OTA 4.2.x

OTA 4.2.0 has been rolled out to all users. Creating this thread for feedback on the features, and for suggesting improvements.

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Are the abrupt shutdown cases fixed in this?

Yep, the firmware update should address that. :slight_smile:

M017 and M019 errors are also included?

Yep, the number of times this issue occurs has been significantly reduced over the last few updates. With this, the motor firmware update will fix that issue.

Omg thanks a lot , I am yet to take the delivery this month and ship the ather to visakhapatnam(vizag), everytime I thought of shipping it here , the thought of M017&M019 errors shooked me up, but now I can have peace of mind, thanks a lot for this fix.

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anyone who has received actual update (not the beta testers) can share your views, hope there are no bugs in the update

Not got any update in my App…? Any problum…?

We’ll be rolling the update out in stages, so you’ll receive the update over the course of the next few days.

Will the latest updates will be installed in a chronological order of bikes delivered. Yet to get the update. Want to know whether the vehicle if is in shutdown mode at night (3 am) the updates will not be downloaded / installed… Also should we need to keep the charger plug inserted in the vehicle for downloading the updates automatically during the default time .

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Just got the update. I definitely love the dark mode, and I do feel a slight performance improvement in the maps section.

However, I experienced a crash when I was trying to click on the pull up tab of a location to favorite it, it seemed like network dropped momentarily, and that caused the dashboard to freeze and reboot.

My biggest complaint is that the Ather 450 start up splash screen (when you turn on the ignition) is still a blinding white animation, which is eye watering at night. Wish that was made dark too.


I got notification 4.2.0 I did overnight charge but no changes. @abhishek.balaji

Yes if your vehicle is shutdown, the update will not be downloaded, since this turns off the connectivity. Leave your vehicle charging in a key-off state in an area with good network for the download to begin. If you leave your vehicle plugged in overnight, at some point, the update will be downloaded and by default gets automatically installed at 3AM.

You can refer to this guide on installing: https://blog.atherenergy.com/how-to-download-and-install-an-ota-update-c3f087f4e877

The notification was announcing that the OTA has been rolled out, not that your vehicle has downloaded. Please wait for the OTA to be downloaded. https://blog.atherenergy.com/how-to-download-and-install-an-ota-update-c3f087f4e877

Can you report this through the app? It’ll help analyse the issue and possibly work on a fix for the next update.

Yep this came up during the beta and has been raised. The splash screen + tyre pressure info screen.

I am yet to get update. Did not receive in the beta too. It makes me wonder… my vin number is 3160

I rode a bunch today, definitely feels like the auto indicator cut-off has been improved and made quicker/more sensitive, so that’s good.

Is OTA rolled out to everybody? Still I haven’t received update at all ?

@abhishek.balaji I have not received new OTA update 4.2.0 can you let me know by when we will be receiving

Hey @srivatsabs24 @karthiknmitra,

The update has been deployed to all scooters. It will download and install automatically.

  1. Ensure your scooter is not shut down, and parked in a location where there’s sufficient network. You can also considering going on a short ride for about 15-20 mins if the network in your parking is poor.
  2. Leave it plugged in with your home/portable charger, especially in the night. If the update downloads sometime during the day, it will automatically install at 3AM.

Our deployment software will ensure it’s deployed to all vehicles on road, and retry if it fails, so everyone should get the update in a few days.