Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus

Update on Bluetooth Features

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Hey @450X-Owner,

We will start rolling out a beta version of the Bluetooth Music & Calls feature to a select set of owners starting next week.

We have been testing the feature internally over the last couple of weeks. Unlike other releases, Bluetooth support on the dashboard requires some changes to the Ather App for Android, for the pairing process. This brings in many more scenarios to test for, and we want to make sure that we’ve covered the devices that you folks are using. While our testing team is taking care of that, we would also like your feedback on the features rolled out, and any corner cases that you might face.

In the coming weeks, the stable release will be rolled out to all Ather 450X owners. This will also include an update on your app. Bluetooth Music & Call feature update on the app will be available for both Android and iOS users.

In addition, we have been working on a fresh new look for the Ather mobile app. Android users will get to experience this new UI along with the Bluetooth update. A revamped UI for iOS users will be rolled out a little later.


Bluetooth features do not require you to be on any Connect subscription plans, and you’ll be able to install the update and use the features regardless of your subscription status.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Hey folks!

You can now renew, purchase or upgrade Ather Subscription plans using your unlocked referral credits. Head over to the referral hub at to see how many credits have been accrued in your account. You’ll be able to use the unlocked credits to renew Ather Service & Connect.


Hey @450X_Owner,

We’ll start rolling out a beta version of the next OTA update over the next few weeks, which enables Bluetooth connectivity between your smartphone and your Ather 450X dashboard. We’re doing a beta release of these features to get your feedback early and catch a few bugs along the way.

This beta update contains two parts:

  • OTA update (10.1.0) on your dashboard
  • Mobile App update

With this update, your smartphone can now be paired with the Ather 450X dashboard, to enable music and call controls.

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Important update

As some of you might be aware, there has been an issue with OTPs being delayed or not received in some cases. Unfortunately, a part of our delivery process - the FAME verification step requires an OTP to be shared before delivery and is impacted as well. We are suspending deliveries in Bengaluru for the next few days and will resume once the situation eases up.

If you have a scheduled delivery in Bengaluru, our team will reach out to you with next steps.


Continuing from the last two updates:

Hey folks,

We’ve started rolling out the beta version of the Bluetooth OTA update, starting today in small batches. The rollout will happen in batches so that we can closely monitor the feedback before releasing it to larger groups.

Today, a small set of 450X owners with iPhones will get the update, those of you getting it have been added to the early access group. As and when we are able to accommodate more into this group, we’ll keep adding members and rolling out the beta version.

We will release to all 450X owners, end March to mid-April, after fixing any critical issues that come out of the beta.


Deliveries begin in Coimbatore!

Hey folks!

We kicked off deliveries in Coimbatore yesterday, making this the 8th city where we’re now delivering in! A whole bunch of excited 450X owners warped out with their scooters, and we’d love to see more Ather scooters zooming around the city!


Hey @Delhi-NCR!

We spoke to a ton of potential retail partners in Delhi over the past few months without finding the right one (frankly Ravneet hasn’t spent this much time in Delhi since his college days). Ultimately, we had to make a choice: keep searching for the right Delhi partner or risk pissing off all of you early pre-order folks in Delhi NCR. So, we’re kickstarting operations in Delhi by setting up the first Experience Center in the capital ourselves.

While we expect the Ather Space and full-fledged operations to start in the next couple of months, we’re fast-tracking full payments and some deliveries in New Delhi!

We’ll be making a batch of 30 scooters available in Delhi, shipped from Bangalore, for our early enthusiasts. And If you’re worried about losing out on that sweet sweet EV subsidy in Delhi, don’t fret. You can get your hands on them at the Delhi on-road prices, with us bearing the subsidy amount.

What are you waiting for? If you have an active pre-order in Delhi, you can complete your payment and get ready for delivery by following the steps in the email we just sent out to a bunch of you!


Hey folks!

Sharing an update on Bluetooth, we’ve been getting good feedback about the features from iOS users. They’ve been using it over the last few days! Yesterday we rolled out the update to another set of Android users, along with a beta build of the new app, and expect the testers to share feedback over the next few days.

We’re constantly adding more people into the beta test as and when we can accomodate them, so if you’ve signed up for the beta but not yet got the update, stay tuned over the next few days.

For those of you waiting for the stable release, the beta builds look promising and we’ll share more accurate timelines of a full release soon.


Hey @450X-Owner ,

As a company, we’ve had to make a few sudden, last-minute turns over the course of the past year which we’ve handled pretty successfully. Unfortunately, your turns on the Ather scooters haven’t been quite as smooth. (Yes, we’re talking about the auto indicator cut off on the Ather 450X here)

As a company, we’ve always been focused on the littlest of details that help elevate the entire experience of owning and riding an Ather. We designed the auto-indicator cut-off feature to make riding in the city a little bit easier, but our implementation hasn’t been perfect.

As a short-term resolution, we plan to roll-out an option to turn off this feature, bundled with the Bluetooth OTA update. Meanwhile, we will continue to work on improving the auto-indicator cut-off feature based on the feedback from the community.

The Bluetooth OTA update (10.1.0) will start rolling out to all Ather 450X owners starting the end of March and will be completed by mid-April. We are currently running a beta program with some 450X enthusiasts which will enable us to fix any bugs reported.


