๐Ÿš€ Rolling out Atherstack 5.2

Hey folks,

Deployment of Atherstack 5.2 has begun in batches from Feb 1, 2023.

For most Gen 2 customers using the previous interface, this means a complete dashboard overhaul, including:

  • A new interface redesigned to be more user-friendly and intuitive
  • Vector maps from Google Maps, offering faster load times, perspective shift and live traffic info
  • A new quick access screen for quick controls and essential vehicle information

Please note: Optimised Charging isnโ€™t included in this update for Gen 2 users, it will be coming soon.

To read in detail about all these updates, refer to our Atherstack 5 release notes here: ๐Ÿš€ Introducing Atherstack 5 (Gen 2 and Gen 3)

For Gen 3 customers who have already received Atherstack 5, here are the major updates that 5.2 offers:

  • AutoHoldโ„ข

  • Bug fixes


For Gen 3 customers only

AutoHold will be available 24 hours after the installation of Atherstack 5.2 and, once enabled in settings, it works automatically every time you stop on a slope.

How it works:

  • It senses when youโ€™re on a slope
  • It then holds you in place when you come to a halt, whether youโ€™re on an incline or a decline

How to release AutoHold:

  • You can throttle as usual to start moving forward
  • You can also tap the brakes to release AutoHold & roll down the slope.

Please note: There may be rare cases where AutoHold is triggered on flat roads or unusual circumstances. In this case, we advise you to disable the feature from the settings and take your scooter to the nearest service centre to get it to work as intended going forward.

Bug fixes

  • Bluetooth pairing issues - pairing issues known to us have been resolved, needs app version 6.3.0 for the most optimum experience.

  • Maps - rendering issues have been resolved, improvements have been added to speeded up initial load time, further improvements planned for upcoming releases.

Please note: Atherstack 5.2 has a known bug where multiple vehicles show up on the scooter, this will be fixed in a future update.

P.S. Since Atherstack 5 rolled out, we received queries regarding deprecated features (ones that were available in the old UI that are absent from the new one). Please find below a list of such features:

  • Real-time efficiency indicator - this bar has been replaced by the power bar (Wings of Power), giving riders a sense of their power consumption & efficiency right up front.

  • Trip B - this has been removed as our Trip Meters have been reduced from 2 to 1.

  • Average trip efficiency - this has been removed from the dashboard, however the information will continue to be available on your app.

We hope you enjoy these new features and the benefits it brings to your Ather scooter.

If this is the first time youโ€™re installing an OTA update, refer to the instructions here: OTA and App updates


Average trip efficiency must be on dashboard. Features cannot be removed. What about people who wonโ€™t opt for subscription once free period is ended?


Apple Appstore still AtherApp version is 6.2.0, Still 6.3.0 update is not available.

In Ride statistics still Trip B can be seen.


I have updated my Ather gen 3 to 5.2 but still havenโ€™t received autohold featureโ€ฆ??


And For those who have gen3.1 ? Iโ€™m still on dropkick. Waiting for Atherstack since 14th jan. At time of delivery every other scooters including gen 3 hd Atherstack preloaded and my friends with gen one 450+ is roaming with athers And Iโ€™m here hving latest 3.1 450x carryng dropkick Checking update every hour everyday!! Pls tk this seriously


:-1: for removing the existing features as part of update.


Well, is this app version 6.3 being pushed for OTA? Just curious to know. Another thing, if Trip B is permanently removed, then it might also have been removed from app v6.3. And another thing :sweat_smile:, I couldnโ€™t find a clue for auto theme changer option, any idea on this would be appreciated :relaxed:


When will gen 2 owners get the update for the bug fixes such as battery percentage on charge screen?


Navigation arrow gets stuck in one direction while navigation please fix this


Is this 5.2 update also available for gen 2 scooters or its only for gen 3?

  1. Bluetooth auto connectivity issue fixed. Workings fine with iOS
  2. Auto Hold appeared in dashboard after few hours of installation
  3. Navigation rendering is fast. But orientations issue not yet addressed. Maps feature is useless without this.
  4. Average efficiency for the trip is must have in the dashboard. Please bring it back.
  5. Auto theme change options as per daylight conditions still missing.

Overall UI animations are fluid and update is better than previous. Please fix MAP on priority.


Now I donโ€™t want update for my gen 2 450x. I m happy with UI.


What about auto theme


I have 450X Gen 3.1โ€ฆ still on 5.1-202303. Please push the latest update to my scooter.

Great news โ€ฆ so everything getting it now. Is it going out in phases โ€ฆ or everyone getting it.

Today I saw a Billboard inn Dehradun outside Doon School โ€ฆ A Red Ather photo showing new Auto Hold :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got the new update 5.2


Useless update we donโ€™t want this Atherstak 5 need the previous version back also upgrade means adding new things not removing old things which are more useful than current. Wings of Power is useless no one is liking that do a poll if i m wrong also what about the performance degradation in Gen 3 450x. Why pickup is linear not aggressive as early. font size are too small. kindly advise how we can roll back to previous version. You cannot forcefully install software upgrade without our consent there should be an option for the one who donโ€™t want to update or downgrade there scooters.


Ather 450x gen 2 user. Got the update today morning, but this seems to be downgrade to me. The old ui was much better. Although the font style is good in new ui. The old ui was much joy as it would change the whole display colour while acceleration. The display brightness also seems dull .


First thing I noticed was display brightness. Previous update was much brighter. Current update, brightness even in 100% is not sufficient in dark mode. Light mode seems visible enough in daylight.


Why is this fix linked to something that isnโ€™t available yet ?? You fixed Bluetooth but needs app version 6.3.0. However App store still has 6.2.0