Hazard lights

the gesture or button combination or dashboard switch decision would be best by the Ather team itself

but this feature will be really helpful.

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Hazard lights are not possible on the current scooters, since regulations require dedicated switchgear to operate hazard lights, which are not present in the current line of scooters. We might consider this at some point in later models.


With all due respect to all the people who’ve posted above, Hazard lights are just a show-off/nuisance product on a 2-wheeler. Whoever has retrofitted them on other 2-wheelers use it just for this purpose and also generally have strobe lights, LEDs, etc. to jazz it up further.

The way these are used is actually a danger to other road users and thus by extension to the user in question themselves. For example, using hazard lights while riding in the rain can be blinding for other road users (cars are a huge culprit here). Also, one cannot give direction indicators while the hazard lights are on.

The real purpose of hazard lights is when a vehicle is unable to move and is stuck on the road where the lights are used to warn other road users of the zero speed of this vehicle or in the case where the vehicle is forced to move exceptionally slowly. 2-wheelers don’t have this problem because they can be easily pushed off the road and even far away.

Thus, I strongly urge Ather (@abhishek.balaji) NOT to introduce this ‘feature’ in the interest of public safety and corporate responsibility.

In such cases, you’ll be surprise how effective your tail light is. The flashing hazard lights reflect off the beads on rain on a car windshield which reduce visibility further. In such scenarios just trust your tail light and give short bursts of indicators in case you are changing lanes or turning.


Its ILLEGAL to switch on hazard lights while moving unless its being towed.


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wait, why is this topic opened again? Is Hazard lights coming? did @atherteam found a loophole to work around the legality.


Only Ather team read some law saying requirement of seperate button. Ola doesn’t have seperate button. Combination keys used to enable and disable

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they don’t even need a loophole a simple hazard while reverse and hard braking is doable and is being done by the industry


Thats the loop hole, instead of having a dedicated switch, you are pressing multiple switches to activate the hazard function.

Hi Ather team, Please add warning hazards lights option and Pass light. this will be really helpful. feeling unsafe during overtake


Hazard lights are not supposed to be used the way you think… hazard lights and horn… no no…! Use them only in EMERGENCIES…” :blush: Peace :v:


What is the law preventing hazard lights?


Here you go

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Abhishek You guys can try someway to use Software and Button Controls :expressionless:


In Ola it’s to keep the power button pressed


Please , Do use this Reference :rofl::joy:

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What about cruise control

I noticed that both the lights blink together when u r pushing the vehicle keyless and triggers the theft detection

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It’s anitheft feature