Dot installation charges

@abhishek.balaji I was reading in a separate thread that the dot installation charges have been waived off, payment window had opened for me yesterday and apparently it still asked me to make the payment of 1800 for dot installation. I went ahead and made the payment, since the option to add it without charges was not available, could you please let me know whether it will be refunded? my order id is 14573.

There is a delivery area on the first floor of IBC. So you should be able to take it from there too (unless it has changed very recently). Just call the CC and they’ll take care

Hey and @alandkar, hope you people have read this update posted by @abhishek.balaji. as per the part in bold, if your original delivery schedule was in September, the charges will be waived off. If not, installation is chargeable.

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That’s bad. What’s the rationale behind making it free only for sep deliveries?

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I am not sure this overnight policy change should be called as unethical practice of business or not. But it is evident from the soar in dissatisfaction level of prospective customers on Ather forum that it certainly resulted in loosing the brand value of Ather & its policies & its business & its people in my mind and with many people who expected Ather was a very different.

In simple words, “stick to your promise”! For me POD home charging point and free installation were the reason for me to book Ather 450 in August month. I considered them as USP when compared to ather competitors when booking.

Now that has changed!, I’m not sure what to expect now! I’m in dilemma to continue with this order or not! :thinking:

I don’t know exactly how the cut off date was decided. Personally, if you ask me, all bookings done from August 25th onwards could have been charged for installation and for all the bookings done prior to that, the installation charges could’ve been waived off. Because August 25th was the day the Dot was launched.


I think the date was August 30 if i am not wrong. That’s when we got a mail about the New DOT.

True… My thought was same… Don’t consider the delivery date. Consider only the order date.

If a customer has ordered before the Dot announcement, then waive off the installation charge for them.

Only for the changes in charges regulated by govt like road tax, insurance, fame subsidy, you can consider the invoice date / delivery date.


Yes, even i was asking for the same

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This is strange! I booked mine on Aug 9th!!

Hi Ather,

Yesterday, my payment link has been activated for my order ID 14657. Booking Date 11 Aug 2019.

Well thanks for that after long long waiting time. I am little hesitant to make the payment as see some changes were made in what was promised while booking and when payment link is activated.

Here are the things that have changed,

  1. I was told during booking and I also confirmed with customer care that I will get old Home charging point with installation free.
  2. Now the payment dashboard says I will get Dot charging and with Rs. 1800+ as installation charge.
  3. During booking they said up to 20m cable will not be charged, now it is changed to 5m. Anything additional charged including installation.

I still believe above points are not applicable to my order 14657. Please clarify these points and why these changes are made and imposed to old orders as well.

Please note I have no issue cancelling this order at this stage if I do not get appropriate answers.

Also, I took screenshots of the offerings (Free home charging point with free installation with up to 20m cable) from your website when I was booking my order. I took them just in case, and yes you proved me right!

Thank you,
Shankarling Alandkar

My post to ather team

My order number is 15149 and i have booked the vehicle on 27th of August. During the booking process it was clearly mentioned that installation charges are waived and it was striked off in the vehicle cost break up.

Then comes the announcement of ather dot on 30th August and post which it says it needs to paid by customer, which is unfair as when we booked this cost was not included.

Request ather team to waive of the installation fees till the announcement of ather dot of August 30th.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

Ather team’s Reply

I understand where you’re coming from, but with the switch over to Dot, the installation charges were introduced. When pre ordering/booking, the final price, charges and specifications are always what you see when you make the full payment. This is to ensure that neither you nor the brand are adversely impacted by changes in pricing/specifications.

In case of the Dot charges waiver, since we had announced that we’d be charging for full payments in October, and the delay was from our side, we waived it off.


I am not sure this overnight policy change should called as unethical practice of business or not. But it is evident from the soar in dissatisfaction level on the Ather forum that it certainly resulted in loosing the brand value of Ather & its policies & its business & its people in my mind and with many people who expected Ather was a very different.

Anyway, this kinda overnight business decisions resulting in dissatisfaction of prospective customers and impacting their decisions is not good sign of good business.

Hi my order I’d is 14813 .
When is the payment window opening?

Also I booked in Aug 16th and it said the installation of charger its free.
Now in am getting to know that we need to pay for it.
Don’t you think it’s a little unfair.
When I booked it was not advertised for dot charger yet.
Technically the charger should be free.

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I need your reply for this my order ID is 15578
And I booked it on 9th september as u can see exactly 2 months 1 day from now
During that time it was not the dot charger

So I taught it was mentioned that the dot installation charges will be waived off for people who ordered during September 2019
Y is it that 1475 - 14791 has to pay for it
That means even I have to pay for the dot installation
Dot was not there when I preordered
Y should I pay extra for it
It’s unfair
I need your reply

Yes you are right

See @abhishek.balaji

You need to check the database once of all the people who have preordered before the DOT

On top of it I don’t even like the DOT

I am not liking this at all this is bad

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It goes like this, Rs. 1,13,715 - Rs. 5000 (booking amount) = Rs.108,715. The original amount Rs. 113715 already includes insurance amount of Rs. 5778. See the break-up on their website.

I am not sure why need to pay for insurance separately once again when this amount was already part of the remaining payment. Can anyone from Ather finance team help answers this confusion?

Hey, you’re right. When pre-ordering, the 450 was bundled with the Point. The changeover to the Dot was announced back in August to start with full payments happening from October onward.

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Insurance cannot be sold by Ather directly, so you’ll have to buy it as a separate transaction. Go ahead and click on ‘Proceed’ to see the final amount you’ll pay + there would be an option to purchase insurance through a third party.

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The thing is customers who have pre-booked do NOT know the delivery batch system you guys follow internally. In fact customers do not care for that as it is very confusing. All we know is ORDER ID and ORDER DATE. Hence, It is very simple, the customers who have booked vehicle before the launch of DOT charger should get waiver on installation along with 20m cable as promised earlier and the one who booked post launch of DOT should pay for installation.

So, I have pre-booked 450 on August 11, 2019 which is definitely before the launch of DOT home charger. Hope I get this DOT charger free of cost & installed as promised with 20m cable included. Else, I am happy with old home charging point which in fact was good looking than this hideous looking new DOT charger!

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hi @abhishek.balaji could you please clear the air around the installation charges? I did speak to ather customer care but the guy whom I spoke to was clueless about this. My order id is 14573 and had ordered it on Aug 9th. FYI I’ve already paid for the installation charges since I didn’t want further delay.

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