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Thanks @abhishek.balaji

Even after 3.30pm, i m not able to see or discuss on AMA. @abhishek.balaji

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same here I am also waiting with my questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello sir can I buy 450x without subscription

You’ll need to pay 159+GST+insurance for the pro and 149+GST+insurance for the plus

Hey folks,

We’ve answered a bunch of questions in the first AMA. Do check this thread for answers to any questions you might have. We’ll work on creating a comprehensive FAQ section from these Q&As.

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You missed the basic ather connect’s pricing. We did see that ather charge is 400per month but what about ather connect? What is the per month or per year cost of ather connect? Same old 3k plus tax?

there seems to be no ather connect.
It is reasonable that ather expects everyone to pay for the public charging network they are installing. Otherwise very few people will opt for it.
Others may not find this acceptable.

We don’t have Ather Connect pricing for now. We expect to be in the same range as that for 450.

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Huh, I find it hard to believe because if that would have been the case they wouldn’t have made plans to charge 20bucks for each 30minute charge session on ather grid. It should always and always be at the discretion of the owner and it’s only fair for us owners to pay for services we use. If not, there will be a lot of cross-subsidies where those who use their scooter a lot will have an advantage who use it relatively less.

Since it’s mandatory for any ather scooter - be it 450 or 450x it is only fair for us to pay for bare bones internet connectivity we need. I hope it will be updated in 450x’s FAQ as well. Thanks.

i think abhishek already answered this.

It won’t be mandatory. You’re free to buy it upfront and not take the Ather Connect/Charge plans. This means you will not have any network connectivity or access to new features.

In the connect plan, you’re basically paying not just for network connectivity over 4G, but also costs of the data pipelines, maintenance and software development costs.

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Wait what? This screenshot mentions that Ather connect plan subscription is mandatory.
Am I missing something?

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Clarified this on the AMA thread. We’re getting this updated over the next couple of days, based on feedback that many users don’t want a subscription on top of the upfront purchase option. However, for a smart and connected scooter like the 450 and 450X, we highly recommend taking at least the base connectivity plan, to ensure you can use the smart and connected features.


When can we expect the website to be fully updated?
That is, the price breakup for all the payments, Ather Connect/Charge plans, on-road price for each city, exit plan conditions, etc.

The reason is, the quicker you can update it, the easier it’ll be to iron out misconceptions and help make things much easier to understand since not every potential customer is a forum user :slight_smile:

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In a couple of days. Here you go:


How much time it will take get our 450x collectors edition delivery and what is the full price on road in Bangalore

What is the upfront payment options I cannot understand please send the rate of bike it I am making payment full in advance and when will be the 450x collectors edition will be delivered.

The 450x has WiFi, why not enable them and the user connects it to his phone or WiFi then he can stay connected always , enable it to it’s full potential instead of making it as a Bluetooth support