[Closed] AMA - 1, Saturday 1 February

In short even though its optional we would have to take it to enjoy Ather 450x fully

Currently, we have zeroed in on the theme for the Collector’s Edition vehicle, which is ‘Inside Out’. We will reveal more details on the design soon. Additionally, for our Collector’s Edition customers, we’ve announced one year of free servicing. :slight_smile:


Can the Ather team explain, how 450x plus is different from 450. Apart from battery capacity.

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We had shown these slides in the open house today on this topic. This should answer your query


Only 4g connectivity or the whole display TFT unit.

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The performance of Eco, Ride and Sport in 450X Plus and Pro remain the same as in the 450. Warp mode with higher torque is available additionally in 450X Pro.

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You will be eligible for the Collector’s Edition only if you pre-ordered Ather 450X before the unveil on 28-Jan-2020.


Are the lease plans for Ather 450x available yet? If so please share the details

As of now we are working on a connectivity upgrade

The ex-showroom price of the vehicle remains the same in chennai. (mentioned in the link here- https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/ama-1-sunday-1-february/5294/3?u=rahul_st). On top of this, there’d be road tax (@4% of ex-showroom), insurance & registration charges.

Atherconnect costs INR400/-pm. details of the performance plans available here (https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/ama-1-sunday-1-february/5294/3?u=rahul_st)

Hey rsrinivasang,
Firstly, request you to have a look at the things that are covered under the subscription system in the slides that are pinned at the top.

Basically you just pay Rs.99K upfront and pay 1999 (or 1699) for Cost Battery, Flexibility to move between different performance packs, Ather Charge and Infinite Battery Warranty. So you are basically paying for assured performance for life.

However, you can choose to exit anytime from the subscription model by paying for the battery. Just that in the initial years, the residual cost of the battery would be very high.

As far as battery replacement is concerned, we will replace the battery the movement it hits 20% degradation. So, while we are very confident about our battery not degrading much for fairly long periods (more than our warranty terms for sure), whenever it does below 80%, we will replace it - no questions asked.

Hope this helps.


These are the TRUE ranges that you can expect

450X Plus:

Eco- 70 Km
Ride- 60 Km

450X Pro:

Eco- 85 Km
Ride- 70 Km


We are currently working on the lease model for 450X similar to the one which we have for 450.


How is Ather connect plan different from Ather One plan? Are you going to bring in a plan that takes care of ather connect +service + monthly subscription?


Ofcourse, you can buy it upfront :). However, the benefits related to the performance packs such as *unlimited battery performance warranty wont be applicable.

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I AM asking about the efficiency wh/km it has taken

If i pay upfront, and the battery pack has 3 years warranty, after the 4th year will i be able to go for subscription plans ?


Ather connect plan includes benefits such as 4g connectivity & OTA. AtherOne is the plan which covers all the benefits.
We are working on the equivalent plan for data + charge + service + monthly perfrmance subscription . We will share the details soon.


If existing owners keep their current 450 without upgrading, will Ather support battery pack replacement say after 10 years


do u mean 3.3 sec in all modes