Some Feature of Hazard lights

As Hazard lights are now being Introduced in every two-wheeler as it’s very important as specially in the EV segment, Ather is doing good also their main focus is on safety but till today we didn’t got any update/news of Hazard lights or be there in new Generation as it’s good safety feature. My point is there Ather should give Hazard lights features to existing Scooter as it can be use as:

:arrow_right: While Park Assist is in use it should blink(also sound of park Assist volume be high)

:arrow_right: When battery got dead(optional)

:arrow_right: when movement detected in vehicle at that time it should start blinking and beep sound like park Assist produce but somewhat alerting tone

:arrow_right: At the time of Emergency braking as that can help behind one to be alert and a small step to say bye to accident

:arrow_right: A safety feature for misusing PPL for showoff there should be kmp/hr speed like 5-10 it should be automatically turned off!!

I hope Ather listen to community :slightly_smiling_face: and get in touch.

If anywhere I’m wrong then pls correct me.


there is already a topic covering this feature request. Hope This topic gets closed and you can vote on that topic.

As stated that Hazard Light has a Law required that a dedicated switch required and Ather does not have one, so only a newer model with an actual switch can have hazard lights.(Maybe Ather will find a Loop hole in this)