Discussions on Vehicle and App OTAs

I better walk if this comes out :joy::joy::joy:

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Agreed. Like I said, wasn’t comparing architectures or expecting Ather to do it. Was just clarifying a point made above that range extensions can’t be done over OTA. Maybe I need to better quote specific sentences in my posts when I am responding to them :smiley:

Is this the mode where the RSA swoops in and gives a helping hand leg the moment you enable it? :stuck_out_tongue:


@abhishek.balaji thanks for ur revert but we don’t want a super eco mode what i am trying to point out is that EV’s got their range improved via updates, so something like that for the 450 or 450X can be done by Increasing the range so that it’ll be applicable to all the other modes as well.

Ather is almost there at 140kms… Read Here :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are the points that come to my mind if I think of how we can increase range just by firmware OTA updates:

  • Reduce losses.
  • Improvise the Thermal management
  • Improve BMS firmware
  • Reduce the weight
  • Improve the aerodynamics
  • Increase the battery size
  • Use the entire 2.7 or 2.9kwh
  • Reduce the performance

Before going further we should be aware that by improving each point, there is a limitation of how much you range can be gained. It can’t be a magical increase. Now Let’s see each of the point.

We have seen that the vampire drain have been reduced. It used to be 5% to even 10% per day. Now it’s around 3-4%. So Ather has worked on it and I’m sure they’ll do whatever additional can be done.

Thermal management and BMS firmware have also been improved from the 450 to the 450x. In 450 and 450x, both these are at an optimal level is what we’ve understood.

Weight has been reduced by removing the onboard charger that used to be there in the first edition Athers.

The next two are mechanical limitations.

The next one can be done by an OTA update, but will affect the longevity of the vehicle itself and hence the buffer of 0.1kwh at both ends is actually a good thing.

The remaining point is to reduce performance. The ECO mode was exactly this. Now if we still want more range by an OTA, performance must be further reduced (like a top speed of 25kmph for example).

With all these improvements, 450 itself has gained some 10kms range and 450x has gained 10kms more. 150kms from a 2.7kwh with this level of performance is not achievable in real world conditions


Me too having the same issues. My Ather was last synced 2 days ago

@abhishek.balaji @tarun Where is the announcement / update regarding bluetooth. We all know that Ather software team never is able to deliver on time (That is my opinion at least after following Ather for a long time) but an acknowledgment or announcement regarding this is something we deserve we paid for that feature and patiently waiting.

If one or two customers are asking the question then that is understandable if you guys say there is no update. But each and every customer is asking then you guys must have an answer if not I don’t know what control management had on their employees.

Sorry to say this but in my opinion your software team is not at all target driven team. They work on their own pace no matter what happens and how their work effects the company.

Being too careless is not correct.

As every product has its limitations, every company has its limitations. Customers patience also has some limitation. The reason for my upset is not that the bluetooth feature is not yet delivered but because there isn’t any update regarding this.

And please don’t give blank response. We all deserve a proper update.


Update shared here:


Thank you for update I am happy to see that information is being shared, OTA update will come over time but this kind of an update is what at least we are expecting.

Once again thank you for giving update.

Should we expect this interface which was advertised?


Hi guys, I bought an S1 recently and looks like it had an OTA update yesterday but the battery drain seems to be on a higher side, My father charged it to 100% a day before the update happened and did not use it since then, but then after the update i am left with 87% charge, consuming 13% of battery for an OTA Update is this normal?

What is the battery drain of 450X on a daily basis? because unexpected updates taking place might hamper its usability, so want to be prepared in such cases and is there any way to know when an update might happen well in advance?

And also after the update i am unable to check my S1’s battery percentage and the location features on the Android app, it is asking me to get Ather one to access these features by Ather one is the App referring to the Connect Pro Subscription?

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Can we have “want to go” places lists in map from app that sync with vehicle map? @abhishek.balaji #ather-experience:feature-requests #ather-450x #feature-request

Any updates regarding roll out for those who have Android phones ? And have signed up ? It’s already week since bluetooth ota rolled out to iPhone user’s.

Announced sometime ago.

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This is on a private topic / group hence many of us don’t know about the announcement.

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Still I’m waiting for iOS app update. on android it already get 2 week before

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Yesterday I got OTA 10.1.2 update good throttle response on sports mode really I am happy…

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Got an Update Yesterday On my S1 which said 10.1.2 and after installing it the battery drain has surprisingly reduced to just 2% over 12 hrs time so assuming that it would be 4% for 24 hrs which is great, didn’t ride it yet to feel the difference of this update but for now am happy to see that the battery drain at idle has been fixed, Thanks Ather :heart_eyes:

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Same here, why ios app is not updated yet?

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Warp mode is not like actual Warp mode. Sports mode improved a lot.


Yeah I feel the same after the recent update