[Closed] AMA - 2, Saturday 1 February

If you don’t take the Ather connect subscription, we’ll still ensure you get critical bug fixes. When you subscribe back again, you’ll get the latest OTA.


Hey Avaneendragoud
We’ve been getting this feedback from a good bunch of people and will consider it for sure. Ather Charge is already included in the monthly subscription cost. We did not include Ather Service and Home Charging because the monthly cost would’ve been further higher and hence indigestible for many people. You can see the response our amazing pricing has generated over the last few days :stuck_out_tongue:

But feedback valid, we’ll announce something sooner than later.


If you buy the plus outrightly full cash. And a year or 2 down the lane can I pay the different amount and upgrade to the pro?

Hey can you please clarify the colour of the Collector’s Edition, I mean the inside out mentioned in the discussion thread?

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What is covered under the battery warranty of 3 years if i purchase outright.
Is it only manufacturing defects?
What if the battery is below 80% in 3 years within warranty for outright purchase

The performance pack monthly includes data connectivity and charging features. You an include service subscription (Atherone equivalent for 450x) if needed.

For the upfront pricing, you’d need to subscribe Atherone equivalent to get the benefits, nothing is inbuilt in the pricing.

However do checkout the benefits you get incase you’ve pre-ordered early on - https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/closed-ama-1-saturday-1-february/5294/3?u=rahul_st

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if i want to go for lease option for 450x in Mumbai… do i have to cancel my collectors edition pre-order? also when will u disclose the lease pricing details?

The deliveries will start in Q3 2020. We will be delivering the scooters basis the Dealers getting operational in the first set of cities.

The 450X is getting rolled out from our new factory in Hosur which will be operational by July.

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Any photo or news atleast for collector edition…Ather said in the mail they will reveal everything at the time of launch…Have u missed it?

My suggestions is charge a basic fee that covers data charges and other necessary things.

Apart from that let the customers choose what they need, because if u ask me i don’t need charging in ather grind but I want full performance and range Bluetooth etc…

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Hey @Ather.Team

Imagine that I’m willing to buy Ather 450X-Pro at full ownership cost of 1.59Lakh

Can you please mention the over all expenses I need to bear step by step like:

  1. Does this 1.59L include Road tax, RTO Registration etc etc? If not please mention those as extras

  2. As you have mentioned 400Rs per motnh. What is it can you please detail?

  3. We also have some cost per annum that the 450 owners are paying after taking the full ownership if the vehicle if I’m not wrong it’s called Ather One plan. Can you please detail it?

  4. Should I pay for public fast charging, Service, Anytime Road Side assistance etc etc ?

Please answer this keeping in view of Complete Ownership of the vehicle 450x Pro.


But our city is not listed in the upcoming cities list. Will u provide bikes to the cities which are not listed also.

Be assured that the features that we have been building on the 450X will comply to all legal regulations that are prevalent.

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Not currently. If you want flexibility in switching between the two performance packs, we’d recommend going for the subscription plans.


The converter option is not financially viable today, given the amount of change between 450 and 450X. 450 battery is best in class today. For 450X, we can’t commit to something as of now, but one of the core ideas of subscription is around upgradability to the latest battery tech.

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Hi @Ather.Team ,

My 450 payment window is open and I also have pre-ordered the 450X. I saw the exchange option posted in AMA1, but it mentions that the eligibility for lease customers is 1 year.
So if I buy a 450 now on lease will I not be eligible for an exchange when the 450x deliveries begin in July (7 months)? Or I can still be eligible by paying for the rest of the year Or I will have to wait for completion of 1 year?
If I have to wait for 1 year on lease then after 1 year will I still have the exchange option and will I still have the option for the collector’s edition?


At the current upfront price of Plus, we as a company are already incurring the cost of the additional hardware. We are just not passing on this cost to the customers out of good will because frankly, it’s our problem.

To answer your question, there won’t be any further reduction in the price even if plenty of customers opt for Plus simply because the price already assumes that hardware not relevant to Plus will not be present in the Plus (upfront purchase model).

From your perspective, any of this shouldn’t matter because you will get the features that we promise at the price that you pay.

How to cancel pre-order?

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Instead of clubbing services if they let user select what he wants then both ather and customer wins.not sure why they are not seeing it as a viable option. I need only home charging, servicing for my scooter, Ota and better range. I don’t need connected services, grid fast charging, or any other fact dashboard features like attending calls and changing music like stuffs.

If we are taking 1999/- subscription plan does this covers free service of the vehicle like Ather One plan…?

If I am exchange the bike to 450x what will happen to the current Ather One plan…?