🚀 Introducing Atherstack 5 (Gen 2 and Gen 3)

Hey everyone, we’re excited as we begin the roll out of our brand new dashboard, with the following key updates:

  • A new, more intuitive user interface
  • Vector maps from Google Maps
  • A new quick access screen
  • AutoHold™ - expected on Jan 25
  • Optimised Charging

New User Interface: Interact with your Ather more intuitively

Compatible with Gen 2 and Gen 3

Here’s what’s new:

  • Swipe gestures have replaced tap interactions, reducing the time and effort needed to complete actions on the dashboard.
  • The dashboard now adapts to what you’re doing on the scooter with spaces. The Home space gives you everything at glance to get you going, the navigation screen puts Google Maps front and centre, and the ride screen now brings Wings of Power to give you an accurate sense of how the vehicle is doing.
  • The new UI is also a radical reimagination of vehicle dashboards in the smart age, drawing design inspiration from other smart devices and departing from the traditional setup.

Wings of Power preview

Introducing Wings of Power, a brand new way of visualising how much power is being consumed by your scooter in each ride mode. It lets you control scooter performance while keeping an eye on your desired range.

The Wings of Power now integrate with the Smart Eco Mode, to give you a sense of how much power you have based on riding habits, to deliver TrueRange.

Ather x Google Maps: A smooth, vector navigation experience

Compatible with Gen 2 and Gen 3

Here are the highlights of the world’s first scooter tie up with Google Maps, offering a smooth native experience reserved until now only for Android Auto.

a. A smooth, buffer-free vector Maps experience

b. Real-time traffic updates so you can choose the quickest route

c. Perspective shift, which lets you take a peek at the ride ahead

Quick Access Screen: An essential overview in one swipe

Compatible with Gen 2 and Gen 3

The new Quick Access Screen is divided into two sections:

  • The quick controls section allows users to easily adjust settings such as brightness or turn off incoming call notifications with a single click.
  • The quick view section provides a centralised location for dashboard notifications and essential information such as tyre pressure.

AutoHold™: Give your brakes a break

Compatible with Gen 3 only rolling out on Jan 25

This new feature kicks in when you hit 0 kmph on a slope, whether you’re on an incline or a decline. You can enable it in quick controls on the quick access screen.

Optimised Charging: Get the most out of your battery

Compatible with Gen 2 and Gen 3

Switch on this feature to limit your charging to 80%. This ensures that:

  • your battery life is extended
  • you get consistent optimal performance


  • TPMS pairing might take 2-3 tries before it is successful. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch on Jan 25.

  • AutoHold for Gen 3 owners will be enabled on Jan 25.

  • We’re starting the rollout in a staggered way, starting with Gen 3 this week and Gen 2 in about 10 days.

  • If this is the first time you’re installing an OTA update, refer to the instructions here: OTA and App updates

PS: Learn more from one of the makers of the new UI right here:


I got the new dashboard in my Ather 450 x gen 3 today 13/01/2023


@shyam.mohan Hi Welcome to the community Thanks for creating the topic yesterday night received the OTA .All working fine except TPMS,Hope that too starts working on 25th


Any gen 3 450 plus user got this update?


What about 450 plus owners what updates will they get?


I am still waiting for the update. Since my Gen 3 October 1 delivered scooter hasn’t received the update, I even took it to a place this morning for about 1hr+ and another 1hr+ in the afternoon where Jio signal level is full. Still no luck on the update. Yet, I am still hopeful that I might get it anytime soon.


I will try doing this😂


did you get discount on warranty?


I think the 450 plus owners gets every features other than autohold.


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The update overall is very nice. UI design looks so much better and modern now. The Wings of Power screen while riding gives a nice visual on how much power is available vs currently utilized. The only downside on that screen is it is very hard to distinguish the colors (available/utilized) as both the color is almost similar (For example in Sport mode the color of the wings is Orange, and the power utilization fill is still Orange but a bit darker).

One of my biggest complaints so far is (not specific to Stack 5.x update), I don’t know when the update happens in the night but in the morning when I turn the key on, that is when it finishes update and always it takes 20 - 30 seconds (Stack 5.1 update took about 5 mins) for the scooter to be ready to be driven. This is quite annoying when you are already running late, and the scooter is not ready until it finishes the finalization steps. IMO these updates should totally happen when the scooter is not in use in the night and should be ready to be driven as soon as I turn it on.


A) Refrain from such language, B)he said he took it to a place where the signal is full C)Respect


Yes the Colors are almost similar.


It would be better if Ather can send a Notification to all the users through Ather app regarding the Feature not working / Update deadline just to avoid confusion and same questions asked regarding update not received in the forum.


Is this update being rolled in phased manner? I own a gen3 450X but don’t see the update


Yes, 2k as stated in the email


(post deleted by author)


ohh scrolled to the bottom of launch email now,so you got it for Rs4499 right? no gst?


Yes, the dealer said that’s the amount. So, I paid today. CRM issued the receipt; however, the processing might take sometime. Once issued, CRM said she would email me