DiY mount for Portable Charger

I just started the process of making the frame I was going on about. Should have something to show in a couple of days.

Update: Here’s the link to the CAD file as promised.


… and done.

Fix cradle to wall, drop Portable in cradle, and we have a multi role stealth install.

The final metal version will be ready soon. Once everything works as I want it to, I’ll post the 3d model in case someone is interested.

Geting rid of the plastic cover further 1 inch off overall width and 5mm off the depth. Makes the unit easier to carry. The internal unit is fully weatherproof by itself, so there are no water ingress concerns. The cover is purely cosmetic.


Second iteration. This one cannbe assbled and disassembled without tools, and allows the charger to be oriented both ways. Couple of small modifications, and this should also be reconfigurable to hold the charger without the cover. I’m going to get these cut with 2mm steel or aluminum sheets, and call this done.


wow, the epoxy :roll_eyes: Ather literally went for overkill with this, It will end in a landfill when it fails Here is some Technical if anyone wants to know the parts

Where is the hqdefault


that’s the trade secret no manufacture in the world disclose their secrets or expose their secret in public isnt it

if its possible kindly make a new charger for this Ather

Been there done that

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Everything came together exactly as intended.


Only thing missing is a good front cover, which I have a good idea about. BTW, How’s security implemented, given this is the portable?

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I’m a function over form kinda guy, so probably won’t bther. However, the brick has four holes that are used to attach the grill over the fan. Those could be used as a mount for a decorative plate. Attaching one to the frame would only take away from my basic requirement of easy mounting / dismounting.

My installatin is indoors, so not really concerned about that. Even the Dot that’s supposed to be a secure install isn’t safe from somebody with a Philips head screw driver and 2 minutes to spare. If the intent is to slow down a thief, one could use the single piece bent version of this, screw it firmly into a wall, and use a chain lock / barring plate / whatever to keep the brick from being pulled out. Even then, somebody with a crowbar could defeat all of this in a minute. So…

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First post updated with CAD drawings.


Thanks for making the Portable Charger clear! Will go with PC myself.

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Hi. Trust these are Aluminium plates.

How much did it cost overall and how much for the CNC cutting?

Trust all these parts are just tight fit and not welded to each other.

Also, is this setup connected to the ground in case of any accidental current leakage?

You can make it out of anything, really. Mine is powder coated MS. The LASER shop has a lot of MS lying around, sonit saves me the hassle of sourcing material, creating DCs, etc.

I designed the thing myself, so the only cost was for the cutting and powder coating. It was approximately 2k.

Yes. Everything slots into each other.

No it isn’t. But it’s metal, so running a drain wire shouldn’t be a big deal.

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