[Closed] AMA - 2, Saturday 1 February

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To start off, we want to explain the pricing a little better.

What is the pricing model of the 450X?

Upfront purchase

Subscription pricing

Why subscription?

What is infinite battery warranty?

Do take a look at the previous AMA thread to see if your question has already been answered: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/live-ama-1-saturday-1-february/5294


Will you change the ather connect plans for 450 currently its 10k including taxes for a year and all?


What if we are to see the 450x in the future? Can the sub model transferred to some other person?
About the collectors edition, and it’s inside out theme., can we not opt for the new colours showcased, ie grey or green?


What was the reason to decide not to provide abs in 450x when there are already user feedback on 450 about wheel lock while braking. Is it planned or possible as an upgrade to 450x, if we buy 450x now?


what is teh buyout cost for the subscriptions at the end of 4 years.
Can it be done before and how will it be calculated?


As you said somewhere in this forum thread that you guys are going to support ATHER 450 lifetime with all spare parts and battery available, lets talk frankly on this everyone knows no one keep the 2 wheeler lifetime at some point of time they change their vehicle.
And ATHER got started 2 years back what if after 10 years you stopped somewhere like you stopped ATHER 340 due to low demand, you guys are already going to stop production in coming months but are you guys that after 20 years even we get the parts and service of ATHER 450 on time?


How is it possible that subsidy can be availed for full purchase. Can you guarantee it will be approved?

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Do I need to subscribe for any other plans apart from plus or pro (I.e like ather charge /one etc…)

Will Ather 450 charge/service plans also be changed?

Hello team Ather myself dr Ashwini from Patna , already pre-booked …I am eager to know when will I get my 450x in my City

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May I know what will be the on road price in Chennai ?


Why waste of resources if an customer buys 450x plus by paying full amount, the customer never utilise the full potential which is locked by software and carries that hardware uselessly.

Can a customer upgrade to 450x pro from 450x plus by paying the 10k extra in case of full payment


I am at Gurgaon When shall i expect the delivery of the ather 450x at Gurgaon?? Do i get the collector edition as i have already booked it preorder.

We will continue to support 450 for all spares as per established industry standards.

There was less than 1% per-order for Ather 340 hence we did not produce any.

Lot of 450 & 450X component are compatible, hence it’s not the same case.


Hey Sakshi Garg,
We are planning to have an equivalent of Ather One and will announce it soon. Currently, there surely is an option for you to opt for Ather Charge at Rs. 400 + GST per month. This will include:

  • All Data Usage Charges
  • Unlimited Public Charging
  • Access to all Future OTAs
  • Data Storage & Pipeline Cost

Hope this answers your question.

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Most Important Question I don’t know how many ppls are techie but I have one important question like ATHER TEAM said that they are going to release the OTA updates on time to time for 450, so just want to know till what time they will release, means till how many years will you release after 20 Years also will you release the updates for ATHER 450??

Both Ather 450 & 450X are having different OS concept, 450 has linux and 450X having Android OS.

both the ATHER is IOT Vehicle, are you guys going to protect ATHER 450 with linux OS updates, you know IoT hacking is upcoming security and soon it’s started in INDIA also? Are you ready to protect ATHER customer data & time updates, patches after 20 years also against latest vulnerabilities?? like ATHER said they are going to protect ATHER 450 till their lifetime? so are you going to protect ATHER users with regular software updates, patches ?


Just to reinstate, the prices mentioned already include FAMEII subsidy (1.49 & 1.59 lacs).

Also, while we meet all the eligibility criterion for the FAME II subsidy, we are yet awaiting approvals. We expect this to happen without any hiccups.

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yes, of course you can. But remember to keep us posted about this ownership transfer so that we can get our records updated.

Yes, you can choose to go for any of the new colours if you don’t wish to go for the Inside-out themed Collector’s Edition scooter.

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ok, so it means you guys are going to bring the same concept plan like plus version & pro version by paying 1600 & 2000 for pro model like in ATHER 450X??

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