EPluto 7G

EPluto 7G

** The scooter has an ICAT-certified range of 116 km per full charge, which is the highest in the country in this particular class of product, and comes with patented battery technology.**

This IIT-Hyderabad incubated startup is all set to ride the EV high on its newly launched electric scooter.

All electric bikes come under one category of range. This bike runs 60kmh top speed. But Ather is different breed of EV bike. It gives run for fast running bike in market. :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Bro compare the price to features. Do you think the price justifies for Ather(Rs 159000/- ex.Showroom) when we compare with some similar EV’s like Pluto (79,999 (ex-showroom)). Pluto has more range, Ather has more acceleration.

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Choosing bike has many parameter for buyers. If we count on money Okinawa is lesser in price and range is 200kms. Buying definitely goes on parameters like Made-India for some/ highest range/ looks of bike. Only the consistent one remain in market.

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Let’s compare the best with the second best, what ever be it according to you. At some point the price must also be taken in to consideration as it will be the deciding factor for many as we cannot just ignore the point that Ather is overpriced when compared to its best market peers…

Does it have “super” powers? Could not find much looking in.

You just can’t compare epluto7g and Ather 450…let alone 450x. It’s just too unfair on the epluto7g. There is just no comparison at all.

Take a look at the specs

Parameter ePluto7G 450 450X
Battery 2.5kwh 2.7kwh 2.9kwh
Cells 18650 18650 21700
Peak power 2kw 5.4kw 6kw
Torque NA 20Nm 26Nm
Top speed 60kmph 80kmph 80kmph
Tyres 10" 12" 12"
Brakes F-Disc R-Drum F-Disc R-Disc F-Disc R-Disc
ARAI/ICAT Range 116kms 107kms 116kms
Gradeability 12° 18° 18°
0-40kmph 5s 3.9s 3.3s
weight 80kilos 118kgs 108kgs
Battery Warranty 40000kms Unlimited Kms Unlimited Kms
Dashboard MF LCD Touchscreen LCD with Navigation Android touchscreen LCD with Navigation
IP rating IP65 IP67 IP67
Storage NA no full size helmet 22Ltrs Full size helmet 22Ltrs Full size helmet
Fast Charging No Yes Yes
Connectivity NA 3G 4G, Bluetooth, Wifi

Back in 2016, we purchased Alto K10 AMT for my wife and Polo GTTSI for myself together on the same day. GTTSI costed 11lakhs and K10 costed 5Lakhs. One of my colleague told while pulling my leg…“Your GTTSI is so overpriced. you got fooled. compare with your wife’s alto. Both are hatchbacks, Both run on Petrol, Both have AT, Both can seat 4 people comfortably and 5 with a squeeze, Alto gives higher mileage, GTTSI may just have a higher top speed that’s all, Alto is from a much older brand in India, both have music system (who cares about touchscreen)” I agreed to every point of his but we all know the reality of why one costs 11L and the other costs 5L.

I’ve drawn this analogy before too because I own and know the vehicles well. It is a repetition but the message I’m trying to convey is that we should not compare every electric scooter to every other electric scooter. There are different segments now (which wasn’t heard of earlier). The closest competitor for the 450x is the Chetak so far. Chetak is a good scooter but Even there the 40-50k premium that the 450x demands is worth it IMO.

If this epluto7g can demand 80000, then the 450x can certainly demand 159000. I’ll buy a petrol scooter if I cannot afford more than 80000.


Alto vs polo is both are different breeds. Right comparison.

I wouldn’t compare Chetak and the 450. As per your analogy, they are still different segments. iQube maybe is a better comparison similar range and top speed and a 0.4-0.5 second difference in acceleration. Chetak of course is well built and all but Ather still sits in it’s own niche just like your GT TSI.