Hazard lights

Could we get an option to enable hazard lights while driving? Couple of days ago when we had heavy rains and low visibility, I used the left/right indicators. This is less than ideal and can be confusing for those behind.


You shouldn’t be using hazard lights while riding it in rain. It confuses the drivers even more when you have them on.


Hazard light

What are hazard warning lights?

Hazard warning lights are a pair of intermittent flashing indicator lights that flash in unison to warn other drivers that the vehicle is a temporary obstruction or slowing down. They are also called hazard flashers and hazard lights . Different countries use hazard warning lights in different ways. In New Zealand, US these are not used on a motorway to warn other drivers that we’re slowing down, but in the UK this is recommended.**

Found this in the internet, but not sure what traffic rule of India says.


World over, it’s a grey area…no clear definition. It’s okay if you use hazard light in low visibility conditions like fog/heavy rain. But there is no clear definition of what exactly is “low”?
Slow moving vehicle (for whatever reason) on an expressway is a potential hazard and if a driver wants to convey that, it’s good.
But if you are using Hazard lights, you are expected not to change lanes because the vehicle behind you can’t know which way you are going.

Coming to India…first, rules are again not clear with respect to hazards. and second…who cares!
People switch on Hazards as soon as one drop of rain falls on them and stop to enjoy the rainbow. then they put hazards on even at 100kph changing lanes at will.

But it will be a good option to have on our Ather :+1:


i see many car manufacturers are using hazard indicators to indicate panic breaking of vehicles on the road

so i think it is a good idea to have it on Ather at rider discretion, yes i do use left indicator at times when i feel am at risk moving slowly where there is poor visibility in the night also in the rain and also stick to the left corner of the road


Hmm i would disagree. People usually use it either when they are going slower than usual or are on the side of the road.

On the day I was referring to, there was a lot of water on the Intermediate Ring Rd and folks were driving fast. One by one, people started switching on the hazard lights and slowing down. I think that’s a testament to how well it’s use is understood. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Not that one incident is the basis for my request, have seen the hazard lights being used similarly plenty of times. In any case, hazard lights would be a good addition, be it for breakdowns or slowdowns!:slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe. But its not for the right reason. We are using it wrongly. We do a lot of things in life which are not right but seems right. We have also seen people using hazards at 100 km/h and misusing it. They think they can change lanes however they want when they have the hazards on.


I feel they are definitely from another planet :smiley:

They are from animal planet.

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I think this is the correct usage of hazard lights.

In this scenario, people used it because they were slowing down fast. I think they also used it as a warning to other drivers of a danger ahead (in this case, the flooded road)

They’re basically meant to be a warning, so that other drivers can be extra cautious of vehicles that have this light switched on or know that something’s up.

I think the park assist can have the hazard lights switch on by default, which Ather can do with an OTA.

But I’m not sure how this can be implemented for when riding, because there is no physical switch for it and the touchscreen is disabled while riding.:man_shrugging:t2: You’ll have to stop. Too much effort.


There is no law for that in India!

Not surprised…

Hey @Shreyas I think it would be helpful if the vehicle had hazard lights in the park assist mode. I think this would be helpful especially when reversing onto the road from the curb, so there is an indication to other vehicles that you’re reversing/obstructing temporarily.

Didn’t know where else to post this. OTA Updates is a closed group.:thinking:

Edit: The vehicle dashboard still doesn’t show battery status when charging. Hope this comes in the next update.


Sorry about that. I had moved the thread and missed changing the permissions. As for the hazard lights, let me check


Must have in Ather, can be simply implemented in a software update !


@abhishek.balaji can we have both the indicator turn on function ie. the hazard light option in the next ota update??

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@duggujain12 Nice suggestion… but reminds me of a hilarious incident that happened with my brother-in-law. He was driving his car with family to a new place and was looking for directions. He switched the hazard light on and slowed down to find the correct turn. Two women were driving in a scooter behind him for quite some time and as he slowed down, they slowed down too. Finally, when he found the place, he moved to left and stopped the car. The women came close to driver side window and one women started shouting at my BiL saying "Aap hamein confuse kyun kar rahe hain?? Dono indicator ON karke gaadi chala rahe ho?? Left Jana hai ki Right??" My BIL was clueless for a minute before realising what actually was the issue. Then he just got out of the car and explained them what hazard light is…

So your suggestion is good, but lot of awareness is needed about indicators on vehicles…


I feel there are very less people who do not know what hazard lights are
Because even when people park their vehicles especially cars on the roadside
They turn the hazard lights on
Only a small percentage of people do not know what is the indication of these lights

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Some even use it as a “going straight” indicator at junctions. Other uses:

  • fancy lights because most scooters don’t have it
  • I’m going slow on purpose, so don’t honk behind me
  • in the rains or fog for extra caution

I feel it would be a very good feature to have in the 450. Though I never used it while driving no matter how hard it rained but the other night while riding back my Ather home, in very heavy rain I felt the need for it to caution passers-by zipping in the rain. As Windshields tend to get foggy due to miss management of the AC. The Hazard lights can prove life-saving.


@abhishek.balaji pls provide Hazard light function.