EPluto 7G

As @raghav.srinivasan rightly said a one off incident need not be imposed on all evs in general.

And adding to this I don’t feel the need for Ather owners to be worried as the product is out now for around 3 years and I nerver heard of such incident. Ather has a good battery management system and along with this the continuous data capturing for analytics and the connected vehicle eco system I believe that we need not worry.


Highlighting such issue (when it happens rarely) - in one way, it is bad for industry, but a warning for every player to be careful as well.

If OnePlus Nord 2 charger / phone blasts, its bigger damage to OnePlus image, but brings a fear to use fast charging overall.


Lithium becomes the New oil :blush: and this also catch a fire …:frowning:

Any guess ! how it’s happened?! :thinking:

Remember the iPhone that exploded in a customers pocket? Did not stop the iPhone sales.

Or the infamous Samsung Note battery issues that basically changed SOP for airlines to ban carriage of lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold.

None of these have bankrupted the companies or stopped mass adoption of smartphones.

If a few more Epluto scooters go up in flames, yes, there is a cause to worry about that particular product. But until then, it could be something as small a 1 bad cell in the pack that passed Manufacturer QC.


Yeah, For a mature product or brand, they will be able to cope up although with a short term damage to brand and finance.

Here, it is about a product or indusstry at nascent stage, where many people have dilemma about EV itself.

Btw, I could already see few whatsapp groups making it as EV problem rather than one odd issue :smiley:

Also, Tata Nano could have failed for multiple reasons, but catching fire handful times and getting replayed million times in TV was one of the reasons for sure.


Literally, the first thing we do when we start any new battery development is a test for a thermal runaway scenario. Thermal runaway is when there’s an uncontrollable increase in temperatures, which can cause fires. Thermal runaways can occur due to a variety of reasons but the primary ones are short circuits, cell internal short, and mechanical abuse. The BMS and other short circuit protection in the battery protect the pack from any shorts. There are actually three levels of short circuit protection.

On the mechanical abuse side, we’ve placed the pack in a place where it is shielded from external abuse as much as possible. We’ve had 450’s crash and the battery comes out unscathed in pretty much every case. This is also a reason why we prefer an aluminum casing. It also helps keep the battery cool. The cell spacing and thermal management inside the pack are also designed in a way so as to ensure that in the event of a thermal runaway, the fire doesn’t spread from one cell to the other.

All that said, cell internal shorts can still occur because of manufacturing issues at the cell supplier’s end. This is the reason we only source cells from Tier 1 suppliers, even if this comes at an extra cost. Ather currently has in excess of a million cells on the field. To ensure we are absolutely sure that the rider will be safe in a one in a million event, we conduct tests over and above regulatory requirements to simulate a thermal runaway due to a cell internal short circuit event. Only after we pass these tests do we clear the battery pack design for production.


looks like 1 cell’s internal failure resulting in heat and explosion causing a chain reaction


Cell internal failure, reason may be over heat :thinking:


This post looks like a detailed update by Ather staff. But, there is no tag to indicate they are from Ather team. Curious, why is the Ather staff tag missing?


Can be anything, Don’t want to speculate, NMC batteries are pretty new, anything can be the cause, from Internal failure, BMS, Short Circuit, external damage, overcurrent, poorly managed battery pack.

Let’s just wait for the official report from the company


Has there been any statement from the company? Regarding acknowledging it or something?


One more ev on fire :fire: :fire:

Summer is impacting a lot🥵

Now I have fear about EV’s.

Can we trust our Ather?

Earlier it was range anxiety, now it’s fire …


You can trust Ather as the team has taken utmost precautions while designing battery packs, BMS and also incorporated a cooling mechanism unlike OLA or Pluto.

Cooling mechanism present in Chetak as well.


Ather have in house battery pack development and r&d on it in Indian weather conditions for almost a decade. So never worry for any such incidents.


We recently hosted this session on Linkedin from a hiring POV, but have now made it available for everyone here:

It’s slightly long but is really comprehensive on how we build safer battery packs


HI Team,

Can we ask for the battery pack temperature to be displayed on the dashboard? Its done in the Revolt. This will give an idea of what’s going on in the chemical pack and at least give us an early warning as well peace of mind during summer months in the places like chennai.


That is great idea. In addition if the health of the battery is included it will help to correct some habits that degrade batteries.

I understand the following is important.

  1. Never charge immediately after riding Ather for a long distance.
  2. Avoid charging 100%
  3. Starting a habit to open the throttle gradually helps maintain low efficiency for a better range.

Can this video be Edited and audio-enhanced? most of the time there is a pause and cuts or either the volume gets too low


Enhancing this video might be difficult, instead, collect a few questions around battery and will get them answered by the team through a video?