Hey @Kolkata,

We hit some roadblocks with our operations starting in the city, and unfortunately, our search for the right retail partner continues. We know this will bring disappointment to our enthusiastic community here, but we are working on identifying an on-boarding a new partner soon and will communicate here as things are more clear.

Hey folks,

We’re facing some issues with our notifications system temporarily, and charging notifications are currently unavailable. We’re working on resolving this asap


Hey folks,

Charging at Ather Grid points across india will continue to be free for the next six months, till 30 September 2021.

As thousands of you get your first EVs, we’d love to have more of you use Ather Grid points for quick top ups and beat range anxiety!


Hey folks!

We’re aware of the sync issues between the App and the scooter. Thanks to all of you reporting it, we’ve been debugging it and are working with our network provider to get this issue resolved ASAP. We’ll keep you posted when we have an update.


Hey @450X-Owner

Bluetooth Music and Call controls are now live!

We’ll be rolling out the update to all of you in batches starting today and over the next few days, watch out for an email in your inbox notifying you of the update when we push it for your Ather 450X

Bluetooth music and call controls are available exclusively on the Ather 450X. 450 Plus owners will get the update as well, which brings in some improvements and bug fixes.

What’s in this update? (10.1.0, Atom)

Music control

  • Shows album art (Android only), song name, and artist.
  • Skip to next/previous song, play/pause music on the dashboard

Tested and works with Apple music, Spotify, YouTube Music, PowerAmp, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Google Podcasts. Other apps may be supported.

Call alerts and control:

  • Shows the caller’s name or phone number.
  • Accept/reject calls

Make sure to grant access to your contacts to see the name of the caller on the dashboard. Call alerts currently work with only regular phone calls and not through WhatsApp/Zoom etc. Google Duo is supported on Android devices.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Improvements to the reliability of auto cut off indicators, and an option to disable auto cut off indicators
  • Slight increase in indicator sound levels based on feedback
  • Real-time efficiency indicator will now consider the efficiency of the last 10 seconds of riding, rather than throttle input for more accurate feedback about your riding style
  • Added half a second delay for park assist switch combo (Brakes + indicator center switch + start switch) to prevent clashes with Bluetooth controls
  • Fixed current ride showing 0.0 km while riding
  • Other minor fixes based on feedback on the beta releases, and issues reported.

Smartphone, meet the Smart Scooter

We’ve also revamped the Ather App with a new UI and for a better user experience and built it completely from scratch. The Ather Android App is now native, which improves performance and reliability.

Android users can download the Ather App update through the Play Store once it’s live in the next few hours, and iOS users will get the update in a few weeks.

What’s new in the app update?

  • Rebuilt from the ground up as a Native Android App
  • Revamped home screen
  • Restructured location/maps functionality: moved into easy quick access features right on the home screen
    • Search a place: Search a location to send to your scooter
    • Find a charger: Quickly access nearby AtherGrid locations
    • Locate your scooter: Find your scooter on the map
  • Ride stats: Moved to the home screen. Shows a preview of your last ride. Click on “See All Rides” to view your older rides
  • Redesigned support screen.
    • Added a beta chatbot feature in “Report an issue”
  • Redesigned profile screen

Pairing for the first time

To get started, link up your Android/iOS smartphone to your Ather 450X in 3 simple steps:

  1. After installing the update (OTA and App updates), turn on the key and Bluetooth would be turned on by default
  2. Your Ather 450X will start advertising itself as a Bluetooth device and you’ll see the scooter pop up.
  3. If you’re using an Android device, head over to the app > Profile > Bluetooth, and follow the instructions to complete the pairing process. The Ather Android app is mandatory to use Bluetooth features.
  4. For those with iPhones, head to your phone Settings > Bluetooth and pair your scooter. No app required.
  5. To pair multiple devices, disconnect from any connected devices and pair the new device. When multiple devices are paired, the dashboard will attempt to connect to the device which broadcasts first.

Once your scooter and smartphone are paired up, the Ather 450X will automatically connect to the phone once you turn the key on. You can head to your dashboard > Settings > Bluetooth to turn off the features.

Oh, that’s not all, the software stack that powers intelligence and connectivity on the Ather 450X & Ather 450 Plus brings together a multitude of services right from the front-end to firmware to the data pipeline. It’s probably one of its kind in the Indian auto industry and we thought it deserves an identity of its own. Going forward the entire vehicle software stack will be referred to as Atherstack.

And we thought, why stop there? Let’s name out OTAs too. So starting with this OTA, we have one. This one is called Atom. Atherstack Atom. Any guesses for the next one?


On delay in syncing

Some of you have reported delays in the App and Scooter syncing, but other functions like Onboard Navigation are still working. Over the weekend we have been working with our network provider to dive deeper into the issue and have rolled out an interim fix on the network side yesterday night.

In case you are one of those who are facing a delay in sync, we would recommend that you reboot your scooter by pressing both the brakes and the start switch for the fix to take effect. We have already tested with a few customers who were facing the issue and the sync now works fine for them. We will continue to work to find a more permanent solution for this in the coming months. In the meanwhile, if you do face sync issues in spite of the reboot, do let us know here.