First 450X in Himachal Pradesh...450 KM drive straight from Delivery

Booked 450x back in Jan 2020 finally received the 450 X on April 11 then decided to drive it straight after delivery from Delhi to Sundernagar (HP) by road. Due to WFH I have been at my native place since last year.

The trip initially was planned with stoppages @ Haryana tourism resorts as they had EV chargers having AC industrial plugs between Delhi to Chandigarh. So I was comfortable in my mind that I would reach Chandigarh and had to take care of the rest of the journey. Had prepared an extension with an industrial plug with a cost of INR 500.

However there was a surprise and mysteries planned for my journey as these Charging stations are not operable and no details for the same are available with anyone at the resorts nor any support contact information.

Day 1: After receiving my 450x I went for a round to India Gate with my cousin as a pillion to see how this thing drives as i have not driven an Ather earlier. After a couple of rounds and getting comfortable we came straight to Charging point @ CP. It was supposed to be a fast charger however it took around 2 hours to charge from 60 to 80%. And answering lots of questions from people.

Started @ 80% (3:30 PM) to Ethnic India Resort which was supposed to host the first charger there with around 20% juice left. Fiddled with the installed chargers to make them work and talk to people @ resort for support of contact. Finally managed to convince the person managing the resort to let me charge @ 5 A plug. Waited for 1.5 hours and started to next stop BLU Jay resort. Booked a stay there and asked them to allow me to charge. They allowed me to charge @ once of the Plug points for AC and left it overnight.

Day 2: Woke up early and started @ 5:30 at first light of the day till Zilmil dhaba @ karnal (7:30AM) still had around 30% juice. Checked for a charging point but there was none, however security personnel directed me to a tyre puncture repair guy. He instantly agreed without asking any questions. Charged till 82% and started onward journey@ 9:45 AM

Reach Shahabad near Ambala (11:15 AM) decided to have breakfast cum lunch here and asked for charging the flight which he agreed after small convincing. Had to wait for 3 hours to let it charge till 85% as my next destination was around 70 KM (Kharar). Started my journey however after travelling for 30 KM. There was lots of wind flowing from front on Banur -Kharar highway. due to which the consumption increased a bit and my distance planning was gone for a toss. Had to charge around 8 KMs from my destination as the dashboard was just showing 6.5 KM in Eco mode. So again I stopped for an hour or so to topup and finally reached my friend’s place around 5:30 PM. The total distance covered was around 180 KMs. Stayed with the friend for the night.

Day3: Again woke up early and started @ 6:00 AM till i was left with juice of around 12%. There was a Bike mechanic shop which was open and asked him to let me charge the vehicle to which he agreed. Then waited for 3.5 hours to let it charge to 85% as now it really unknow how Ather would perform since there were quite strong continuous uphills and downhills. So anxiety was there how would the Ather perform in the Hills.

Started my uphill journey of 10 KM (reached with 66%) after that there was downhill for 10 KMs using regen by twisting the acc to negative direction was @ 68% after completing the downhill. This was quite a booster in my confidence to keep on going and reached my relatives place @ Salaper around 3:30 PM from here my home was still around 20 KMs. So I settled down and had a good chat for 1.5 hours or so to have 40% juice to reach home safely as from this point of time I didn’t want to do hypermiling anymore. And finally reached my destination …

Finally after driving this much distance straight from delivery I now have quite a confidence in this product. Was having my doubts based on some comments on the forum. Some of the items are true on Software front, however 450x delivers on what it is meant to do mainly i.e. Commute :slight_smile:

Thanks to # Regenerative Braking Tips! & #ather-450x: Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

Ather 450X

range guide


Your courage to drive thru uphill roads, and confidence to get charging points throughout are great to see. :slight_smile:

You can update with pics of any scenic views you might have captured on the way.


Here’s one near my home didn’t captured shots on journey, however will share clicks from my short visits to picturesque places…


Wow, simply awesome :+1:


This ride is beyond amazing. Kudos to the effort and the planning.


I recently tried to test the regen capabilities on my S1, however Ather is not providing ride statistics for such rides. Went uphill journey of around 10 KM , here are the stats: image

Here are the stats after 3 KM downhill run as there was some amount of gradient after this hence took a snapshot in between.

After Complete downhill Journey we had:

@abhishek.balaji Why do we not have ride stats for such runs, at least we can mention some regen in the stats.

Also i see the calculation under different WHr usage is same i.e. for 17 Whr also we have range 150 KM for 16 Whr also 150 Km and 15 Whr also 150 KM seems like its capped here …

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What was the charge percentage at the start it is giving only 44km estimated range

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It was arround 65% and consuming @.59 Wh per KM for 44 km would give approx 2.6 KWh battery capacity…

So uphill we can only expect 44kms of range on full charge? That’s too much of consumption


Yes that’s correct however it was a continuous uphill for 10 KMs and yes if we are going uphill this is what we will get!!!

However while coming back the consumption is near to zero. And you will not find continuous streches of uphill unless traveling in mountains. And after a good uphill there’s always a down hill


Thanks for sharing this information! Can’t wait for Ather to start their operations in Chandigarh so that i can take one home

@abhishek.balaji forgot to share snapshot of my question

Why the calculation is limited @ 150.

17 X 150 = 2.55 KWh

16 x 150 = 2.4 KWh

15 x 150 = 2.25 KWh

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I don’t think anyone at Ather expected a projected range beyond 150km :joy:

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Yeah I agree but would be good to have re-gen information included in these stats, since such scenario is only possible when you are running downhill. So as to give better idea so as to plan the trips in hilly terrains. As up hill drives are very heavy on the consumption. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Like you only travel downhill :sweat_smile::joy: Because looking at the general average range of your scppter and the terrain you drive it,there is a miss match or you are very gentle on the throttle