Regenerative Braking Tips!

Starting this topic so that we can learn Regen tips and information from people :slight_smile:


Some tips on regen from my side:

  • You can use regen to slow down the vehicle two ways - by twisting the throttle in the opposite direction, there’s about 5 degrees of play here. Second, if you apply the brakes, regen activates then as well.
  • Regen will work when your charge level or SOC is less than about 84%, and your speed has to be > 20kmph
  • If you aggressively use regen, you can gain back about 4% back on a full charge
  • Regen is useful when you’re cruising at higher speed, and you want to slow down slightly. It wont be able to bring your scooter to a stop completely, so as you use it more, you’ll get used it when coasting.

Useful tips, knew about the regen by applying brakes. Twisting throttle is new info. Thanks

Is there any visual indication anywhere on the dashboard when Regen is activated?

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Not currently, since the gains from regen are pretty low. But feel free to add it as a #ather-experience:feature-requests so our team can consider this for a future update.


It will be great to have an indication of how much battery we have gained back by regen maybe in the ride statistics.