[Closed] AMA - 1, Saturday 1 February

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To start off, we want to explain the pricing a little better.

What is the pricing model of the 450X?

Upfront purchase

Subscription pricing

Why subscription?

What is infinite battery warranty?


Hey @450X-AMA-1,

We’re live with the AMA. Do refer to posts above for the rules and some info we’ve shared about the pricing.

came to know that shortly 450 production will be stopped. What happens to the service, spares, connectivity support. Till when we will receive support from Ather for 450.


The 450 will continue to be supported till end of life for the scooter It will still get feature updates, bug fixes and improvements in the coming years. You will also get full service support for the 450s on road in Chennai and Bangalore.


@abhishek.balaji my questions are,

  1. till how long we have pay the subscription?
  2. How many times you will replace the battery if there is a problem?
  3. Is there any chance for early delivery who ordered on the first day of 450x announcement?
  4. what about collector’s edition?

What will be the cost for the upgradation from 450 to 450x pro and for 450x plus.


I understand that you guys are working on a upgrade or exchange plan for the existing 450 owners, when can we expect it to be rolled out ?


What happens if i buy ather 450x upfront with full price but choose not to opt for the ather charge?


We are working on upgrade plans for all our 450 owners. We will provide you with details soon.

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t if anyone goes for Monthly subscriptions plan and next month he never pays the subscriptions payment due. what will happen to 450X ?


Is there any option to change the display of 450 to the new one with 4g connectivity.


Are we getting collectors edition for 450 exchange program…?


what are the on road pricing of ather 450X plus & pro model for chennai , in full payment? & pricing of Ather Connect plan subscription yearly ? what is the performance level plan & what is upfornt payment to done & pricing of it for chennai? as…


Also please shar3 details on the collector’s edition


What are the battery efficiency for predicted Kms range IN MODES of Ather450X plus & pro , As battery consumption in ride mode is only 83%, real range of Kms covered in this mode.

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Subscription is not mandatory but recommended. You can take Ather Charge at 400/- pm which includes all Connected Services & Data Charges (Ather Connect), unlimited Public Charging at Ather’s Fast Charging network, access to all future OTAs, and Data Storage & Pipeline Cost. For service, you can either pay for it on a case by case basis, but we are also working on Service packages. We should announce the plans soon.

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Will soon come out with 4G upgrade option for the 450s


in 450X PLUS & PRO , what are the Torque speed in Eco & Ride mode for 0-40 kmph ?