What will happen to Ather 450?

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hi @melvin.wilson I’m getting the motor pulley noise issue again and booked pickup on Wednesday. I would like to know why this issue is repeating every 2-3 weeks even after the part is fully replaced last 2 times

At first, i thought it might be rains and mud going in but all of 25k kms(2 years) I’ve never faced this issue and never got the motor pulley replaced. I would also like to point out that the first time I’ve noticed the noise is right after a service, so can we conclude that a perfectly fine part was replaced with a defective one?

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@abhishek.balaji , Can we get an update, please?

Yes please. Stuff like hazard lights and charging limiter and smart eco. We’ve seen No updates since the 450X came out. :frowning: When potential customers ask me what updates I’ve gotten since it has OTA updates. I am out of words because I can’t think of anything new I’ve had since I got the scooter. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Sadly, hazard lights aren’t possible:

Hi abhi, does this sound also give some vibrations on the foot board. I’m also facing noise issue after 5K service. Took the vehicle 3 times(Even kept the vehicle for 2 days at workshop) to EC , they checked belt tightness , cleaned bearings and concluded that this noise is normal!!! They say its because Ather runs on 2 belt drives. I still cant digest this since I didn’t have such noise before the service.

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High guys. How are all the old Ather 450s I’m sure many of them have ran out of warranty now. And so has mine. My mothers been using it lately and she has very light to moderate use of 20-25Km and it almost never last 2 days. She has to charge everyday. Wanted to ask you guys how your scooters are performing. Any degradation? Ather had always said the Ather is more prone to age related degradation rather than cycle related because of how the BMS is and because of the buffer. I’m unable to do a range test. But I thought maybe a charge test might be a good way to quantify how the battery capacity is now.

From what I can remember a similar 1 hour charge from 5% back when I got the scooter would add ~32-34% charge. Now it’s added 37% slight increase thought it’s consumed the same amount of energy 1.1kWh
As battery’s degrade and their capacity decreases. Shouldn’t the energy needed to charge the battery from 0-100 also decrease ? Or does the degradation mean that the extra energy that we don’t have is wasted in the form of heat or something?
It’s been 3.5 years and still no sign of Ather introducing a battery health indicator or a provision to get to know after a service :pensive: @tarun
But in any case. Still love the scooter. Still the best performing scooter down till 1% charge. And the most reliable SOC indicator. Though the range is quite low compared to the present market products, at least the % is accurate. I wish the range predictor also started to adjust to the health rather than still showing the same Pre programmed numbers.
How are all your athers? @raghav.srinivasan @hemanth.anand @Abhishek @prasathvishnu @AnaghDeshpande @rajeshkav and all other out of warranty 450 owners.


Thank you for posting this. I recently purchased a 450X and I had this exact question on how the older 450’s are currently performing in the market.

So, I assume, now you are able to get ~45 - 50 KM on a full charge? I think when it launched, the original range was about 75 KMs right?

I also remember reading somewhere that 450’s stopped getting the notification feature some time ago. Is that the same case for you too?

I completely agree with you. Ather should provide features like battery health check. But it is surprising to see this level of drop in range in 3.5 years. I assumed it would take at-least 5 years for battery health to drop to 80% capacity.

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I’m probably getting 60-65Km on a charge. I used to get 70-75Km 3 years back. The range you’re saying if 50Km over 2 days because of a standby drain of 5-6% which is usual.

What notification? I get a notification for towing every now and then. So that’s working. Notification for full charge may not be there anymore. Haven’t seen it in a while.
I wonder how the new Ather 450X chargers are doing. Since it’s a bit slower charger and a much bigger battery because I’m so confident with my Ather that 20mins charge even at home is enough to get me through for a 5-6Km ride.


Until Diwali, which was the last time i rode my scooter, I was getting the True range in sports mode for a charge. Given that I am not the one who is a sedate driver, I think it’s great my battery pack still manages to churn out true range mileage.


Front wheel is nagging issue

@kgeshwaran had a math he usually shares…

This is for 450x gen 2 battery capacity tho. 2600.

How to find if battery has degradation:

  1. Reset one of the trip meters
  2. Turn on realtime efficiency in settings
  3. Note the starting Battery Percentage
  4. Ride the scooter for 10 - 20km
  5. Trip meter will show distance ridden (D) and efficiency (E).
  6. Battery Capacity used (B) = D x E Wh
  7. Note the battery percentage after ride.
  8. Battery % ideally used for the ride Bi = (B x 100) / 2600 (percentage)
  9. Actual battery used Ba = (percentage before ride start - percentage after ride)

If Bi and Ba are very different, then there is battery degradation.


@Suraj_madhu - I did 45 km ride which I usually can complete with 46-50% charge left.

But this time I completed with 35% charge left.

Even for shorter rides, I surely noticed the drop much faster. I think the range reduced by 15-20%

I m really surprised because I got good range even 5 months back. Why such drop in 5 months which was not seen in 3 years I m not sure.

Ya my mom is complaining of similar cases. She uses it just for ~15-20Km a day but it barely lasts 2 days. Lot of idle drain as well. On the other hand, my dad did a 80Km ride from yesvantpur to Jigani and back and still had 30% on his Ola. (Should not compare a 3 year old gen 1 450 to Ola but well…) I’m both concerned and curious about athers battery health in another 2-3 years time. We have the smallest batteries of all the premium EVs. The degradation in the 450s is sort of the benchmark. Just wish I could see the battery health. Knowing is better. @tarun

Some crude estimates here.

I used 27Units to run the Ather 193Km in the month of November 2022. That’s about 7Km/Unit. Whereas in Nov 2021 I used 47 Units for 677Km equates to 14Km/Unit. What’s going on here? Where am I losing almost half the energy in putting into the scooter. It’s the same average Wh/Km as well

Even with degradation. There shouldn’t be energy loss like this right?


I have been doing this 45 km ride since 1.5 years.

In 2021 during Lockdowns on traffic free roads, I used to complete with 50% charge left.

Just 5 months back, when 2-3 rides, I finished with 45% charge left. Didn’t seem a surprise as 5% could be mix of ride style + traffic + battery degradation in 1 year.

When Ather told many 3 year old Ather 450s had their health in 90% or above, it was in-line with my observation.

Yesterday, when I ended the same 45 km ride with 35% charge left, it surprised me a quite a bit. Why such a sharp decline in a short period?

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Is the ride efficiency the same? If it’s the same and you ended with lower % then it’s definitely degradation. Otherwise just some road or tyre pressure or some other non battery issue. So was the Wh/Km also the same ?


Ride efficiency is 30 Wh which is only marginally higher than the past (28). So this 10% SoC reduction surely means degradation.

As long as the degradation is gradual (in the same rate) and predictable, I have no problem. This sharp decrease is what concerns me.

Will be completing 3 years on Jan-2023, I can see a dip in ride efficiency. In the beginning, whenever I started at 100% I would end up at 55%, now this has gone down to 45%. I am a bit concerned.

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That’s not exactly efficiency. I meant the Wh/Km because with degradation also your Wh/Km should be the same. But % loss will be higher.