :white_check_mark:

Public DC charger(Athergrid)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
Public DC charger(Athergrid)>New Ather 450 :white_check_mark:

Old AC home charger(Point)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
Old AC home charger(Point)>New Ather 450 :x:

Old AC portable charger(cable)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
Old AC portable charger(cable)>New Ather 450 :x:

New AC portable charger(cable)>Old Ather 450 :white_check_mark:
New AC portable charger(cable)>New Ather 450 :white_check_mark:


Sir, the new AC home charger (DOT) should have read new DC home charger i think.


Chennai’s first Ather Dot Installation.

Ather team contacted me on oct 3rd at 3pm. They fixed an appointment for installation on oct 4th at 9am. I was expecting them to be here by 9-9.30 but to my surprise i received a call from the engineer at 8am to confirm the installation and also he asked me to send my location. At 8.55 they reached my place. 3 persons had come. They quickly unloaded all the materials from the van and started the work sharp at 9am which was great. As i had already decided where to fix the Dot it was easy for them to quickly plan and begin the work. The work was done by Mr. Suresh & Mr. Vinodh and was supervised by Mr.Abbas. They asked me if the connection has to be taken from the mains or from the switch box , i opted for switch box as it was very near to the installation area. They opened the switch box checked for earthing , voltage and amps, as everything was perfect they started the markings & drilling. It was a very straightforward installation. The engineers knew what they were doing and were confident about their work. I told them how the pipeline has to be routed and levelled and few minor adjustments during the installation and they were happy to hear my suggestions and did the job to my complete satisfaction. They were not in a hurry. Total time taken for the installation was 1.5 hours. They completed the work at 10.30 and quickly gave me a demo of how to switch it on and off and what to do in case of troubleshooting. Meanwhile when they packed up all their materials Mr.Abbas was explaining me more about the Dot charger and about the delivery process. All three of them were very friendly and did their job with a smile. Before leaving Mr.Suresh voluntarily asked for a broom and cleaned the installation area neatly which most of the electrican don’t. It was a very clean & professional installation. I really appreciate Ather for hiring the right people for the right job. Uploading few pics during the installation.



How’s the quality of the dot? Can you recall the point quality? How’s it in comparison?

Build quality is pretty good . Plastic is solid. Disappointed with the charging socket as its not magnetic like the older home charging point, it will make a fall even with slight disturbance. Have to be very careful when keeping it back as the whole weight of the socket balances in a very small plastic . Ather should have taken a little more time in designing a hook like lock for the socket. Already the engineer while fixing it dropped the socket once, then while giving demonstration they dropped once. Not to blame them but the design needs improvement. I dropped it once when trying it out. Guess i have to do some DIY once i start using it frequently after the bike gets delivered.

Looks cool. Did the water level come with the box?

Noo they brought it separately, all their tools were new as this was their first installation.

Looks like the MCB has changed to a switch like contraption. The DOT is definitely quite small compared to the POINT. the build quality also seems to be well made by the photos, have to get the review once it starts charging and the noise levels of the fan.


The new charger (DOT)has a small charger box inside and the ourter cover is used to enclose the charger.
But the old changer had more circuitry than the new one hence lot bulkier.
Outer design on the new DOT is just a cover. Could have been made even smaller too based on photos shown on the charger inside.

That’s a bummer :confused: I can’t imagine the pod without the magnetic lock. They shouldn’t have removed it. The wiring looks different too. And the mcb is replaced by a switch/buttons. Interesting to see if this is a Chennai thing or will they use it for blr too.

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Dot is version 2.0 so Chennai customers gets it first followed by Banglore customers. The engineer said the magnetic lock was a failure so that’s the reason they designed this new lock. not sure how far that is true. My guess is this new design is for cost cutting.

Outer cover size , Height 14.2 inches. Width 11.2 inches.

Inner circuitry size, Height 6.8 inches. Width 3.5 inches.


Cost cutting…

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The magnetic lock is definitely quite functional, it also adds to the futuristic design of the charging point and the vehicle it self, and we haven’t exactly seen anyone on the forum complaining about this issue on the forum.

We have quite vocal members in the forum, so issues like this would have definitely got wide attention, so saying the magnetic lock was a failure is hard to digest.


Yes true that . Apple introduced it’s magsafe magnetic connector in 2006 itself for all their laptop lineups. But Ather in 2019 has removed it’s most loved magnetic lock.


They removed the magsafe locks when they went type c everything! Ather seems to be following them :joy:

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Type C transfer’s data much faster and charges the MacBook really quick whereas the Ather DOT charges the 450 much slower when compared to old home charging point and it is also missing out the magnetic lock.

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